Audio Cassette List:
English Language

Class PE Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
PE1072 .E53 Essentials of the English language.
PE1072 .S72 Standards and correctness in English.
PE1112 .A385 Advance your English.
PE1112 .E53 English in fact.
PE1112 .E533 English for maritime studies.
PE1114 .M33 1994 Step forward : a preparation kit for the special test of English proficiency.
PE1114 .N36 1989 Advanced English today : practice papers.
PE1114 .N365 1989 Advanced English today.
PE1114 .O26 1996 Focus on advanced English : C.A.E. practice tests with guidance.
PE1115 .A35 Agenda.
PE1115 .B36 1996 Banking communication : cassette for financial English certificate.
PE1115 .B38 1990 Writing with precision.
PE1115 .B442 The Bellcrest story.
PE1115 .B443 English for business.
PE1115 .B444 The Bellcrest file.
PE1115 .B75 1994 Advanced business contacts.
PE1115 .B865 Business interactions.
PE1115 .B87 Business contacts.
PE1115 .B875 Business in English.
PE1115 .B88 Business talk : authentic listening for business/ professional English.
PE1115 .C37 A Case for business English.
PE1115 .C675 1985 Corporate grammar.
PE1115 .E54 1996 English conversation for bankers.
PE1115 .G66 Good for business : an intensive course in business English.
PE1115 .H64 Hold on : a short course in survival English for international secretaries.
PE1115 .H65 1996 Business objectives.
PE1115 .H67 1996 Words at work : vocabulary development for business English.
PE1115 .H68 Portfolio : case studies for business English.
PE1115 .J353 1989 Business studies.
PE1115 .J65 1991 Exchanging information.
PE1115 .J68 1989 International business English : a course in communication skills.
PE1115 .L36 The Language of business.
PE1115 .L66 Longman commercial communication.
PE1115 .M36 Management assignment.
PE1115 .M37 Managing people.
PE1115 .M62 Modern office limited : English for commerce.
PE1115 .M63 A modern course in business English.
PE1115 .N673 1994 Presentation skills in financial English.
PE1115 .N6734 1993 Banking & finance : English language course.
PE1115 .N6736 1997 Financial sales & marketing : English language course.
PE1115 .N675 1980 Export English : an intermediate course of business English.
PE1115 .N68 Financial English.
PE1115 .O36 1992 Negotiating.
PE1115 .O37 1991 Making contact.
PE1115 .P69 1996 Presenting in English : how to give successful presentations.
PE1115 .S64 1994 Speaking effectively : developing speaking skills for business English.
PE1115 .S94 1997 English for business communication.
PE1115 .T47 Terms of trade : spoken English for international business.
PE1115 .V572 Visitron : the language of presentation.
PE1115 .W44 Business initiatives.
PE1115 .W47 We're in business : English for commercial practice and international trade.
PE1116.L3 N67 1994 Legal English : English language course.
PE1116.S4 E56 English for secretaries.
PE1116.S42 B75 1989 Secretarial contacts : communication skills for secretaries and personal assistants.
PE1119 .P36 1995 Mario : an English language reader, post beginner & intermediate levels.
PE1119 .R33 1991 April in Moscow ; Between two worlds ; The fireboy ; Marcel and the Mona Lisa.
PE1122 .R64 1993 Academic mini-lectures : a text for listening and note -taking practice.
PE1127.B86 B69 1992 Personnel.
PE1127.B86 B7 1992 Production and operations : English language teaching.
PE1127.B86 C66 1992 Marketing.
PE1127.B86 S69 1993 Advertising and the promotion industry.
PE1127.C65 R36 1996 Infotech : English for computer users.
PE1127.C65 W35 1989 Computer science.
PE1127.E44 H534 1991 English for information systems.
PE1127.H4 T56 1994 Time : reading for tomorrow : authentic readings for language development.
PE1127.H4 U83 1995 USA today : read all about it : mastering reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.
PE1127.S45 C65 1993 Short stories for creative language classrooms.
PE1128.A2 A93 1989 Soundtracks.
PE1128.A2 C3459 2001 The new prepare for IELTS. Listening tests.
PE1128.A2 D49 1998 The sounds of English : phonetics and phonology for English teachers in Southeast Asia.
