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DVD List:
Fine Arts

Class N DVD List
Call Number Title
N66 .W47 2014 What is beauty?
N72.P6 F73 2014 Pussy Riot! the movie.
N72.S3 D35 2007 The Dalí dimension.
N72.S3 K37 2012 科學理性與藝術心靈 : 潘雲鶴院士專題講座 = Science and art : integration of scientific reasoning and artistic minds : lecture by academician Pan Yunhe.
N72.S3 Y8 2012 與中國工程院院士對話 : 傑出科學家的奧秘 = Upclose with academicians.
N72.S3 Z45 2012 中國工程院院士談科學與藝術的關係 = Discussion on the relationship between art and science by the academicians.
N72.5 .P75 2008 The private life of a masterpiece. The complete seasons 1-5 .
N266.S54 Z45 2005 照片背后的故事.
N352 .D47 2012 Dessine-toi--.
畫出你自己 = Draw yourself
N410 .D47 2003 Descubrir el arte.
N675 .A78 2010 The art of the steal.
N2030 .L6722 2005 The Louvre.
N3350 .A565 2000 Masterpieces of the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg.
N3750.T32 T85 2003 蛻變中的故宮 = Taiwan's National Palace Museum in transition.
N5300 .A678 2007 Art across the ages.
N5300 .H69 2006 How art made the world : how humans made art and art made us human.
N5300 .S56 2008 Simon Schama's power of art.
N5310.5.F7 C38 2011 Cave of forgotten dreams.
N5311 .T74 2007 Tribal eye.
N6260 .G56 2007 Glories of Islamic art.
N6465.I4 H572 2007 The history of Western art.
N6490 .A7637 2014 Art in progress = 藝術進行式.
N6490 .I36 2003 IdN video 1.0.
N6490 .I37 2004 IdN video 2.0 : my favourite creators!
N6490.4 .I7 2007 Is this art?
N6493 1960 .W46 2005 Who gets to call it art? : the legend of Henry Geldzahler, 1935-1994.
N6494.I56 Z48 2006 裝置藝術 10 年 = 10 years of outdoor installation art.
N6494.L54 L53 2006 Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, 19.11.2005-06.08.2006, ZKM/Museum für Neue Kunst.
N6494.L54 T63 2010 Tochka : works 2001-2010.
N6494.M78 I34 2004 Formula.
N6494.M78 L57 2000z Liquid space.
N6494.M78 L683 2002 Loud & Clear. Caroline Berkenbosch, Pipilotti Rist, S.C.P.F. .
N6494.M78 L6835 2002 Loud & Clear. Gudni Franzson, Aernout Mik, Jon Matthews & Nirit Peled/ Wieden & Kennedy.
N6494.M78 L684 2002 Loud & Clear. Hans van Manen, John M. Armleder, Fastland/Ground .
N6494.M78 L685 2002 Loud & Clear. Haukur Tómasson, Yayoi Kusama, Oliver Voss/Jung von Matt .
N6494.M78 L687 2002 Loud & Clear. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Marlene Dumas, Erik Kessels/ KesselsKramer.
N6494.M78 L688 2002 Loud & Clear. Steamboat Switzerland, Pierre Huyghe, Tyler Whisnand .
N6494.M78 L6885 2002 Loud & Clear. Theo Loevendie, Pierre Bismuth, Strawberry Frog .
N6494.M78 L6887 2002 Loud & Clear. Toek Numan, Viktor & Rolf, David Droga/Saatchi & Saatchi .
N6494.M78 L689 2002 Loud & Clear. Yello, Gillian Wearing, New®.
N6494.M78 M53 2005 Microscope session DVD 2.0 : new cooperations in sound and visuals.
N6494.M78 S45 2003 Self organizing structures.
N6494.M78 T54 2006 Tiger Translate. Dublin 05, 2006.
N6494.M78 T542 2006 Tiger Translate. Auckland July 2006 : featuring the Tiger's AKA, The Wilderness, DJ Kentaro, Rostarr.
N6494.M78 T543 2006 Tiger Translate. Shanghai August 2006.
N6494.T73 W37 2011 Waste land.
N6494.V53 A17 2005 14 video paintings.
N6494.V53 A18 2006 Teil 1 : digitales Erbe : Studienedition zur Videokunst in Deutschland von 1963 bis heute = Part 1 : digital heritage : study edition of video art in Germany from 1963 to the present.
N6494.V53 A67 2003 Ant farm.
N6494.V53 A86 v.1 Artists of the Boston Cyberarts Festival.
N6494.V53 A86 v.2 Artists of the west coast.
