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National Music. Popular Music. Popular Songs

Class M1627-1998 CD List
Call Number Title
M1627 .H57 Hits all over the world.
M1627 .I25 2009 I dreamed a dream.
M1627.L37 B47 1998 The best of beach party.
M1627.L48 M37 1994 Mary Leung sings lovely songs for happy hearts.
M1627.L56 I8 2010 It's my time.
M1627.P38 L88 1996 Luciano Pavarotti & friends together for the children of Bosnia.
M1627.R48 V57 1997 Vision. II : spirit of Rumi.
M1629.E87 A15 1997 40 most popular American folks songs.
M1629 .G74 v.2 The greatest folk album. Vol. 2.
M1629 .G74 v.6 The greatest folk album. Vol. 6.
M1629.M66 G63 1992 God bless America.
M1629.3.C5 C46 A Christmas celebration.
M1629.3.C5 C58 1997 CityU Choir : enchanting melodies with professor Enoch Young.
M1629.3.C5 C665 1982 I wish it could be Christmas forever.
M1629.3.C5 D66 1997 Christmas in Vienna IV.
M1629.3.C5 G75 2007 Noël.
M1629.3.C5 M38 1986 Johnny Mathis for Christmas.
M1629.3.C5 W55 1974 Christmas present.
M1629.7.H4 A15 1993 The Magic of Hawaii : beautiful arrangements performed by the 101 Strings Orchestra : 22 great melodies from the island of paradise.
M1629.7.H4 B545 1996 Hawaiian styled.
M1629.7.H4 B76 1996 The Brothers Cazimero.
M1629.7.H4 H65 1990 Holiday in Hawaii.
M1629.7.H4 K33 1983 The best of the Kahauanu Lake Trio : Ke po'okela. Vol. 1.
M1629.7.H4 K34 1988 Hawaii : Südseeträume.
M1629.7.H4 K35 1998 Iz in concert : the man and his music.
M1629.7.H4 K36 1996 The days of our youth.
M1629.7.H4 K56 1995 Music of the world. Hawaii.
M1629.7.H4 L56 1996 Ku'u makana aloha.
M1629.7.H4 N495 1995 Hawaii's greatest hits. Vol. 2.
M1629.7.H4 R445 1994 Kawaipunahele.
M1629.7.H4 S532 1991 Slack key & steel guitar. Volume II.
M1629.7.H4 S86 1982 The best of the Sunday Manoa. Vol. 1.
M1630.18 .A195 1995 1995 Grammy nominees.
M1630.18 .A198 1998 1998 Grammy nominees.
M1630.18 .A199 1999 1999 Grammy nominees.
M1630.18.A23 A43 2008 The albums.
M1630.18.A526 B47 1984 The best of Jon and Vangelis.
M1630.18.A53 B75 1994 Bright red ; Tightrope.
M1630.18.A53 L54 2001 Life on a string.
M1630.18.A53 M58 1984 Mister Heartbreak.
M1630.18.B349 J63 1987 The Joan Baez country music album.
M1630.18.B349 N63 1992 No woman no cry.
M1630.18.B36 G74 1988 Greatest hits collection.
M1630.18.B38 I33 1997 I thought about you.
M1630.18.B46 T66 1991 Tony Bennett's all-time greatest hits.
M1630.18 .B48 1990 The best of new fashioned love songs.
M1630.18.B66 A15 1990z 16 original world hits.
M1630.18.B66 B47 1993 The best of Pat Boone.
M1630.18.B74 C55 2008 Classic performance live.
M1630.18.B74 D58 1998 Dive.
M1630.18.B74 E34 1999 Eden.
M1630.18.B74 H37 2003 Harem.
M1630.18.B74 S96 2007 Symphony.
M1630.18.B74 T56 1997 Time to say goodbye.
M1630.18.B74 T73 1998 The trees they grow so high : folksongs arranged by Benjamin Britten.
M1630.18.B74 W56 2008 A winter symphony.
M1630.18.C36 M37 2008 Mariah : the ballads.
M1630.18.C36 M87 1993 Music box.
