Audio Cassette List:

Class L Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
LB1033.5 .C66 1987 Communication and education EH207.
LB1044.9.N4 T54 1993 In the news.
LB1049 .A45 1993 Learning outside the classroom : a student discussion about learning strategies.
LB1049 .T48 Text to note : study skills for advanced learners.
LB1050.45 .S78 Study skills for reading.
LB1620.5 .L36 1989 Counselling skills for teachers.
LB1727.A97 C54 Clinical supervision strategy. Understanding expertise. Undergraduate teacher education.
LB1727.A97 D6 Do you really want to integrate theory and practice? : Teacher thinking and teacher training.
LB1727.A97 O63 Opening : the notion of excellence.
LB1727.A97 T42 Teacher education as the sabotage of excellence in schooling.
LB2367.4 .L58 1998 GRE vocabulary 3000.
LB2393 .R84 1991 Comprehending academic lectures.
LB2393 .U52 Understanding academic lectures.
LB2395 .L57 Listening to lectures : government.
LB2395 .S78 Study skills in English.
LB3060.26 .H68 How to take standardized tests.
LB3060.33.T47 B47 The Best TOEFL test book.
LB3060.33.T47 T6 托福聽力測驗 = TOEFL listening comprehension.
LB3209 .M35 1992 Maintenance of school and college buildings.