Audio Cassette List:
Language and Literature (General). Greek. Latin. Modern Languages

Class P-PB Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
P53 .L363 Language and communication. Stage 2.
P81.A8 W66 Workbook in Southeast Asian linguistics.
P91.3 .H64 1995 Talking it through : teachers' guide and classroom materials.
P95 .C56 1998 101 ways to improve your communication skills instantly.
P95 .C67 1988 Talkabout : oral skills in context.
P95 .T34 Talking matters : a practical guide to speaking and listening.
P95 .W43 1980z Listening and understanding.
P95.45 .F75 1995 The art and skill of conversation.
P95.46 .B45 1989 Soundings.
P95.46 .K43 1988 Listening in action.
P95.46 .S67 1989 Tuning in.
P96.I54 L44 1980z Interviews and interviewing.
P118.2 .R53 1997 Affect and related factors in second and foreign language aquisition .
P120.S48 M37 Men, women and language.
P231 .T34 Talking about accents.
PA3975.M4 S88 1997 Medea.
PA4025.A2 F33 1993 The Iliad.
PA4025.A5 F34 1996b The Odyssey.
PA6807.A5 W49 1995 The Aeneid.
PB2123 .K56 1995 Colloquial Welsh : a complete language course.