PE1128.A2 G735 1978 Jazz chants.
PE1128.A2 H375 1997 The consultancy approach : toward more effective EFL in-service teacher training.
PE1128.A2 L32 Learner English : a teacher's guide to interference and other problems.
PE1128.A2 O54 1995 Crosscurrents : a communicative language course for intermediate students.
PE1128.A2 O94 1976 People talking : aural comprehension and conversational practice for advanced students.
PE1128.A2 O944 1995 Patterns of cultural identity : advanced culture.
PE1128.A2 S55 1996 English through song : a song-based English language development pack for teachers of upper intermediate adults ESOL and EFL students.
PE1128.A2 S67 1994 English for the teachers : a language development course.
PE1128.A2 S74 1995 Strategies for academic communication.
PE1128.A2 T43 Teaching English through English : a course in classroom language and techniques.
PE1128.A2 W558 1986 Time after time : materials for teaching grammar in post-elementary ESL classes.
PE1128.A2 Y63 1982 Listening and learning : lectures.
PE1128.A2 Z34 1991 Everyday English.
PE1128 .A234 1982 Opening strategies : strategies 1 : an integrated language course for beginners of English.
PE1128 .A235 1980 Developing strategies : strategies 3 : an integrated language course for intermediate students.
PE1128 .A33 Accent on Australia.
PE1128 .A432 American accent program.
PE1128 .A44 1976 Target : an audio-visual English course for secondary schools.
PE1128 .A49 1984 Journeys : on course.
PE1128 .A493 1984 Journeys : arrival.
PE1128 .A86 Assignments : an intermediate language practice and study skills course.
PE1128 .A87 Assignments advanced : a proficiency language practice and study skills course.
PE1128 .A88 1989 English now : upper intermediate.
PE1128 .A885 1989 English now : intermediate plus.
PE1128 .B35 1982 Tree or three? : an elementary pronunciation course.
PE1128 .B373 1993 Women today : aims, achievements and adventures.
PE1128 .B44 1993 Contemporary topics : advanced listening comprehension.
PE1128 .B475 Beyond words : certificate reading and listening skills.
PE1128 .B534 1993 Reflection and beyond : expanding written communication.
PE1128 .B75 Bring the lab back to life.
PE1128 .B755 1990 Social contacts : materials for developing listening and speaking skills in business and social contexts.
PE1128 .B82 On the move : an advanced English course.
PE1128 .B88 1993 Work awareness. Stage 2, Post beginner.
PE1128 .B89 1994 Study awareness. Stage 2, Post beginner.
PE1128 .C34/v.1 The Cambridge English course, 1.
PE1128 .C34/v.2 The Cambridge English course, 2.
PE1128 .C34/v.3 The Cambridge English course, 3.
PE1128 .C35 Cambridge first certificate : examination practice 1.
PE1128 .C36 Cambridge proficiency : examination practice 1.
PE1128 .C367 1994 Authentic and aware : advanced conversation strategies.
PE1128 .C374 1991 Professor grammar's rule book.
PE1128 .C435 1998 English sketches. 1 : sketches from the English Teaching Theatre : elementary.
PE1128 .C4352 1998 English sketches. 2 : sketches from the English Teaching Theatre : intermediate.
PE1128 .C53 1993 Journeys to cultural understanding.
PE1128 .C56 Clear speech : pronunciation and listening comprehension in American English.
PE1128 .C64 Collins F. C. E. handbook.
PE1128 .C65/pt.1 Collins Cobuild English course, level 1.
PE1128 .C65/pt.2 Collins Cobuild English course, level 2.
PE1128 .C6523 1991 Speaking 1.
PE1128 .C6524 1991 Speaking 2.
PE1128 .C6525 1992 Speaking 3.
PE1128 .C6526 1993 Speaking 4.
PE1128 .C675 1990 English for international banking and finance.
PE1128 .C68 Countdown to English.
PE1128 .C686 Count me in : understanding numbers in English.
PE1128 .D36 1993 One world : ESL and the environment : a topic approach.
PE1128 .D37 Framework for first certificate.
PE1128 .D593 1979 Modern American English.
PE1128 .D643 1991 Language in use : pre-intermediate.
PE1128 .D644 1994 Language in use : intermediate.
