Audio Cassette List:
Social Sciences

Class H Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
H61 .E53 English in social studies.
H61 .S572 cst.5 Markets in Russia and China.
H61 .S725 cst.1 Patterns of consumption.
H61 .S725 cst.12 A Europe of the regions.
H61 .S725 cst.14 Feminism.
H61 .S725 cst.16 Social science, the world and you.
H61 .S725 cst.3 Class in Britain today.
H61 .S725 cst.9 Changing identity.
H61 .S726 cst.AC1438 Society and social science D103 : support audiocassette 1.
H61 .S726 cst.AC1442 Society and social science D103 : support audiocassette 5.
H61 .S726 cst.AC1443 Society and social science D103 : support audiocassette 6.
H61 .S726 cst.AC1840R Society and social science D103 : support audiocassette 2.
H61 .S726 cst.AC2065R Society and social science D103 : support audiocassette 3.
H61 .S726 cst.AC2066R Society and social science D103 : support audiocassette 4.
H61 .S726 cst.AC2198 Society and social science D103 : support audiocassette 7.
H97 .D93 2003 DVC on think tanks.
HB101.H39 I34 1992 The ideas of F. A. Hayek.
HB171 .M3253 Economics USA.
HB501 .W67 Work and society.
HC110.C6 S68 2001 Networking with millionaires.
HC110.E5 K86 1993 Environmentalism & free markets.
HC260.E5 G74 1992 Green issues and environmental assessment procedures.
HC462 .D65 1989 Doing business in Japan : telling it like it is.
HC462.9 .N48 The New stage of industrial societies.
HD30.28 .B872 Business strategy.
HD30.28 .D45 1983 How to prepare a business plan.
HD30.28 .J873 1993 Strategic planning.
HD30.29 .D4 1989 Managing people and problems.
HD30.29 .P75 The Problem solving process.
HD30.3 .Z53 1990z 如何做好溝通與管理.
HD31 .B53 1989 The one minute manager.
HD31 .B58 1997 Stewardship.
HD31 .G47 Getting the job well done : four essential managerial skills : planning, budgeting, scheduling, monitoring progress.
HD31 .H67 How successful managers manage : behavioral skills for organizational effectiveness.
HD31 .M367 1992 Managing the nineties : issues critical for management success.
HD31 .P485 1991 Tom Peters live.
HD31 .P67 1995 The new portable MBA.
HD31 .T34 Talking with the one minute manager.
HD37.C47 Z45 1990z 21 世紀成功經營的祕訣.
HD37.C47 Z458 1998 用心經營開創新局.
HD38 .H68 How to set priorities.
HD38 .J6382 1995 Jesus, CEO : using ancient wisdom for visionary leadership.
HD38 .S76 Stop wasting time.
HD42 .R476 1993 Dealing with conflict & confrontation.
HD42 .W56 Win-Win negotiating : turning conflict into agreement.
HD47.3 .C67 Cost reduction.
HD50 .H68 How to delegate.
HD50.5 .B55 1998 Empowerment takes more than a minute.
HD53 .R62 1998 Corporate creativity.
HD56 .P54 Pillars of productivity.
HD57.7 .W53 1988 What followers expect from leaders : how to meet people's expectations and build credibility.
HD58.6 .S75 1998b Winning with integrity.
HD58.6 .Z53 1998 如何處理殺價問題.
HD58.8 .C434 1995 Reengineering management.
HD58.8 .G37 1992 Business in the ecological age : learning tales of corporate transformation.
HD58.9 .A28 Action tools for managers.
HD58.9 .H43 1987 Achieving excellence.
HD58.9 .S463 1994 The fifth discipline : the art & practice of the learning organization.
HD62.25 .W37 1990 Assuring your family business a long life.
HD62.7 .I46 Importing as a small business.
HD66 .A55 1992 Implementing self-directed work teams.
HD66 .K3843 1994 The wisdom of teams : creating the high-performance organization.
HD66 .S26 1989 Team building : how to motivate and manage people.