N6494.V53 A86 v.3 The artist as content.
N6494.V53 A86 v.4 Text & language.
N6494.V53 A86 v.5 Joie de vivre.
N6494.V53 A86 v.6 On location.
N6494.V53 A86 v.7 Personas and personalities.
N6494.V53 A86 v.8 Early works.
N6494.V53 A86 v.9 Performance.
N6494.V53 A86 v.10 Rural.
N6494.V53 A86 v.11 Arte de las Americas.
N6494.V53 A86 v.12 Vital.
N6494.V53 A86 v.13 Public.
N6494.V53 A86 v.14 Middle East.
N6494.V53 A86 v.15 Influence & reference.
N6494.V53 A86 v.16 Lo-tech.
N6494.V53 A86 v.17 Hi-tech.
N6494.V53 A86 v.18 Export China.
N6494.V53 A86 v.19 Communication.
N6494.V53 A86 v.20 Cinematic.
N6494.V53 A86 v.21 A good place to stop.
N6494.V53 B33 2004 Backscatter.
N6494.V53 B43 2006 Beautiful world.
N6494.V53 C37 2006 Carpets curtains = Ivan Palacký & VJ V¿era Lukášová.
N6494.V53 C57 2006 City2city.
N6494.V53 C58 2005 Cityscapes.
N6494.V53 C63 2003 Codec/X : new British video and sound art.
N6494.V53 C672 2000z Corpus callosum.
N6494.V53 D38 2003 The dawn of DIMI.
N6494.V53 D54 2005 Digital Lumia : a selection of original visual/music compositions.
N6494.V53 D56 2005 Dioxydes.
N6494.V53 D83 2006 Dubs.
N6494.V53 E63 2005 End of the message : project by Darko Fritz, 1995-2000.
N6494.V53 E68 2004 Enter the dragon.
N6494.V53 H69 2003 How to.
N6494.V53 L58 2006 Live cinema 01.
N6494.V53 L68 2003 Low level all-stars : video graffiti from the Commodore 64 computer.
N6494.V53 L83 2003 Lumia.
N6494.V53 M34 2004 Male or female.
N6494.V53 N54 2004 Nicedisc.
N6494.V53 O75 2000 Oskar Fischinger, ten films.
N6494.V53 P37 2006 The passing.
N6494.V53 P59 2001 Projektionen : live_forms.
N6494.V53 R45 2002 Reline : a video artist DVD compilation.
N6494.V53 R452 2006 Reline2 : a video artist DVD compilation.
N6494.V53 R46 2003 Reqoil ; Displaced ; Peaceoff.
N6494.V53 R53 2004 Basement boy hardcore : a video album by Tasman Richardson.
N6494.V53 S53 2000z Society of the spectacle : a digital remix.
N6494.V53 S56 2006 Skin matrix.
N6494.V53 S57 2002 Slither.
N6494.V53 S65 2005 The VJ book : inspirations and practical advice for live visuals performance.
N6494.V53 S74 2005 Steina : selected works.
N6494.V53 S77 2005 Story without end : and three other films.
N6494.V53 S86 2006 Sunstone.
N6494.V53 S87 2003 Super 8 Jahre.
N6494.V53 T333 2001 束芋,
N6494.V53 T334 2003 束芋,
N6494.V53 T335 2007 束芋,
N6494.V53 T336 2010 束芋,
N6494.V53 T63 2005 To care.
N6494.V53 U58 2006 Untitled (Silver).
N6494.V53 V4772 2000z Vertical roll.
N6494.V53 V54 2005 Video out.
N6494.V53 V562 2000z Bill Viola : selected works.
N6494.V53 V57 2005 Visual music from iota. Vol. 1 : an anthology of contemporary art.
N6494.V53 W732 2000z Wrap around the world.
N6496.3.F7 P37 2013 Gallery tours. Le Louvre : conterpoint.
N6497 .Y5 2011 藝術獵豔 = Art safari.
N6505 .A77 2011 Art of America = 美國藝術.
N6512 .A777 2004 Art 21. Seasons one and two : art in the twenty-first century.
N6512 .A7772 2005 Art 21. Season three : art in the twenty first century.
N6512 .A7773 2007 Art:21. Season four : art in the twenty-first century.
N6512 .A7774 2009 Art:21. Season five : art in the twenty-first century.
N6512.5.V53 B562 2000z Binary lives : Steina & Woody Vasulka = Vies binaires.
N6536 .B438 2009 Beautiful losers.
N6537.C462 A4 2008 Paul Chan : the 7 lights, 2005-2007.