PE1128 .D645 1997 Language in use : upper-intermediate.
PE1128 .D827 1982 Advanced listening comprehension : developing listening and note-taking skills.
PE1128 .D86 1996 Advanced listening comprehension.
PE1128 .E25 2000 Easy English : basic English for speakers of all languages.
PE1128 .E36 Eight simulations : for upper-intermediate and more advanced students.
PE1128 .E442 1989 Learning to learn English : a course in learner training.
PE1128 .E444 Socializing.
PE1128 .E53 English in context.
PE1128 .E535 The English we use.
PE1128 .E54 English for international co-operation.
PE1128 .E545 1996 English on cue : developing skills in English language, level 1.
PE1128 .E546 1996 English on cue : developing skills in English language, level 2.
PE1128 .E547 1996 English on cue : developing skills in English language, level 3.
PE1128 .F343 1991 Key to success on the TOEFL practice tests.
PE1128 .F57 First certificate in English.
PE1128 .F62 Focus on proficiency.
PE1128 .F68 The Fourth dimension.
PE1128 .F694 1990 Towards synthesis.
PE1128 .F695 1988 Synthesis.
PE1128 .F696 1995 Synthesis advanced.
PE1128 .F697 1993 Synthesis plus.
PE1128 .F85 Functions of American English : communication activities for the classroom.
PE1128 .F86 Functions of English.
PE1128 .G46 1994 Culturally speaking : a conversation and culture text.
PE1128 .G474 1994 Ideas & issues : listening practice.
PE1128 .G56 1993 Clear speech : [pronunciation and listening comprehension in North American English.
PE1128 .G64 Going to work in English : the English you need for getting a job.
PE1128 .G73 Great ideas : listening and speaking activities for students of American English.
PE1128 .H24 2000 Journeys : listening and speaking. 2.
PE1128 .H3734 1995 Exploring English 1.
PE1128 .H3735 1995 Exploring English 2.
PE1128 .H3736 1995 Exploring English 3.
PE1128 .H3737 1995 Exploring English 4.
PE1128 .H3738 1997 Exploring English 5.
PE1128 .H3739 1997 Exploring English 6.
PE1128 .H374 1992 Britain explored.
PE1128 .H375 1989 The Listening file : authentic interviews with language activities.
PE1128 .H42 Headlines : an advanced text for reading, speaking, and listening.
PE1128 .H67 1993 Passport to IELTS.
PE1128 .H685 How to survive in the U.S.A. : English for travelers and newcomers.
PE1128 .H688 1986 Access today.
PE1128 .H878 Project English 1.
PE1128 .I57 Inside meaning : proficiency reading comprehension.
PE1128 .J64 1992 General engineering.
PE1128 .J66 1991 Cambridge Advanced English.
PE1128 .J66 1998 New Cambridge advanced English.
PE1128 .J67 1996 Candidate for FCE.
PE1128 .K37 1994 Grammar through stories.
PE1128 .K565 1997 TOEFL リスニング 問題 350.
PE1128 .K574 1994 Selected topics : high-intermediate listening comprehension.
PE1128 .L33 1993 Language issues : a course for advanced learners.
PE1128 .L374 1993 Real conversations : beginning listening and speaking activities.
PE1128 .L43 Learning to listen : tasks for developing listening skills.
PE1128 .L56 Listening tasks.
PE1128 .L565 1992 Listening to TOEFL.
PE1128 .L57 Listening links.
PE1128 .L575 Listening skills.
PE1128 .L62 Longman advanced English.
PE1128 .L64 Longman proficiency practice exams.
PE1128 .L66 Longman proficiency skills.
PE1128 .L69 1982 Life styles.
PE1128 .L83 1996 Heinemann ELT hits : 10 original pop songs.
PE1128 .M27 Matters of moment : materials for reading comprehension and discussion in English.
PE1128 .M33 1986 Access today : listening practice.
PE1128 .M343 1985 Poem into poem : reading and writing poems with students of English.
PE1128 .M353 1996 Voices in literature : bronze.
PE1128 .M3534 1996 Voices in literature : gold.
PE1128 .M3535 1996 Voices in literature. Silver.
PE1128 .M42 Meanings into words : intermediate : an integrated course for students of English.
