Audio Cassette List:
Archaeology. Biography. History

Class C-F Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
D220 .C863/cst.1 The cosmos.
D220 .C863/cst.10 Images of American & Ireland.
D220 .C863/cst.2 Mystery plays : a performance.
D220 .C863/cst.3 Renaissance music.
D220 .C863/cst.6 Luther & music.
D220 .C863/cst.9 The Faust legend.
D811.5 .H55 1988 七歲的俘虜.
D843 .G56 1989 Global politics D312.
D973 .T54 1995 The Pillars of Hercules.
DA87.1.N4 H53 1997 Nelson : a personal history.
DA632 .T46 1996 The kingdom by the sea.
DA670.O9 T52 1995 Lark Rise to Candleford.
DA814.5 .P74 1997 Culloden.
DC611.L295 H37 1992 An Englishman in the Midi.
DC611.P961 M36 1991 Toujours Provence.
DC611.P961 M38 1991 A year in Provence.
DC715 .O78 1996 Down and out in Paris and London.
DF214 .A97 1988 Ancient Greek history.
DG78 .A97 1993 Life in ancient Rome.
DG277 .S83 1997 The Twelve Caesars.
DP269.9 .O79 1996 Homage to Catalonia.
DS135.N6 F73313 1997b The diary of a young girl.
DS414 .C36 1991 An Indian summer.
DS646.3 .O53 1998 Into the heart of Borneo.
DS712 .T446 1996 Riding the iron rooster : by train through China.
DS779.26 .M56 1990z 民主 , 共產主義與中國文化.
DS822.5 .M593 1987 The Japanese liking for circles.
DT546.29.L54 O34 1997 Congo journey.
DU23.5 .T47 1996 The happy isles of Oceania.
E27.2 .T47 1996 The old Patagonian express.
E184.I6 M3282 1999 'Tis.
E842.9 .M2752 1995 Oswald's tale.
F3031 .F35 1992 The Falklands war.