N6537.E3 T49 2002 Thomas Eakins : scenes from modern life.
N6537.N38 M352 2008 Make me think : Bruce Nauman.
N6537.R27 O64 2007 Open score.
N6537.R27 R62 2001 Robert Rauschenberg : man at work.
N6537.R3 M352 2004 Man Ray.
N6537.V56 A5 2003e Bill Viola : the eye of the heart.
N6537.W28 A84 2009 Andy Warhol : a documentary film.
N6537.W28 A86 2002 Andy Warhol.
N6700.N46 F73 2010 Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum.
N6761 .P53 2005 A picture of Britain.
N6768.5.C63 W67 2007 The World of Gilbert & George.
N6772 .P34 2009 Palin on art.
N6797.G47 A35 2007 Tim Marlow with..Gilbert & George.
N6797.G65 R5 2004 Rivers and tides : Andy Goldsworthy working with time.
N6797.H55 A4 2004 Susan Hiller : recall : selected works, 1969-2004.
N6797.H57 A35 2010 Hockney on photography and other matters.
N6797.H57 D378 2009 David Hockney : a bigger picture.
N6797.H57 H632 2000z Hockney at the Tate.
N6810.V5 V542 2005 Vienne 1900 : Klimt, Schiele, Moser et Kokoschka = Vienna 1900 : Klimt, Schiele, Moser & Kokoschka.
N6811.5.W87 A35 2014 Erwin Wurm : der künstler der die welt verschluckt.
The artist who swallowed the world = 吞下世界的藝術家
N6853.D33 D425 2004 Degas and the dance : the man behind the easel.
N6853.D8 M375 2004 Marcel Duchamp.
N6853.M33 M38 2008 Matisse/Picasso.
N6853.P5 P32 2002 Pablo Picasso.
N6853.P5 P533 2003 Picasso : magic, sex & death.
N6864 .A77 2012 Art of Germany.
藝術之旅 : 德國
N6888.H6683 T56 2006 Tim Marlow on-- Carsten Höller at Tate Modern.
N6888.K55 P38 2003 Paul Klee.
N6888.K55 P385 2005 Paul Klee : the silence of the angel.
N6923.B9 D58 2005 The divine Michelangelo.
N6923.B9 M523 2012 Michelangelo revealed.
N6923.L33 D3 2011 Da Vinci : the lost treasure = 達文西 : 失落的寶藏.
N6923.L33 L464 2004 Leonardo da Vinci.
N6923.L33 Z54 2006 Leonardo da Vinci.
N6953.E82 A4 2006 Infinite Escher.
N6973.M28 M34 2009 Magritte, le jour et la nuit.
Magritte, day and night
N6988.5.C62 R877 2009 The Russian concept : reflections on Russian non- conformist art.
N6999.C46 M36 2004 Marc Chagall.
N6999.K33 W37 2004 Wassily Kandinsky.
N7101 .A77 2012 Art of Spain.
藝術之旅 : 西班牙
N7113.M76 A4 2000z Between the frames.
N7113.M76 A65 2000z Credits.
N7253.A25 M37 2013 Marina Abramović : the artist is present.
N7340 .C46252 2000z China.
N7342 .I57 2007 Inside the Emperor's treasure.
透視內幕 : 國立故宮博物院
N7343 .L524 2000 兩岸故宮 : 至寶細說中華五千年.
N7345.6 .C486 2009 China, the empire of art?
N7345.6 .S67 2012 Spirit of the time : the world of Chinese contemporary art = 中國當代藝術.
N7345.6 .Y826 2005 圆明园的艺朮家 ; 遠山.
N7346.H66 Y429 2010 Y.H.A. 30+ : 香港青年藝術家對談錄 = Young Hong Kong artists dialogue.
N7347.B45 P76 2010 Project 798 : new art in new China.
Project 七九八
N7347.G83 S37 2010 萨特与邓丽君 : 1980 年代的广东当代艺术.
N7349.A5 A9 2012 Ai Weiwei : never sorry.
N7349.83.X8 D5 2014 地景身體 : 一位女藝術家之死 = Body through landscape : death of a female artist.
N7349.83.X8 D5 2014b 地景身體 : 一位女藝術家之死 = Body through landscape : death of a female artist.
N7350 .A56 2010 ANPO : art x war : the art of resistance.
N7350 .A787 2000 The art and architecture of Japan.
N7352 .R48 2006 Retrospective exhibition of the early video art = 初期ビデオアート再考.
N7355.45 .R53 2011 v.1 ≒天明屋尚 = Near equal Tenmyouya Hisashi.