PE1128 .M422 Meanings into words : upper intermediate : an integrated course for students of English.
PE1128 .M62/pt.1 Mosaic 1 : a listening/speaking skills books.
PE1128 .M62/pt.2 Mosaic 2 : a listening/speaking skills books.
PE1128 .M87 Murder comes to breakfast : a detective story for inermediate students of English.
PE1128 .N29 1999 Cambridge first certificate handbook.
PE1128 .N653 1992 Streetwise intermediate.
PE1128 .N67 Notions in English : a course in effective communication for upper-intermediate and more advanced students.
PE1128 .N78 1997 NTC's preparation kit for the TOEFL.
PE1128 .N84 1990 Face the issues : intermediate listening and critical thinking skills.
PE1128 .N86 1987 Consider the issues : developing listening and critical thinking skills.
PE1128 .N8743 1996 Atlas testing package levels 1 & 2 : learning-centered communication.
PE1128 .N8763 1996 Atlas testing package levels 3 & 4 : learning-centered communication.
PE1128 .O54 1973 Kernel lessons plus : a post-intermediate course.
PE1128 .O83 Overtones.
PE1128 .O836 The Oxford-Arels preliminary handbook.
PE1128 .P35 1982 Track.
PE1128 .P37 1979 Famous British & American songs.
PE1128 .P534 Telephone talk.
PE1128 .P66 1992 Toy box.
PE1128 .P694 1993 Finding a job.
PE1128 .P695 1993 Applying for a job.
PE1128 .P72 Practice for the JMB test in English (Overseas).
PE1128 .P73 Practical English.
PE1128 .P75 Progress to proficiency.
PE1128 .P76 Proficiency in English practice.
PE1128 .P77 Professional English.
PE1128 .P78 Progress towards first certificate.
PE1128 .Q37 Quartet, 1.
PE1128 .Q372 Quartet, 2.
PE1128 .R334 1992 The media.
PE1128 .R42 Reading between the lines : integrated language and literature activities.
PE1128 .R43 1991 Reading for TOEFL.
PE1128 .R458 1987 Listen for it : a task-based listening course.
PE1128 .R458 1995 Listen for it : a task-based listening course.
PE1128 .R534 1990 Listen carefully : listening practice for elementary students.
PE1128 .R535 1986 Link book.
PE1128 .R54 1996 Speaking.
PE1128 .R643 1994 Complete guide to TOEFL test : practice tests.
PE1128 .R644 2001 TOEFL CBT success.
PE1128 .R66 1992 Romance on the rocks.
PE1128 .S56 1996 Critical explorations.
PE1128 .S57 1986 Situational dialogues : dialogues and gapped dialogues.
PE1128 .S633 1994 Across cultures : universal themes in literature.
PE1128 .S635 Speaking naturally : communication skills in American English.
PE1128 .S65 1995 Introductory topics : intermediate listening comprehension.
PE1128 .S673 1986 Headway : intermediate.
PE1128 .S674 1987 Headway : upper-intermediate.
PE1128 .S675 1989 Headway : advanced.
PE1128 .S7282 2001 English : as a foreign language.
PE1128 .S87 Supplement : authentic integrated material for advanced students of English.
PE1128 .S93 1978 Understanding ideas : advanced reading skills.
PE1128 .T44 Telephone English.
PE1128 .T45/pt.2 A Practical English grammar : structure drill 2.
PE1128 .T46 Themes for listening and speaking.
PE1128 .T47 Themes for proficiency.
PE1128 .T643 1998 TOEFL sample test. Listening comprehension section.
PE1128 .T66 Topics and skills in English.
PE1128 .T72 Trial by jury.
PE1128 .U52 1989 Understanding TOEFL.
PE1128 .U83 Use your English : a course in English as a second language for adults.
PE1128 .V36 1990 Ready for business.
PE1128 .W38 1995 Study tasks in English.
PE1128 .W385 1999 So to speak : integrating speaking, listening, and pronunciation.
PE1128 .W46 The Whole story.
PE1128 .W7597/v.1 World English, 1.
PE1128 .W7597/v.2 World English, 2.
PE1128 .W7597/v.3 World English, 3.
PE1128 .W7597/v.4 World English, 4.
PE1128 .W7597/v.5 World English, 5.
