Audio Cassette List:
General Works. Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

Class A-B Audio Cassette List
Call Number Title
AZ103 .A784 cst.5-6 Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich on art history ; professor Sir Ernst Gombrich on art and illusion.
B105.T54 S5 1989 思想方法與人生智慧.
B945.R233 L44 1992 The legancy of Ayn Rand.
BD161 .K45 1990z Foundations of knowledge : an objectivist perspective.
BD431 .B386 1996b Your signature path.
BD435 .S5 1990z 思入風雲.
BD435 .T53 1994 天地悠悠 : 現代人的生存 .
BD435 .W46 1996 A simpler way.
BD444 .H86 1994 走出死亡.
BF173 .C37 1988 Carl Jung programme.
BF323.L5 L573 1993 Listen and be listened to.
BF323.L5 R42 Reasons for listening.
BF433.A3 I86 It's never too late to learn.
BF441 .S87 Systems diagrams.
BF449 .M6 1998b Smart thinking for crazy times.
BF503 .W35 1993 Denis Waitley's psychology of motivation.
BF568.C6 S83 1998 做自己的心靈捕手 : 情緖管理 step by step.
BF575.A85 R56 1986 Assertiveness training.
BF575.E55 C65 Communicating empathy.
BF575.H27 Z53 1990z 如何做一個快樂的現代人.
BF575.L8 A54 1996 愛恨心情.
BF575.L8 B8 1989 Living, loving & learning II.
BF575.L8 B88 1986 Loving each other.
BF575.P95 B575 1987 Doing it now.
BF575.S39 B733 1984 Raising your self-esteem.
BF575.S75 B375 1982 Stress manager.
BF575.S75 M55 1994 Stress control programme.
BF575.S75 Y46 1997 壓力我不怕 : 性格與壓力 ; 消除壓力自我療法 : 學習放鬆與放手 ; 消除壓力與焦慮 : 理性思想重建法.
BF637.C45 C65 Communicate with confidence.
BF637.C45 G722 1995 What you feel, you can heal : a guide for enriching relationships.
BF637.C45 I57 Intra and inter personal communication.
BF637.C5 F75 1990 Friedman's fables.
BF637.C5 L44 1997b The power of purpose.
BF637.C6 H44 Helping skills for human resource development.
BF637.C6 T72 Training culturally sensitive counselors : a model.
BF637.N4 M55 1992 Negotiation.
BF637.N4 N52 1998 The art of negotiation.
BF637.N4 S82 Successful negotiating.
BF637.P4 C53 1995 Instant influence.
BF637.S4 Q84 1993 Building & maintaining high energy.
BF637.S4 S24 1991 Self-empowerment : achieving your potential through self-awareness.
BF637.S4 S66 1988 How to set and achieve goals.
BF637.S4 Z54 1998 生涯規劃與時間管理.
BF637.S8 C372 How to win friends and influence people.
BF637.S8 C67 1994 Principle-centered leadership.
BF637.S8 C672 1992 Principle-centered leadership.
BF637.S8 L435 1996 Repacking your bags.
BF637.S8 W56 The winner's edge.
BF637.T5 B55 1987 Getting things done.
BF697.5.S43 B733 1985 The art of self-acceptance.
BF697.5.S43 T39 1991 Yes I can do that! : a practical guide to identifying your skills and knowledge.
BF697.5.S46 B743 1990z The power of self-esteem : the path to success.
BF697.5.S46 W476 1992 Self-esteem for women.
BF698.35.O57 Z53 1990z 生活有藍天悟出希望來.
BF698.9.E45 H45 1996 總匯EQ : 個人篇.
BF723.A25 R8 1995 如何發揮孩子的潛能.
BF789.D4 K83 1986 On death and dying.
BJ1461 .B73 1982 The benefits & hazards of the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
BJ1468.5 .M56 1990z 命運之謎.
BJ1470 .J38 1996 Synchronicity.
BJ1581.2 .C66 1994b First things first.
BJ1588.C5 H863 1994 增廣.
BL515 .L86 1990z 輪迴與超升.
BL624 .B478 1995 The best of Chicken soup for the soul.
BL1900.L26 E5 1997 Tao te ching.
BP605.C67 S38 1996 Readings from A course in miracles.
BQ1138 .H87 1996 原始經典.
BQ1337 .H86 1990z 《阿含經》講要.
BQ1747 .H86 1990z 涅槃經.
BQ1797 .H86 1994 勝鬘經.
BQ1887 .H86 1997 般若經.
BQ2037 .H86 1997 無量壽經. 阿彌陀經.
BQ2057 .H86 1990z 《法華經》講要.
BQ2217 .H86 1994 維摩經.
BQ4570.L5 Z54 1990z 靜思語.
BQ5613 .L6 1990z 靜坐經驗談.
BQ9266 .S56 1996 生活禪.
BQ9288 .H86 1996 禪燈.
BS1235.5 .B66 1992 The Book of Genesis.
BS1430.4 .B66 1992 The Book of Psalms and the book of Proverbs.
BS2593.3 1996 The Gospel according to Saint Luke.
BV4509.5 .S263 1990z Ethics of biblical conflict resolution.
BV4509.5 .S264 1992 Christian conciliation procedures.
BV4908.5 .P43 1989 The power of positive thinking.