HD69.C6 M362 Management consultant.
HD69.T45 A43 Alec Mackenzie on time.
HD69.T54 L64 1992 Taking control of your work day : how to achieve more in less time, with less stress.
HD69.T54 Z53 1990z 21 世紀成功人的時間管理.
HD70.U5 I5 In search of excellence.
HD1375 .P75 1994 Professional negotiation : techniques and practice.
HD1381.5 .F56 1996 Finance for development : a guide to sources of property funding.
HD1382.5 .T87 1991 Turnover rents.
HD1387 .B84 Building surveys.
HD1387 .H66 1997 Homebuyers survey and valuation service 1997.
HD1387 .P76 1992 Property investment : the point of no return : (property investment and performance management).
HD1387 .R434 1995 The red book 1996 : mandatory valuation standards.
HD1387 .V35 1994 The valuation of leisure and licensed property.
HD1390 .C66 1991 Commercial property research.
HD1393.25 .M37 Marketing of commercial property.
HD1394 .M36 1994 Management matters : concerning commercial property.
HD6054.4.T35 C58 1990z 莊淑芬.
HD6054.4.T35 S53 1990z 單小琳 : 不做 100 分的女人.
HD6054.4.T35 S66 1990z 宋文琪 : 用心過日子.
HD6483 .U54 Unions in capitalism.
HD6957.U6 B549 1997b Managing by values.
HD7287.92.G7 B53 1997 庇護房屋 : 它是什麼, 它是給誰的, 怎樣得到它.
HD7288.78.G7 S63 1995 Social housing and the chartered surveyor.
HD8390 .O7 1996 The road to Wigan Pier.
HD9696.2.U64 D452 1999 Direct from Dell.
HE7572.U6 G382 1995b The road ahead.
HE8735 .B78 Telephoning.
HF5351 .H68 How in the world of business.
HF5381 .I87 It's up to you : language skills and strategies for getting a job.
HF5386 .S73 1995 The great game of business.
HF5386 .T34 1988 Taking control.
HF5386 .Z525 1990z 如何做好生涯規劃.
HF5415 .M38 Market research : a feedback medium.
HF5415 .R5437 1989 Bottom-up marketing.
HF5415 .Z962 1999 End of marketing as we know it.
HF5415.1 .I532 Marketing & selling.
HF5415.122 .T44 Telemarketing : the corporate-caller skills program.
HF5415.5 .Z475 1990z 如何提昇服務品質.
HF5430 .S47 1993 Service charges in shopping centres.
HF5430 .S56 1990 Shopping centre development.
HF5438.25 .A44 1989 Secrets of closing sales.
HF5438.25 .P725 2001 You too can sell.
HF5438.25 .Z33 1990z 如何提昇銷售戰力.
HF5439.5 .K34 1989 The 36 biggest mistakes salespeople make and how to correct them.
HF5476 .A93 1987 Auctioneering property.
HF5500.2 .E85 Executive leadership program.
HF5547.5 .E78 1992 Machine transcription.
HF5548.4.M523 E948 2002 Excel XP with JAWS.
HF5548.8 .B73 1986 Coping with difficult people.
HF5548.8 .K57 1987 How to deal with difficult people.
HF5548.8 .S47 1996 職場 EQ : 工作篇.
HF5549 .L64 1988 How to delegate work and ensure it's done right.
HF5549 .Z53 1990z 如何掌握人性善用人才.
HF5549.5.C6 D43 1991 How to communicate effectively.
HF5549.5.C6 G73 1994 Don't take it personally : conquering criticism and other survival skills.
HF5549.5.C6 M44 Meetings.
HF5549.5.I6 A66 Appraising performance : an interview-skills course.
HF5549.5.I6 F54 1991 Effective interviewing.
HF5549.5.M63 D45 1991 How to motivate people.
HF5549.5.M63 S44 Selecting and motivating people.
HF5549.5.R3 H686 How to appraise performance to improve results.
HF5549.5.R3 M33 1991 Effective performance appraisals.