M1630.18.C37 K37 1996 Karen Carpenter.
M1630.18.C375 A15 2009 40/40.
M1630.18.C375 V65 1983 Voice of the heart.
M1630.18 .C46 1991 Chartwell collection of nostalgic songs. Volume 1.
M1630.18.C55 W35 1996 Walking after midnight.
M1630.18.C65 J87 1987 Just one of those things (and more).
M1630.18.C65 N37 1986 Nat King Cole.
M1630.18.C655 V47 1997 The very best of Judy Collins.
M1630.18.C656 L68 1996 The love collection.
M1630.18.C656 L683 1993 The love songs.
M1630.18 .C675 1997 Country classics : 48 classic country tracks.
M1630.18 .C678 1993 Country music collection. Vol. 3.
M1630.18 .C68 1998 Country love.
M1630.18.C76 S73 1994 St. Patrick's day.
M1630.18.D38 H47 1995 Here's the answer.
M1630.18 .D43 1988 Dedicated to you.
M1630.18.D46 J66 1997 The John Denver collection.
M1630.18 .E37 1997 Easy-listening collection.
M1630.18.E5 V47 2009 The very best of Enya.
M1630.18 .F36 1999 Fantastic females.
M1630.18.F45 A63 1996 And I love her.
M1630.18.F45 B47 1998 The best of Jose Feliciano.
M1630.18.F67 M33 2010 The magic of David Foster & friends.
M1630.18.F67 Y68 2008 You're the inspiration : the music of David Foster & friends.
M1630.18.F73 C65 1995 The collection.
M1630.18.G53 B47 1996 The best of Georgia Gibbs : the Mercury years.
M1630.18.G55 R43 1997 Redemption road.
M1630.18 .G66 1987 Golden oldies on CD. Vol. 1.
M1630.18.G67 A15 1990 20 love songs = 20 canciones de amor.
M1630.18 .G68 1993 Gothic rock.
M1630.18 .G682 1995 Gothic rock 2.
M1630.18 .G683 1998 Gothic rock 3 : black on black : best of 80's collection.
M1630.18.G69 B47 1990 The best of Robert Goulet.
M1630.18.G76 A93 2006 Awake.
M1630.18.G76 J66 2008 Josh Groban : a collection.
M1630.18.G76 J67 2002 Josh Groban in concert.
M1630.18 .H43 1989 Heartbreakers.
M1630.18.H55 M57 1998 The miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
M1630.18 .H57 2008 The history of rhythm and blues. Part one, 1925-1942.
M1630.18.H68 C65 2010 The collection.
M1630.18.J639 C6 1990 The complete recordings.
M1630.18.J66 S35 1989 Salena Jones.
M1630.18 .K49 1995 Kings and queens of country.
M1630.18.K53 A15 2007 50 years on stage : the Jazz recordings of Knut Kiesewetter : from now back to the beginning.
M1630.18.K58 S46 1995 Sentimental Eartha.
M1630.18.K58 T53 1996 That seductive Eartha.
M1630.18.L35 V47 1997 The very best of Cleo Laine.
M1630.18.L35 W66 1989 Woman to woman.
M1630.18.L44 W66 1992 The wonderful world of Peggy Lee : 26 golden hits.
M1630.18.L46 M55 1984 Milk and honey.
M1630.18.L66 B47 1988 The best of Julie London : the Liberty years.
M1630.18.L66 J83 1996 Julie at home ; Around midnight.
M1630.18.L66 J85 1992 Julie is her name ; Julie is her name. Vol. 2.
M1630.18.M3 A67 2000 Appalachian journey.
M1630.18.M34 C66 2007 The confessions tour.
M1630.18.M36 M365 1985 The Manilow collection.
M1630.18.M37 A55 1993 All the hits, 1948-1969.
M1630.18.M374 T6 1992 To the door of the sun and more--.
M1630.18.M375 B36 1994 Ballads : (then, now and forever).
M1630.18.M387 B47 1988 The best of Johnny Mathis, 1975-1980.
M1630.18.M387 I63 1990 In a sentimental mood Mathis sings Ellington.