N7355.45 .R53 2011 v.2 ≒舟越桂 = Near equal Funakoshi Katsura.
N7355.45 .R53 2011 v.3 ≒草間彌生 = Near equal Kusama Yayoi.
N7355.45 .R53 2011 v.4 ≒森山大道 = Near equal Moriyama Daido.
N7355.45 .R53 2011 v.5 ≒会田誠 = Near equal Aida Makoto.
N7369.P35 A4 2004 The electronic super highway : Nam June Paik in the 90's.
N7369.P35 N26 2006 백남준,
N7392 .C74 2011 The creators.
South Africa through the eyes of its artists
N7396.K47 C47 2000 Certain doubts of William Kentridge = Certas dùvidas de William Kentridge.
N7433.8 .D574 2005 Digital animations, 1990-2001.
N7433.8 .P652 2002 Prix Ars Electronica CyberArts 2002 : computer animation, visual effects, interactive art.
N7433.8 .P652 2003 Prix Ars Electronica CyberArts 2003 : computer animation, visual effects, interactive art, digital musics.
N7433.8 .P652 2004 Prix Ars Electronica CyberArts 2004 art and technology grant.
N7433.8 .P83 2002 PVC3, Performance Video Computer Clip Club : elektronische Kunst : projektion und reflexion, 1995/96.
N7433.84.G7 S46 2007 Semiconductor : worlds in flux.
N7433.92 .D85 2013 多媒體綜合匯演 : 科技・創意・多媒體 = Innoshow 2013 : technology, creativity, multimedia.
N7433.92 .M36 2005 Soft cinema : navigating the database.
N7477 .S57 2006 Sister Wendy : the complete collection.
N8060 .P75 2008 The private life of a masterpiece. Christmas masterpieces .
N8236.P5 M34 2005 Making Things Public--Atmospheres of Democracy, March 20-August 07, 2005.
N8354 .W37 2012 W.A.R. : !women art revolution.
N8560 .A77 2010 v.1 The art of preserving art. Revealing our memory = 修護藝術大觀. 揭開我們的記憶.
N8560 .A77 2010 v.2 The art of preserving art. Revealing our memory = 修護藝術大觀. 文物之光芒再現.
N8560 .A77 2010 v.3 The art of preserving art. Scenes of history = 修護藝術大觀. 歷史的場景.
N8600 .G73 2009 The great contemporary art bubble.
NA21 .S74 2008 The state of architecture at the beginning of the 21st century .
NA680 .A775 2001 Architectures = Architekturen.
NA682.M63 M632 2004 Modernism.
NA682.P67 P6782 2004 Post modernism.
NA712 .I2 2003 I.M. Pei ; first person singular ; the museum on the mountain.
NA712 .M9 2005 My architect.
NA735.L3 B84 2014 Build it bigger. City center Las Vegas.
工程大突破. 建造豪華賭場
NA737.G44 F52 2006 Frank & Alvar.
NA737.G44 S54 2006 Sketches of Frank Gehry.
NA737.G948 I6 2005 In search of clarity : the architecture of Gwathmey Siegel.
NA737.H56 S83 2006 Steven Holl : the body in space.
NA737.J6 P472 2005 Philip Johnson : diary of an eccentric architect.
NA737.K32 L68 2000z Louis Kahn architect.
NA737.L48 M39 2003 Maya Lin : a strong clear vision.
NA737.N4 V35 2007 VDL Research House : Richard Neutra's studio and residence.
NA737.P365 I23 2010 I.M. Pei : building China modern.
NA737.P63 J636 2013 John Portman : a life of building.
約翰・波特曼 : 建築與人生
NA737.S9 L653 2010 Louis Sullivan : the struggle for American architecture.
NA737.W7 F747 2005 Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.
NA958 .N496 2005 The new modernists : six European architects.
NA997.E75 R34 1990 Ralph Erskine : an egalitarian architecture.
NA997.S7 S57 2005 Sir John Soane : an English architect, an American legacy.
NA1088.M65 R43 2004 Regular or super : views on Mies van der Rohe = Ordinaire ou super, regards sur Mies van der Rohe.
NA1123.B5 B47 2000z Bernini architect.
NA1123.B6 B67 2000z Borromini.
NA1153.K64 R46 2010 Rem Koolhaas : a kind of architect.
NA1313.C35 C352 2000z Calatrava in London.
Santiago Calatrava
NA1313.G3 A58 2008 Antonio Gaudí.
NA1313.G3 C37 2005 Casa Batlló : Antonio Gaudí : Barcelona.
NA1313.G3 D574 2007 Disfrutar de Gaudi.