HF5549.5.R3 P33 1989 The skills of appraisal.
HF5549.5.R3 P47 Performance appraisal techniques.
HF5601 .T67 Top-up.
HF5603 .A43 1998 American Accounting Association, August 17-19, 1998 New Orleans, Louisiana.
HF5616.A8 S68 1996 Sound advice : CPA Congress audio highlights.
HF5635 .L68 1991 Finance and accounting for nonfinancial managers.
HF5635 .P74 The Principles of accountancy.
HF5661 .A88 1999 Auditing.
HF5661 .D435 1990 How to pass principles of accounting I.
HF5661 .D4373 1994 CPA examination review : accounting & reporting : taxation, managerial, government, not-for-profit.
HF5661 .D4374 1994 CPA examination review : financial accounting and reporting : business enterprises.
HF5661 .D443 1994 Wiley CPA examination review : auditing.
HF5681.S8 S76 Stocks and depreciation.
HF5686.C7 A32 The Accounts of limited companies.
HF5686.P225 A32 The Accounts of sole traders and partnerships.
HF5718 .O37 Meetings and discussions.
HF5718 .P75 1990 How to present a professional image.
HF5718 .S54 1993 Writing, speaking, and listening skills for managers.
HF5718 .W43 1980z People and communications in business and organisations.
HF5718 .W435 1980z The meeting.
HF5718.3 .M66 1992 How to write practically any business document : even if you hate to write.
HF5726 .N48 New business matters : practice materials for business communication in English.
HG152 .C66 1992 Finance.
HG1586 .J5 基礎銀行學.
HG2331 .C42 Clearing banks.
HG2998 .O93 Overseas and merchant banks.
HG3821 .F67 Foreign exchange and money markets.
HG3883 .G73 Foreign banks.
HG3897 .E976 The Eurocurrency markets.
HG4026.5 .B472 Finding capital.
HG4521 .O518 1988 How to make money in stocks : a winning system in good times or bad.
HG4528 .S76 Stock exchange and unit trusts.
HG4529 .G67 1988 Graham and Dodd's security analysis. -- 5th ed.
HG6024.G7 F56 1984 Financial futures and commodity markets.
HG6046 .M34 1993 The seventeen essential rules for successful futures trading.
HG6051 .L66 London Metal Exchange and Baltic Exchange.
HG8597 .I57 Insurance.
HJ9801 .G67 1994 Governmental accounting and auditing update.
HM73 .U534 cst.1 The world we have lost.
HM73 .U534 cst.2 The making of modern Europe.
HM73 .U534 cst.5 Gender and consumption.
HM73 .U534 cst.6 Popular culture.
HM73 .U534 cst.7 What is post modernity?
HM73 .U534 cst.8 Sociology-past and present.
HM73 .U535 cst.AC1533 Understanding modern societies D213 : support audiocassette 1.
HM73 .U535 cst.AC1534 Understanding modern societies D213 : support audiocassette 2.
HM73 .U535 cst.AC1535 Understanding modern societies D213 : support audiocassette 3.
HM73 .U535 cst.AC1536 Understanding modern societies D213 : support audiocassette 4.
HM101 .C854 cst.AC2253 Culture, media and identities D318 : audiocassette 1 for use with Book 1.
HM101 .C854 cst.AC2254 Culture, media and identities D318 : audiocassette 2 for use with Book 2 and study guide 2.
HM101 .C854 cst.AC2293 Culture, media and identities D318 : audiocassette 4 for use with Book 4 and study guide 4.
HM132 .C36 1985 Relationship strategies.
HM132 .S24 1987 How to get results with people.
HM251 .S657 cst.2 Disability and psychology.
HM251 .S657 cst.3 The good life.
HM251 .S657 cst.4 The changing face of psychology : an interview with Jerome Bruner.
HM251 .S657 cst.5 Towards a post modern psychology.
HM251 .S657 cst.6 Psychology and public consciousness.
HM251 .S657 cst.7 Women and blacks are inferior : discuss.