M1630.18.M44 R64 1996 Rod McKuen's greatest hits. Vol. 3.
M1630.18 .M45 2002 Modern mantra.
M1630.18.M66 T55 1997 This is the life! ; Here's to my lady.
M1630.18.M68 J39 1996 Jaye P. Morgan.
M1630.18.M687 N36 1987 Nana.
M1630.18.M687 R48 1997 Return to love.
M1630.18 .M85 1998 Music in motion : 13 smash hits CD + 13 music video VCD.
M1630.18 .M93 1991 My way.
M1630.18.N45 I73 1995 Is there something on your mind.
M1630.18.N45 T55 1989 Things to remember.
M1630.18.N63 B58 2000 Blue touches blue.
M1630.18.N63 N63 1994 Noa.
M1630.18.N67 Y68 1996 You're my girl.
M1630.18.P34 L48 1998 Live at Carnegie Hall : the 50th anniversary concert.
M1630.18.P34 P38 1991 The Patti Page collection : the Mercury years, volume one.
M1630.18.P34 T68 1993 A touch of country.
M1630.18.P36 D66 1990 Don't explain.
M1630.18.P46 C37 2003 Carry it on.
M1630.18.P53 P535 1986 The Platters golden hits.
M1630.18.P67 J85 1991 Julie London sings the choicest of Cole Porter.
M1630.18.P68 P37 2009 Passione.
M1630.18 .P69 2002 The power of love : the world's best love songs from the biggest stars.
M1630.18.P73 E58 1987 Elvis : the legend lives on.
M1630.18.Q4 N54 2002 A night at the opera.
M1630.18.R36 W54 1997 When your lover has gone ; Songs for a Raney day.
M1630.18.R39 G74 1990 Greatest hits.
M1630.18.R44 D57 1989 Distant drums.
M1630.18.R44 F68 1991 Four walls : (the legend begins).
M1630.18.R44 J56 1993 Jim Reeves : the collection.
M1630.18.R44 Y68 1990z Your old love letters.
M1630.18.R6 I5 2003 In time : 1988-2003 : the best of R.E.M.
M1630.18.S35 V47 1993 Very necessary.
M1630.18 .S43 2002 Shades of red.
M1630.18.S46 A15 1995 16 most requested songs : encore!
M1630.18 .S467 1995 Sentimental journey.
M1630.18.S55 D63 1990z Do nothin' till you hear from me.
M1630.18.S56 F73 1987 Frank Sinatra sings for only the lonely.
M1630.18.S56 P67 1998 The popular Sinatra. Vol. 1.
M1630.18.S56 T56 1995 Time after time.
M1630.18.S56 W66 1988 The wonderful world of Frank Sinatra 1943-1951.
M1630.18.S65 S66 1994 Spotlight on-- Keely Smith.
M1630.18.S68 J47 1997 Jeri Southern meets Cole Porter ; At the Crescendo.
M1630.18.S93 B47 1996 The Best of Swing Out Sister.
M1630.18.S95 E94 2000 Everything and nothing.
M1630.18.S96 S43 1987 Secrets of the beehive.
M1630.18 .T54 1990 These are the good old days.
M1630.18 .T56 1991 Times of your life.
M1630.18 .T79 1990 Try to remember.
M1630.18 .V56 1998 VH1 divas live.
M1630.18.W55 G74 1994 Greatest hits.
M1630.18.W65 G74 1995 Great performances : live and in the studio.
M1630.18.W66 S28 2004 Saul Williams.
M1630.18.W8 S66 1999 Songs of Julia Wu.
M1630.2.A33 R86 1969 Running tape.
M1630.2.A33 T46 1977 Ten packed minutes.
M1630.2.B42 B4 The Beatles.
M1630.2 .C37 Carpenters : yesterday once more.
M1630.2.D66 B4 The Best of the Doors.
M1630.2.S74 N6 Nothing like the sun.
M1668.4.M378 R53 1999 Ricky Martin.
M1668.4.S45 A44 1999 All my hits = Todos mis exitos.
M1679.18.C575 G74 1975 Greatest hits.