PE1128 .W7597/v.6 World English, 6.
PE1128 .Y38 1992 Economics.
PE1128 .Y43 英語疑難 , : 常用詞.
PE1128 .Y63 You and your language : the kinds of English you use.
PE1129.F7 E53 English alone.
PE1130.C4 L583 1993 劉家傑英語一分鐘 = One minute's English.
PE1130.C4 S76 1997 Stories for Eva : a reader for Chinese women learning English.
PE1130.C4 Y5635 1998 英語誦讀菁華. 大學卷.
PE1130.C4 Y57 1994 英語閱讀與欣賞.
PE1130.K6 L8 1982 English for Koreans.
PE1130.P4 P37 1981 English for Iranians.
PE1131 .A27 Active listening.
PE1131 .A38 v.1 Advanced English, 1 : a complete course for the Use of English examination.
PE1131 .A38 v.2 Advanced English, 2 : a complete course for the Use of English examination.
PE1131 .A383 Advanced conversational English.
PE1131 .A384 Advanced speaking skills.
PE1131 .A43 1978 Question and answer.
PE1131 .A78 At the office.
PE1131 .A8 At your service ; Working in shops.
PE1131 .B374 1994 Making headway intermediate talking in pairs.
PE1131 .B375 1994 Making headway pre-intermediate talking in pairs.
PE1131 .B87 Business listening tasks.
PE1131 .C36 The canning tapes, advanced series.
PE1131 .C46 Choosing a job ; Unusual occupations.
PE1131 .C47 Choosing your English.
PE1131 .C83 Cue for communication.
PE1131 .C864 1993 Making headway pre-intermediate everyday listening and speaking.
PE1131 .C865 1992 Making headway intermediate everyday listening and speaking.
PE1131 .D36 Dangerous jobs ; Working in medicine.
PE1131 .E27 East-West English conversation.
PE1131 .E53 English for international conferences : a language course for those working in the fields of science, economics, politics and administration.
PE1131 .E54 English in education.
PE1131 .F43 Feelings : a course in conversational English for upper-intermediate and more advanced students.
PE1131 .F53 Figures in language : describe and draw.
PE1131 .F67 Forward! : a course in everyday spoken English for use in Hong Kong.
PE1131 .F672 For and against.
PE1131 .G47 Getting about ; Money.
PE1131 .H65 Homes and houses ; Shopping.
PE1131 .H67 Hotel English.
PE1131 .I33 Ideas : speaking and listening activities.
PE1131 .I5 In your own words : integrated skills practice for EFL.
PE1131 .I55 In the mood : conversation pieces for intermediate listening comprehension.
PE1131 .I57 Interview.
PE1131 .I8 It happened to me.
PE1131 .J62 Jobs around the house ; Eating.
PE1131 .K47 Presenting facts and figures.
PE1131 .L96 1992 Study speaking : a course in spoken English for academic purposes.
PE1131 .M322 Getting through Trinity College English.
PE1131 .M36 Manual work ; Office work.
PE1131 .N67 Note-taking.
PE1131 .P36 Panorama : an advanced course of English for study and examination.
PE1131 .P46 People from other countries ; Believe it or not!.
PE1131 .P47 Penguin speaking skills.
PE1131 .P64 The Police ; Sickness and health.
PE1131 .P72 v.1 Practical English, 1.
PE1131 .P72 v.2 Practical English, 2.
PE1131 .P72 v.3 Practical English, 3.
PE1131 .P75 Proficiency plus.
PE1131 .P76 Professions ; Unsocial hours.
PE1131 .P77 New proficiency, English, book four : listening comprehension and interview.
PE1131 .R42 Reader's Digest action English program.
PE1131 .R47 Restaurant English.
PE1131 .R53 1984 Breakthrough : a course in English communication practice.
PE1131 .S28 Say it again.
PE1131 .S54 Small talk.
PE1131 .S63 Speak to learn : oral English for academic purposes.
PE1131 .S67 Sounds interesting : resource material for teachers.
PE1131 .S68 Sounds intriguing.
PE1131 .S687 Sound right! : selected sounds in conversation.
PE1131 .S76 1984 Elementary task listening.
PE1131 .S78 Study listening : understanding lectures and talks in English.
