Audio Cassette List:
Science. Medicine. Agriculture

Class Q-S Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
Q295 .W674 1991 [Working with systems] T247.
QA76 .I582 1988 [Introduction to information technology] DT200.
QA76.6 .H325 2000 Handheld computers : three perspectives.
QA76.758 .T662 1990 [Topics in software engineering] M 355.
QA76.8.M6895 M35 1987 MC68000 : an introduction.
QA76.8.M6897 M34 1987 MC68020 : an introduction.
QA76.8.M6899 M333 1987 MC68030 : an introduction.
QA76.8.M75 M33 1988 MC88100/MC88200 : an introduction.
QA76.9.C66 W52 Whatever next.
QA76.9.P75 U83 User friendliness.
QA273 .P75 1984 [Probability and statistics] M245.
QB985 .H394 1996 The Cambridge lectures : Stephen W. Hawking's life works.
QC23 .F472 v.6 Feynman on fundamentals : kinetics and heat.
QC482.D5 X73 1988 X-ray powder diffraction.
QC945 .J662 1998 The perfect storm.
QD79.C45 B37 1984 Basic gas chromatography.
QD79.C45 W38 1985 Gas chromatography / mass spectrometry.
QD95 .V56 1981 Solving inorganic spectroscopic problems.
QD96.I5 I584 1986 Interpretation of infrared spectra.
QD96.N8 G55 1977 An introduction to NMR spectroscopy.
QD331 .S95 1988 Aromaticity.
QD461 .K48 1976 Symmetry in chemistry.
QD462 .A85 1981 Quantization.
QD474 .K484 1994 Coordination chemistry.
QD474 .K485 1994 The theory of transition metal complexes.
QD501 .S95 1981 Linear free energy relationships.
QD501 .S954 1979 Radicals and their reaction pathways.
QD501 .S955 1979 Reaction pathways of carboxylic acid derivatives.
QD501 .S956 1975 Some organic reaction pathways.
QD511 .H55 1986 Entropy - the driving force of change.
QD561 .B9535 1984 Ions in solution. I.
QD561 .C681 1989 pH and its measurement.
QD571 .C68 1981 Ion-selective electrodes.
QD921 .H47 1979 Ionic crystals.
QD945 .W34 1989 X-ray crystallography.
QD945 .W35 1994 X-ray crystallography. II.
QE501 .S74 1990 Dr Graeme Stevens - Palentologist.
QH430 .S36 1988 Molecular genetics for chemists.
QP33 .A533 1984 [Animal physiology] S324.
RA393 .I585 1988 Healthcare 2000 : Hong Kong, December 10-13, 1988.
RA785 .K66 1996 Tropical island paradise.
RA785 .M34 1993 Stress.
RA785 .Y43 1997 一分鐘沙灘 : 通往輕鬆之路.
RA785 .Z45 1999 長者自我鬆弛練習.
RB113 .D63 1993 Pathophysiology for chemists.
RC454 .P73 Preparatory course for the psychology licensing examination.
RC480.5 .P37 1982 Passive muscle relaxation.
RC488.5 .H35 1989 The first therapy session : how to interview clients and identify problems successfully.
RC495 .E7132 Healing in hypnosis : a demonstration of trance and therapy in everyday life.
RC497 .S33 1990 Conquering drug & alcohol addiction through hypnosis.
RC531 .B434 1985 Cognitive therapy of anxiety and panic disorders : first interview techniques.
RC537 .B43 1979 Cognitive therapy of depression : demonstration of an initial interview.
RC537 .R69 1992 Breaking the bonds.
RC554 .B43 1990 Cognitive therapy of an avoidant personality.
RC554 .D22 DSM-III personality disorders : diagnosis and treatment.
RC560.I53 I52 Incest injury : counseling adult victims of childhood abuse.
RC564 .L54 1994 Treating substance abuse : a clinical demonstration of cognitive therapy.
RF291.5.A35 G47 Getting through.