NA1313.G3 G386 2002 Gaudi, 1852-1926.
NA1469.H33 D39 2008 A day with Zaha Hadid.
NA1525.8.Y4 B56 2000z Bioclimatic skyscrapers.
NA1540 .Z4554 2004 中國古建築.
NA1547.P6 H83 2012 皇帝的秘密花园 = The Emperor's secret garden.
NA1547.P6 M36 2006 Man made marvels. Beijing makeover.
建築奇觀. 打造北京奧運之都
NA1547.S53 M36 2007 Man made marvels. Shanghai makeover.
建築奇觀. 上海都市更新
NA1549.L53 L529 2011 梁思成林徽因 = Liang & Lin.
NA1549.8 .R5 2000z 日治時期台灣建築 : 1895-1945.
NA1549.83.W364 C45 2014 沉默的建築詩人 = A reticent poet of architecture = 默して語らぬ建築の詩人 = Le poète-architecte silencieux.
NA1555 .H89 2009 壺中 = Kochuu : Japanska former.
NA1555 .S86 2001 Sur│FACE : 14 contemporary Japanese architects = 14 人の現代建築家たち.
NA1559.A5 A4 2007 Tadao Ando.
NA1559.M67 A4 2009 森山松之助 : 打造台灣公共建築風貌的舵手.
NA2420.Q2 D385 2012 Learning from light : the vision of I.M. Pei.
NA2500 .D35 2008 Dan Cruickshank's adventures in architecture.
NA2500 .E2 2012 E². Intervention architecture : the economies of being environmentally conscious.
NA2542.35 .B558 2011 Biophilic design : the architecture of life.
NA2542.35 .C38 2005 Case studies in sustainable design.
NA2542.35 .E15 2006 Design e² : the economies of being environmentally conscious.
NA2542.35 .E155 2007 E². Design. Season two.
NA2542.35 .E156 2008 E². Design. Season three.
NA2542.35 .H32 2006 Healthy buildings and materials.
NA2542.35 .S872 2004 Sustainable architecture.
NA2542.36 .E3512 2011 ECO Taiwan. Building magic = 台灣綠生活. 打造綠建築.
NA2542.36 .G7435 2008 Green architecture : environmentally friendly housing.
NA2542.36 .S865 2007 Sustainable architecture.
NA2707.F67 H69 2012 How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster?
NA2707.T73 B38 2008 Bernard Tschumi : architect and theorist.
NA2728 .N48 2006 The new modernists : folds, blobs and boxes : architecture in the digital era.
Folds, blobs and boxes Architecture in the digital era
NA2794 .D385 2010 Daylighting.
NA2890 .M43 2011 Mega engineering. Dome over Houston.
無限大工程. 休士頓圓頂
NA2930 .T69 2006 The towers.
Historic Watts Towers film
NA3860.Z34 I5 2009 In a dream.
NA4170 .B84 2013 Buildings.
NA5621.F7 H4378 2010 The heart of Florence.
NA5621.P716 O63 2001 On the inside : the leaning tower of Pisa = 比薩斜塔.
NA5621.V5 S685 2010 The soul of Venice.
NA5811.B28 G39 2004 Gaudi's La Familia Sagrada.
NA6230 .H67 2003 How tall could you build a tall building?
NA6230 .S47 2009 Skyscraper.
NA6230 .S48 2001 Skyscrapers : going up = 摩天大樓.
NA6230 .S87 2014 Super skyscrapers.
NA6230 .T66 2007 Tomorrow's and today's towers.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.1 The Sears Tower, Chicago.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.2 The Turning Torso, Sweden.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.3 7 World Trade Center, New York.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.4 Commerzbank, Frankfurt.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.5 Eureka Tower, Melbourne.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.6 Torre Mayor, Mexico City.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.7 Q1, Australian Gold Coast.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.8 Cira Centre, Philadelphia.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.9 Cologne Cathedral.
NA6230 .V478 2008 v.10 One Canada Square, London.
NA6234.C62 S535 2011 Mega engineering. Mile high skyscraper.
無限大工程. 超級摩天樓
NA6234.M42 T85 2001 Twin towers of the East.
NA6234.S55 S56 2011 Singapore Skypark.
NA6234.U52 D833 2013 Burj Khalifa : Dubai's vertical city.
世界最高樓 : 哈利法塔
NA6241 .S853 2008 Sullivans Banken = Sullivan's banks.
NA6290 .M36 2011 Man made marvels. Ultimate transport hub.
建築奇觀. 上海虹橋交通樞紐站
NA6602.A76 U64 2013 Unfinished spaces.
