LD List:
Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Class G LD List
Call Number Title
G80 .E86 The explorers : a century of discovery.
G525 .A86 Atocha : quest for treasure.
G530.T6 S43 1987 Secrets of the Titanic.
G530.T6 T58 1991 Titanica.
G3520 .Y84 Yukon passage.
G4820 .T76 Tropical kingdom of Belize.
G6932 .I33 Iceland river challenge.
G8622.N3 C73 Creatures of the Namib Desert.
GV504 .Z45 1990z 正宗楊式太極拳.
GV557 .P59 Physics of sports.
GV721.5 .T65 1990 東京オリンピック = Tokyo Olympiad.
GV722 1936 .O49 1997 Olympia : the film of the XI Olympic Games, Berlin, 1936.
GV722 1984 .S58 16 days of glory : the 1984 summer Olympics.
GV776.81.N4 H55 Himalayan river run.
GV854 .S73 Steep and deep.
GV951 .H68 1981 How to watch pro football.
GV1004 .S73 Squash rackets : a complete introduction to the game.
GV1061 .J55 Jim Fixx on running.
GV1785.B37 B36 Baryshnikov : the dancer & the dance.
GV1790.A1 E88 1993 Essential ballet : stars of Russian ballet.
GV1790.A1 N84 Nuit blanche de la danse a Leningrad.
GV1790 .G25 1994 Gala tribute to Tchaikovsky.