Astronomy. Physics. Chemistry. Geology

Call Number Title
QB43.2 .A8825 1999 Astronomy explorer.
QB44.2 .C54 1996 The challenge of the universe.
QB61 .U558 1997 The universe CD : astronomy, cosmology, and planetary science.
QB63 .S73 2001 Starry night backyard.
QB544.91 .V54 1992 The view from Earth : featuring the sun, the moon, and the July 11, 1991 solar eclipse.
QB631 .E27 1995 Earth from space.
QB631 .S56 1997 SimEarth : the living planet.
QB641 .H56 1992 Mars explorer.
QB981 .B75 1994 A brief history of time : an interactive adventure.
QB985 .S34 1997 Scientific American Library : the universe ; the planets.
QC16 .D39 1995 The day after Trinity : J. Robert Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb.
QC21.2 .C37 1994 CD-physics for Windows : a multimedia exploration of physics.
QC21.2 .H352 1997 CD physics.
QC21.2 .I58 1997 Interactive journey through physics.
QC21.2 .M63 2001 Modern physics : from photoelectric effect to relativity of length and time.
QC21.2 .V33 1997 ActivPhysics 1.
QC21.2 .V34 1999 ActivPhysics 2.
QC21.3 .D54 2001 Discovering physics.
QC32 .A33 2000 A-level physics.
QC33 .I58 1996 Interactive physics.
QC73 .F67 2001 Force and motion physics : from vectors to rocket propulsion.
QC125.2 .M84 1999 Multimedia motion II : the physics of motion on CD -ROM.
QC157 .W45 2000 Waves and sound physics : from mechanical waves to oscillations.
QC173.4.I57 I583 2003 Interfacial engineering systems.
QC221.5 .H363 1999 Handbook for acoustic ecology.
QC225.15 .M85 2000 Multimedia sound.
QC254.2 .H44 2001 Heat and energy.
QC355.2 .L56 2001 Light and optics : from lenses to polarisation.
QC415 .M85 1998 Multimedia diffraction : the physics of diffraction on CD-ROM.
QC522 .E46 2001 Electricity and magnetism : from charges to circuits.
QC522 .P49 1999 Physics.
QC527.2 .P75 1998 Primary science : electricity and magnetism : CD- ROM for key stages 1 and 2.
QC601 .W39 2000 Waveform analysis & monitoring concerns.
QC661 .O83 2002 Oscillations & waves.
QC665.E4 T73 2000 Real time : a two-dimensional electromagnetic field simulator.
QC861.2 .A47 1993 American Meterological Society conference papers 1993.
QC861.2 .A47 1994 American Meterological Society conference papers 1994.
QC981.8.C5 A93 1997 The atmosphere : weather, climate and global change.
QC981.8.C5 C57 1995 Climate change.
QD31.2 .A66 1999 Discover chemistry 2.0 : an interactive journey through chemistry.
QD31.2 .E87 1995 Exploring chemistry 2.0.
QD31.2 .L53 1996 Liftoff! Chemistry : a problem-based learning approach.
QD38 .A38 1998 ActivChemistry.
QD40 .I534 1997 Interactive chemistry journey.
QD75.2 .A53 1990 Analytical chemistry by open learning.
QD75.2 .E63 2000 EPA/NIOSH/OSHA /DOE : electronic methods.
QD75.4.S8 .S75 2001 Statistics for analytical chemists softbook.
QD75.4.S8 V362 2000 VAMSTAT II : statistics training for valid analytical measurement.
QD79.C45 A38 1999 Advanced gas chromatography and method development softbook CD .
QD79.I5 M63 2000 Modern chemical techniques = 現代化學分析技術.
QD96.A8 C66 1999 Cookbook CD.
QD96.P62 A38 1999 Advanced ICP softbook CD.
QD142 .S722 1999 Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater.
QD251.2 .C39 1997 CD-Organic chemistry : Organic chemistry sixth edition.
QD253 .C67 1997 Core organic chemistry.
QD256 .O74 1996 Organic chemistry.
QD262 .L3552 1997 Comprehensive organic transformations on CD-ROM : a guide to functional group preparations.
QD262 .M35 1997 Database of palladium chemistry : reactions, catalytic cycles and chemical parameters on CD-ROM.
QD272.E5 E59 2003 Enzyme catalysis.
QD410 .E38 1997 ECTOC-3.
QD461 .C4223 1999 Chemical bonding : inner forces.
QD461 .C5165 1999 The chemist's electronic book of orbitals.
QD461 .G35 1993 Chemical bonding.
QD466 .E44 1996 Elements.
QD467 .E44 1998 Elements explorer : a multimedia guide to the periodic table.
QD501 .C54 1999 Chemical changes : everyday reactions.
QD508 .H362 1999 Surface and colloid chemistry handbook.
QE26.2 .G46 1996 GEODe geologic explorations on disk.
QE28.2 .P58 1996 Interactive plate tectonics.
QE28.2 .U434 1996 Understanding Earth.
QE40 .E25 2006 Earth and environmental science digitized videos on DVD-ROM.
QE372.2 .K54 1995 Mineralogy tutorials : interactive instruction on CD-ROM.
QE521 .E27 1996 Earthquakes & volcanoes.
QE714.3 .O25 1998 Ocean : origins of life.
QE862.D5 D563 1994 Dinosaur museum.