PE1131 .T34 Take note : materials for aural comprehension and note -taking in English.
PE1131 .T37 Task listening.
PE1131 .T44 Telephoning in English.
PE1131 .T76 Troubles in the family ; when someone dies.
PE1131 .T83 Twentieth century news.
PE1131 .W38 1992 Basic telephone training : a basic course in telephone language and skills.
PE1131 .W674 1993 Making headway upper-intermediate phrasal verbs and idioms.
PE1131 .W675 1995 Making headway advanced phrasal verbs and idioms.
PE1131 .Y66 Yoshi goes to New York.
PE1133 .Y43 英語拼音自學.
PE1135 .C297 1984 國際音標 : 學習英語語音 48 個音素.
PE1135 .K86 國際音標.
PE1135 .P44 Phonetic drill readers.
PE1135 .Y54 2001 英語國際音標訓練手册.
PE1137 .A22 Accents of English : an introduction.
PE1137 .B47 Better English pronunciation.
PE1137 .B73 1994 Pronunciation for advanced learners of English.
PE1137 .C58 Clusters : a pronunciation practice book.
PE1137 .C65 Common errors in English pronunciation for Cantonese students.
PE1137 .E43 Elements of pronunciation : intensive practice for intermediate and more advanced students.
PE1137 .E53 An English pronunciation companion to the Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English.
PE1137 .E54 English pronunciation practice.
PE1137 .E55 English pronunciation illustrated.
PE1137 .E56 English speech.
PE1137 .F54 1990 Longman pronunciation dictionary study guide.
PE1137 .H36 A Handbook of English pronunciation.
PE1137 .H49 1993 Pronunciation tasks : a course for pre-intermediate learners.
PE1137 .L56 Link-up.
PE1137 .L57 Listening with LDOCE : pronunciation exercises for the Longman dictionary of contemporary English.
PE1137 .O36 1989 Sounds English : a pronunciation practice book.
PE1137 .P2 The PD's : pronunciation drills for learners of English.
PE1137 .P22 PD's in depth.
PE1137 .P72 A Practical course of English pronunication : a perceptual approach.
PE1137 .P76 Pronouncing difficult words.
PE1137 .R63 1990 Speaking clearly : pronunication and listening comprehension for learners of English.
PE1137 .S47 2004 A handbook of pronunciation of English words.
PE1137 .W42 Weak forms.
PE1137 .Y38 1995 Pronounce it perfectly in English.
PE1139 .I5 In a manner of speaking : accents of the English- speaking world.
PE1139.5 .A37 Active intonation.
PE1139.5 .D57 Discourse intonation and language teaching.
PE1139.5 .I56 Intonation.
PE1139.5 .I575 Intonation in context : intonation practice for upper- intermediate and advanced learners of English.
PE1139.5 .I58 An introduction to English prosody.
PE1139.5 .U84 Using intonation.
PE1152 .A38 Advanced phonetic reader.
PE1301 .G47 Get your tenses right.
PE1315.P48 P47 Phrasal verbs in conversation.
PE1408 .B76 1993 Get it write : plain English for property people.
PE1408 .P76 Proficiency English, book one : language and composition.
PE1408 .P77 New Proficiency English, book one : language and composition.
PE1408 .W74 Written and spoken communication.
PE1413 .D43 1988 Write it : writing skills for intermediate learners of English.
PE1413 .G69 1986 Reading literature.
PE1417 .F54 1997 Relatively speaking : a dramatised journey from the beginning of civilisation.
PE1449 .R42 1989 A way with words : vocabulary development activities for learners of English.
PE1460 .I34 Idiom-Magic.
PE1460 .N49 1991 Exploring English errors.
PE1479.B87 B35 1989 Professional writing : a short course in writing skills for work.
PE1483 .J34 1989 The art of letter writing.
PE1498.2.C55 T34 1999 實用口譯技巧 = Oral interpretation.
PE1628 .L48 1990 Noteworthy : listening and notetaking skills.
PE2815 .C66 1991 American accent training : a guide to speaking and pronouncing colloquial American English.
PE2815 .H67 1999 American English pronunciation : it's no good unless you're understood.
PE2827 .C67 1991 101 American English idioms : understanding and speaking English like an American.
PE2835 .Z65 1999 Speaking effective English!.