HM251 .S657 cst.8 A good read.
HM251 .S658 cst.AC2117 Social psychology D317 : support audiocassette 1.
HM251 .S658 cst.AC2118 Social psychology D317 : support audiocassette 2.
HM251 .S658 cst.AC2119 Social psychology D317 : support audiocassette 3.
HM1106 .Z53 1990z 如何做好人際運作.
HN723.5 .R42 The Recent rise of Japan.
HN723.5 .W67 The World's response to Japan's rise.
HQ734 .G727 1998 Men are from Mars, women are from Venus : a practical guide for improving communication and getting what you want in your relationships.
HQ743 .Z53 1990z 如何經營一個家.
HQ755 .F35 Family living series.
HQ769 .Y67 You know more than you think you do.
HQ772 .F35 The Family game : a situational approach to effective parenting.
HQ801 .F36 1994 繁忙生活中的愛情空間.
HQ801 .G6682 1996 Mars and Venus in love.
HQ801 .G6692 1997 Mars and Venus on a date.
HQ801 .G66932 1998 Mars and Venus starting over.
HQ801 .G672 1994 What your mother couldn't tell you, and your father didn't know.
HQ801 .Y43 1998 不想回憶的愛 : 分手, 失戀與感情創傷處理.
HQ801 .Y435 1997 那有不痛的愛 : 兩性相處與矛盾處理講座.
HQ806 .Y43 1998 盟逝心不逝 : 婚外情的預防與處理.
HQ809.3.C2 F36 1988 Family violence in a patriarchal culture : a challenge to our way of living.
HQ1061 .A37/cst.10 Doctor-patient communication.
HQ1061 .A37/cst.11 Mental infirmity at home.
HQ1061 .A37/cst.13 Home support.
HQ1061 .A37/cst.14 Residential care.
HQ1061 .A37/cst.5 Community to retire in.
HQ1061 .A37/cst.7 Senior power.
HQ1061 .A37/cst.8 Continuum of care.
HQ1090 .H83 1998 喚醒男人心 : 男性的甦醒與重建.
HQ1090 .X526 1992 現代男性的出路.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.1 Public voices.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.10 Feminist drama.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.11 The way she tells 'em.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.2 Mothers and daughters.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.3 No sacred bond.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.4 Religious rebellions.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.5 Beware : gender at work.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.6 Transsexuals.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.7 Women and the military.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.8 Writings form the margin.
HQ1180 .I873 cst.9 Sisters in crime.
HQ1180 .I874 cst.AC1561 Issues in women's studies U207 : support audiocassette 2.
HQ1206 .B37 1997 Back on top : a woman's guide to self-esteem and happiness.
HT166 .T69 1993 Town centre management.
HT178.G7 U73 1995 Urban regeneration.
HV15 .S62/cst.1 On being a social worker.
HV15 .S62/cst.10 Welfare rights.
HV15 .S62/cst.11 Job creation.
HV15 .S62/cst.12 The Social and political context.
HV15 .S62/cst.13 The Social work defence.
HV15 .S62/cst.14 Social work and women.
HV15 .S62/cst.15 Women's aid : can the law help?
HV15 .S62/cst.16 From widow to women?
HV15 .S62/cst.17 Women, welfare and work.
HV15 .S62/cst.18 Home workers.
HV15 .S62/cst.2 The Context of welfare.
HV15 .S62/cst.3 Welfare from below.
HV15 .S62/cst.4 Welfare from above.
HV15 .S62/cst.5 Working class self help in the nineteenth century.
HV15 .S62/cst.6 Welfare provision in the later nineteenth century.
HV15 .S62/cst.7 Community participation.
HV15 .S62/cst.8 Playing the court.
HV15 .S62/cst.9 Liverpool : city of change.
HV95 .M875 1992 Is America near the point of no return?
HV751.A6 C552 Child abuse and neglect : an introduction.
HV1451 .S62 Social work with older people.
HV6546 .S75 1993 Still here.