Audio Cassette List:
Languages: German, Russian, etc.

Class PF-PK Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
PF3111 .S38 1987 德語初級敎程.
PF3117 .P43 1982 Mastering German.
PF3120.C7 H37 1993 Freut mich! : German for business.
PF3120.C7 H374 1995 German business situations : a spoken language guide.
PF3120.C7 P37 1994 German for business studies.
PF3121 .B73 Breakthrough German.
PF3121 .I88 1900z ITV German.
PF3121 .P56 1984 Speak and read essential German. I.
PG2112 .D38 1984 Making progress in Russian.
PG2129.E5 R653 1996 Focus on Russian : an interactive approach to communication.
PG3286 .G74 1997 Great Russian short stories.
PG3326 .B7 1997 The brothers Karamazov.
PG3326 .P7 1994 Crime and punishment.
PG3366 .A6 1996 Anna Karenina.
PG3366 .V6 1998 War and peace.
PG3366.V6 B33 1997 War and peace.
PH2111 .P39 1987 Colloquial Hungarian.
PJ3771.G5 E5 1996 The epic of Gilgamesh.
PJ5054.S572 Z53 1970z Reb Moishe Babbe.
PJ7716.A1 D39 1995 Tales from the thousand and one nights.
PJ7716 .A53 1995 Aladdin and the enchanted lamp.
PK1975 .B47 2000 Colloquial Urdu : [the complete course for beginners.