NA6700.B47 B4752 2006 Berlin's Jewish Museum : a personal tour with Daniel Libeskind.
NA6750.A2 C68 2010 為世博而設計 = Design for Expo 2010 Shanghai.
NA6812 .Y48 2006 藝行四方 = Art odyssey.
NA6813.C52 H6858 2005 活力凝西九・文化耀新星.
NA6813.C52 H68762 2004 香港薈萃文娛藝術區發展理念 = Our vision for the West Kowloon Cultural District.
NA6813.C62 B4547 2007 World's dream stage : National Centre for the Performing Arts.
大幕開啓: 中國國家大劇院全揭秘
NA6813.C62 B4547 2009 World's dream stage : National Centre for the Performing Arts.
NA6862.C52 M36 2010 Man made marvels. Bird's Nest Stadium.
建築奇觀. 北京國家體育館鳥巢
NA7110 .G73 series-1 2009 Grand designs. The complete series one.
NA7110 .G73 series-2 2009 Grand designs. The complete series two.
NA7110 .G73 series-3 2006 Grand designs. Series three.
NA7110 .G73 series-4 2008 Grand designs. Series four.
NA7110 .G73 series-5 2009 Grand designs. Series five.
NA7117.5 .E262 1997 Eco-architecture.
NA7205 .A447 1993 The American house : a guide to architectural styles.
NA7205 .W48 1999 What is a house? : the dream we live in.
NA7208 .D74 2001 Dream living.
NA7412.C93 B768 2004 The Tugendhat House : Mies van der Rohe's Czech masterpiece.
NA7451 .T64 2010 Tokyo : living small in the big city.
NA7453.6.A1 H37 2007 Hanok with dreams of evolution.
NA7736.L65 C45 2006 Chateaux of the Loire.
NA7860 .H545 2007 High density living.
NA7860 .R47 2007 Rethinking the apartment.
NA7860 .U73 2004 Urban highrise apartment.
NA9053.S6 M9 2010 My playground.
NA9053.S6 U536 2005 The (un)common place : art, public space and urban aesthetics in Europe.
NA9268.6.S4 M36 2007 Man made marvels. Seoul searching.
建築奇觀. 改造韓國首爾市
NB27.F7 S38 2006 Sculptures of the Louvre.
NB198.5.S68 A35 2009 Advanced beauty.
NB205 .F33 2006 The face of Lincoln.
Historic sculpting film
NB497.M6 H436 2009 Henry Moore : a never-ending discovery (Moore in China).
NB553.G4 A435 2004 Alberto Giacometti.
NB1180 .B43 2005 Beginners guide to animation : sculpting characters with clay.
NB1209.C6 Z45 2006 中国古代石刻石雕 : 凝固的记忆.
NB1265 .Z58 2006 中国古代俑塑 : 生命的形象.
NB1912.B83 Q247 2003 青州佛像之谜.
NC248.U54 F37 2013 Far out isn't far enough : the Tomi Ungerer story.
童心未泯 : 湯米温格爾
NC750 .P54 2010 Perspective drawing.
NC750 .P57 2004 Perspective : twelve lectures & demonstrations.
NC754 .D74 2005 Drawing with line : contour and negative space.
NC754 .D75 2005 Drawing with line : the grid & proportions.
NC755 .L54 2005 Light & shade.
NC770 .D73 2008 Drawing the head in charcoal.
NC991 .G37 2004 GAS DVD 3.
NC997.A2 D3 2006 de05 : Singapore fling : DesignEdge conference + expo 2005.
NC997 .F89 2002 Fuzzy motion : pictures without legs 1995-2002.
NC997 .H49 2002 Hexstatic : rewind DVD.
NC997 .L67 2002 Lost leader : collection of work by the Light Surgeons.
NC997 .S42 2002 Selected experimental work (1998-2002).
NC997 .S87 2002 Superlo8 chronicles : Lodown.
NC997 .W49 2002 Why Not Associates.
NC998.6.J3 D4 2002 D-Fuse : D-tonate-00.
NC999.4.F37 P33 2013 Pablo.
電影序曲 : 片頭大師
NC999.4.G55 T6 2010 To inform & delight : the work of Milton Glaser.
NC1001 .B44 2007 Behind the design : designers on designing.
NC1699.J55 P67 2010 Portraits Taiwan. Jimmy Liao = 台灣人物誌. 幾米.
NC1709.T38 A2 2012 辰巳ヨシヒロ,
NC1765 .A695 2006 Anxious animation.
NC1766.J3 R66 2008 The roots of Japanese anime until the end of WWII : with 8 ground-breaking films.
