Audio Cassette List:

Class M Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
M3.1.S37 D42 Gymnopedies I & II .. [and other works].
M5 .M87 Music of Sibelius and Grieg.
M5 .R87 Romantic Russia.
M7 .G73 Great organ works.
M21 .F38 Favorite piano pieces.
M21 .F43 Feelings.
M21 .L53 Liebestraum : piano favourites.
M21 .V57 Virtuoso piano showpieces.
M23 .B43 Piano sonatas.
M125 .S62 Spanish guitar music.
M126 .G84 Guitar concerto, vol.2.
M301.G47 D42 Suite from 'Girl crazy' .. [and other works].
M452.R67 D42 String sonatas no.1, 3, 5 and 6.
M1000 .D32 Adagio for organ and strings.
M1000 .D42 Music from Peer Gynt ; Norwegian dance no.2.
M1000 .D433 Les Preludes.
M1000 .D44 L'Apprenti Sorcier.
M1000.G47 D4 Cuban overture ; An American in Paris ; Rhapsody in blue ; Variations on "I got rhythm".
M1000.H66 R88 1992 Russian music : newspaper course (4), cassette 1.
M1000 .M87 The music of old Vienna.
M1000 .O53 150 best loved melodies.
M1001 .B4 no.3 Symphony no.3 in E flat major, "Eroica".
M1001 .B4 no.5 Symphony no.5 in C minor, op.67.
M1001 .B4 no.9 Symphony no.9 in D minor, "Choral".
M1001 .B72/no.1 Symphony no.1 in C minor, op.68.
M1001 .B78/no.4 Symphony no.4 in E flat major "Romantic".
M1001 .D86 no.9 Symphony no.9 in E minor, op.95 : "From the new world" ; Carnival overture, op.92.
M1001.H38 D42 Symphony no.100 in G major, "Military" ; Symphony no.96 in D major, "Miracle".
M1001 .H38/no.103 Symphony no.103 in E flat major : "Drum roll" ; Symphony no.104 in D major : "London".
M1001 .M33/no.1 Symphony no.1 in D major : The Titan.
M1001 .M68/K550 1981 Symphony no.40 in G minor, K.550 ; Symphony no.41 in C. major, K.551 "Jupiter".
M1001 .S24/no.3 Symphony no.3 in C minor, op.78.
M1001.S37 D42 Symphony no.8 in B minor, "Unfinished".
M1001 .S38/no.3 Symphony no.3 in E flat major, op.97 ; Symphony no.4 in D minor, op.120 .
M1001 .T34/no.5 Symphony no.5 in E minor, op.64.
M1001 .T34/no.6 Symphony no.6 in B minor, op.74 : "Pathetique".
M1002.D42 M47 La Mer ; Nocturnes.
M1003 .B3/BWV1067 Suite no.2 in B minor, BMV 1067 ; Suite no.3 in D. BWV 1068 ; Sinfonia from Cantata no.12 "Weinen Klagen" ; Sonata from Cantata no.31 "Der Himmel lacht".
M1003.H64 P53 The Planets.
M1003.K43 S62 Spartacus ; Masquerade ; Gayaneh.
M1003.T35 S82 Swan lake : high lights ; Sleeping beauty : high lights.
M1004 .F35 Famous overtures.
M1004 .I57 Intermezzo.
M1004.R67 D42 Famous Overtures.
M1004.W33 D42 Overtures.
M1010.A32 D3 Warsaw concerto.
M1010 .L57 no.1 Piano concerto no.1 in E flat major ; Piano concerto no.2 in A major .
M1010.S38 D42 Piano concerto no.1 in A minor.
M1010.T35 C6/no.1 Piano concerto no.1 in B flat minor, op.23 .
M1012.T35 C6 Violin concerto in D major, op.35 / Tchaikovsky ; Violin concerto in E minor, op.64 / Mendelssohn.
M1024 .M68/K622 Clarinet concerto in A major, K. 622 ; Flute and harp concerto in C major, K. 299.
M1047.W34 D42 Waltzes.
M1049 .S77 Strauss waltzes.
M1060 .D73 Dreams for two : soft melodies for relaxing and dreaming.
M1060 .H66 Hooked on classics.
M1060 .I2 I love you : music for tender movements.
M1060.M87 P5 Pictures from an exhibition.
M1060 .S86 Super love songs.
M1105.H38 D42 Haydn concertos.
M1112.V58 C5 The four seasons, op.8.
M1200 .F37 Festive Baroque brass.
M1505.M68 Z38 Die Zauberflot (The magic flute) : highlights.
M1505.V47 D42 Verdi choruses.
M1505.W33 R56 Orchestral music [from] Der Ring des Nibelungen.
M1515.M46 S65 A midsummer night's dream.
M1520.O44 G34 Gaite parisienne.
M1520 .S77 The rite of spring.
M1520.S77 P47 Petrushka (1911 version).
M1524 .P37 Pas de deux.
M1527.2 .A23 Ace of themes, vol.2.
M1527.2 .G73 Great film music.
M1527.2 .M54 Million dollar movie music.
M1527.2 .M87 Music from the galaxy.
M1625.P76 D42 Peter and the wolf, op.67.
M1630.18 .G64 Golden folk & country.
M1680.18 .G64 Goin' out of my head.
M1680.18 .G73 Great rock and roll love songs.
M1680.18 .S68 South American magic.
M1804.C46 C45 中國樂曲精選.
M1804 .X53 西貢山歌選.
M1805.4.K8 P34 白兔會 : 主題曲.
M1805.4.K8 S57 雙仙拜月亭 : 主題曲.
M1805.4.K8 T5 帝女花 : 主題曲.
M1805.4.K8 T72 再世紅梅記 : 主題曲.
M1805.4.K8 T87 紫釵記 : 主題曲.
M1977 .C56 1990z I can't we can : songs about cooperation.
M1999 .P36 Panis Angelicus.
M2004.H36 M47 Messiah : choruses.
ML460 .N57 1992 地球の音楽誌 : 神々の音, 人々の音.
MT6.P647 M9 1992 Music.