NC1766.J32 O355 2007 ジブリの絵職人 : 男鹿和雄展トトロの森を描いた人.
NC1766.U5 H57 2005 History of animation : origins of American animation (1900-1921).
NC1766.U52 B53 2008 Monster road.
NC1766.U52 E542 2009 Jules Engel : selected works. Vol. 1.
NC1766.U52 H3737 2006 Ray Harryhausen : the early years collection.
ND35 .G74 2003 The great artists.
ND35 .G75 2003 The great artists 2.
ND192.I4 I47 2000z The Impressionists : with Tim Marlow.
ND237.H75 E38 2007 Edward Hopper.
ND237.P73 J332 2000z Jackson Pollock.
ND237.P73 J335 2004 Jackson Pollock.
ND237.R725 R68 2008 Rothko's rooms : the life and works of an American artist.
ND467 .R69 2014 Royal paintbox.
ND497.B16 F735 2004 Francis Bacon.
ND497.B16 F742 2000z Francis Bacon.
ND547.5.I4 F74 2006 French Impressionism at the Musee D'Orsay.
ND547.5.I4 I478 2001 The Impressionists : the other French revolution.
ND547.5.I4 I48 2006 The Impressionists : their lives, times, and works.
ND553.C33 M5 2000z 迷戀畢卡索 : 畢卡索X馬諦斯X塞尚 = Picasso, H. Matisse, Cezanne.
ND553.G27 G38 2003 Gauguin : the full story.
ND553.M37 H47 2004 Henri Matisse.
ND553.M7 L55 2001 Linnea i målarens trädgård.
Linnea in Monet's garden
ND553.P5 M97 2011 Le myst̀ère Picasso.
ND553.P5 P66 1998 El Gernika de Picasso.
ND623.B9 M5252 2006 Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel.
ND623.L5 A7 2004 The secret life of the Mona Lisa.
ND623.L5 G56 2009 Ginevra's story : solving the mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci's first known portrait.
ND653.G7 F38 2000z 梵谷的左耳 : 梵谷X雷諾瓦X席涅克 = Van Gogh, Renoir, Signac.
ND653.G7 I66 2008 In the footsteps of Van Gogh.
ND653.G7 V46 2005 Vincent : the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh.
ND653.M76 M66 2004 Mondrian.
ND653.V5 T56 2014 Tim's Vermeer.
ND653.V5 V47 2001 Vermeer : master of light.
ND673.M35 M66 2000z Monsieur René Magritte.
ND673.M35 R46 2003 Rene Magritte.
ND673.R4 R46 2005 Rembrandt 400 years.
ND813.D3 S35 2004 Salvador Dalí.
ND813.G7 G695 2008 Goya : crazy like a genius.
ND813.M5 J635 2004 Joan miró.
ND813.M5 M672 2004 Miró : constellations.
ND813.M57 M572 2000z Miró : theatre of dreams.
ND813.T4 G7313 2003 El Greco : rediscovering a master.
ND1040 .G86 2000z Guqin, go, calligraphy and painting. Painting.
琴棋书画. 画
ND1040 .X85 2009 学画中国画 = Chinese painting for beginners.
ND1040 .Z4376 2007 中国绘画艺术 = Chinese painting.
ND1045 .Z4868 2010z 中国现代绘画 = China's modern paintings.
ND1047.H8 W44 2005 为革命画画 = Painting for the revolution : peasants painting from Hu County, China.
ND1048 .B34 2013 百年巨匠.
ND1049.C5 Z45 2010 中华文明大讲堂 : 国画大师齐白石.
ND1049.H845 A64 2010 畫中蘭亭 : 黃公望與富春山居圖.
ND1049.L6759 D66 2006 东 = Dong.
ND1049.L6759 J56 2011 金城小子.
Hometown boy
ND1049.W784 W8 2010 吳冠中的藝術 = Wu Guanzhong : the art master.
ND1049.W8295 A35 2007 In the studio with-- Zhaoming Wu : solitude.
ND1049.Z45134 A735 2011 話畫清明上河圖 = City of Cathay.
ND1143 .B37 1997 Basic art appreciation : with Guy Corriero.
ND1145 .E83 2011 Every picture tells a story.
ND1146 .O53 2000z One minute in a museum.
ND1329.C54 C48 2003 Chuck Close : a portrait in progress.
ND1488 .H69 2013 How colors affect you : what science reveals.
ND2462 .Z46 2011 Zen breakthrough.
NE670.E75 A85 2011 Achieving the unachievable.
NK1068 .Z444 2007 中国工艺珍宝. = Craftwork treasure of China.
NK1069.T28 Q253 2005 巧手揚藝 : 台灣現代手工藝 = Skillful hands & artistic vision : contemporary Taiwanese handicrafts.
NK1483.Z8 Z55 2007 志在設計 : 海外華人設計師系列 = Designers abroad : Chinese designers series.
NK1510 .D4625 2007 Design : understanding the elements.
NK1510 .D463 2007 Design : understanding the principles.
NK1535.E25 E26 2011 Eames : the architect and the painter.
NK1710 .H57 2006 Historic interior design films.
NK2668 .Z44 2006 中国古代家具 : 远去的生活.
NK2725 .H83 2010 皇帝的玩具箱 : 多寶格 = Les coffrets à trésors de l'emperur de Chine = The emperor's treasure chests.
NK3634.A2 G89 2000z Guqin, go, calligraphy and painting. Calligraphy.
琴棋书画. 書
NK3634.A2 H84 1999 慧珺五常談書法.
NK3634.A2 J529 2009 教你写对联 : 陈联合讲楹联书法.
NK3634.A2 Q24 2005 千年書法.
NK3634.A2 Z4355 2006 中国古代书法 : 线条的世界.
NK3634.A3 Q25 2012 啓功挥毫.
NK3634.A3 Q26 2010 启功讲书法.
NK3634.A3 R8 2009 如何写好毛笔字 : 零起步快速教程.
NK3634.A3 X53 2009 写好楷书.
Writing regular script well
NK3634.A3 X83 2008 学写汉字 : 硬笔书法 = To write Chinese words : for teaching courseware.
NK3634.A3 Z45 2009 中国书法 = Chinese calligraphy.
NK3634.A4 X568 2009 写好行书.
Writing cursive script well
NK4165 .Z45 2006 中国古代瓷器(上,下).
NK4165 .Z453 2006 中国古代陶器(上,下).
NK4168.M3 M27 2000z Mashiko village pottery, Japan, 1937.
NK4168.6.A1 J45 2008 Jeju onggi : crafted from stones and by fire with the spirit of Jeju.
NK4565.4 .S68 2005 宋, 明, 清官窯瓷 = Royal porcelain of Song, Ming and Qing dynasties.
NK5198.C43 C45 2013 Chihuly = 戴爾・奇胡利 : 現代玻璃藝術大師.
NK5504.C6 Z48 2006 中国竹木牙角雕 : 宁静致远的文明.
NK5750.2.C6 Z4495 2006 中国古代玉器(上,下).
NK5750.2.C6 Z453 2007 中國古代玉文化.
NK6035.2.T284 C456 2011 墨默.
NK7183.A1 Z45 2006 中国古代金銀器(上,下).
NK7983.22 .Z46 2008 中国青铜・彩陶文化.
NK9283.A1 Z45 2006 中国古代织绣 : 锦绣浮生.
NK9900.7.C6 Z43 2006 中国古代漆器(上,下).
NX165 .M34 2002 Making it in Manhattan.
NX165 .R84 2002 A ruling passion.
NX165 .S56 2002 Simplicity.
NX180.C44 K562 2005 Kina abner sig = China opens up.
China opens up : freedom and censorship in China
NX405.B55 F85 2009 Fully awake : Black Mountain College.
NX449.5 .H47 2003 Herbert Kline's The challenge : a tribute to modern art.
NX456.5.D3 H36 2008 Hans Richter : early works.
NX460.5.P47 S95 2010 Swing that thing : moving to move : the poetics of embodied engagement.
NX512.A24 A4 2004 Vito Hannibal Acconci studio.
NX512.E5455 P67 2014 POPaganda : the art & crimes of Ron English.
NX512.W54 R6 2003 Robert Whitman : performances from the 1960s.
NX548.Z9 G732 2004 Granular Synthesis.
NX548.Z9 G7322 2004 Granular Synthesis : remixes for single screen.
NX583.A1 H856 2009 回歸古典之美 : 范曾谈中国传统文化艺术.
NX583.A3 H6953 2007 藝力無限. : 藝術無處不在 = Art unlimited. III.
NX583.A3 T35825 2014 仗藝之言.
NX583.H6 H36 season-1-2 2013 好想藝術.
NX584.Z9 N37 2008 Nara : 奈良美智との旅の記録.
跟著奈良美智去旅行 : 一部夢想與感動的日記
NX590.Z9 S736 2005 Stelarc : the body is obsolete.
NX600.P47 W39 2000z The way things go.
NX650.S68 O67 2009 Optofonica.
NX820.F82 P375 2007 Beaubourg.