M1679.18.D56 L48 1997 Let's talk about love.
M1679.18.D56 U55 1990 Unison.
M1679.18.F33 P87 1997 Pure.
M1680.18 .A13 1991 10 personal golden oldies collection.
M1680.18.A15 L38 1996 Latin love.
M1680.18 .B47 1990z Best of Latin America. Vol.1.
M1680.18.D66 F76 1994 From my Latin soul.
M1680.18.R83 A63 2006 Ananda.
M1680.18.S25 B47 1997 Best of Latin America.
M1680.18.S25 M67 1995 The most popular songs from Latin America = Les chants les plus populaires d'Amérique Latine = Die beliebtesten Lieder aus Lateinamerika.
M1681.A1 C375 1995 20 best of Caribbean tropical music.
M1681.A1 C378 1995 Best of Caribbean tropical music.
M1681.C8 B84 1997 Buena Vista Social Club.
M1681.C8 F475 1999 Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrer.
M1681.C8 M565 1994 Antoligía.
M1681.C8 M58 2002 Pablo Querido.
M1681.C8 O74 2007 Antidiotico.
M1681.C8 P675 2000 Buena Vista Social Club presents Omara Portuondo.
M1686.M36 I63 1995 In a Latin mood.
M1686.M36 M36 1995 Mantovani Latin delux.
M1687.A7 B47 1997 Best of tango Agrentino.
M1687.A718 P539 1991 Five tango sensations.
M1690.18 .B47 1989 Best of carnival in Rio.
M1690.18.J63 M87 1990 The music of Antonio Carlos Jobim.
M1690.18.O66 C45 2009 Cheek to cheek : Jazz standards from Rio.
M1690.18.O66 V47 2010 The very best of Lisa Ono : bossa in four seasons.
M1691.C66 A67 2003 Antología de la música Chilena. Volumen 1.
M1698 .E57 1996 On the way to Bethlehem.
M1698 .M43 1999 A Mediterranean odyssey : Athens to Andalucia.
M1698 .T75 1998 Trip around the Med.
M1706.M48 S66 1995 Songs and dances from Hungary = Lieder und Tanze aus Ungarn = Chants et danses de Hongrie.
M1710 .F683 1992 Folk heritage. III.
M1715.18.A54 B47 1995 Best of Greece.
M1715.18.B35 S66 1986 Songs my country taught me = Lieder meiner Heimat.
M1715.18.R66 L55 1995 Lieder und Tanze aus Griechenland = Songs and dances from Greece.
M1730 .B74 1999 Bretagne : la tradition celtique.
M1731.18.A55 F38 1999 Fat comeback.
M1731.18.A84 A89 2001 Aux vents solitaires.
M1731.18.A84 B47 2000 Best of Hugues Aufray.
M1731.18.A84 T73 1995 Aufray trans Dylan.
M1731.18.A88 F38 2000 Faux mouvement.
M1731.18.B35 F33 1995 The fabulous Joséphine Baker.
M1731.18.B38 P47 2000 Personne n'est parfait.
M1731.18.B66 S87 1995 Super.
M1731.18.B74 V56 2000 Vingt à trente mille jours.
M1731.18.C34 M46 2005 Menteur.
M1731.18.C35 C355 2004 .Calog3ro.
M1731.18.C53 P76 2001 --Proxima estacion-- esperanza.
M1731.18.C54 D68 2005 Double enfance.
M1731.18.D34 C67 2000 Corps & armes.
M1731.18.D34 D35 2001 Daho live.
M1731.18.D66 A84 2001 Auguri.
M1731.18.F37 I66 1999 Innamoramento.
M1731.18.F47 J68 1997 Le jour du pisson.
M1731.18.F47 P38 2005 Le pavillon des fous.
M1731.18.G35 C68 1989 Couleur cafe. Vol. 3, 1963, 1964.
M1731.18.J69 K45 2001 Kelly Joyce.
M1731.18.K33 D36 1997 Dans ma chair.
M1731.18.K33 S49 2003 Sexe fort.
M1731.18.K33 T68 1994 Tour de charme.
M1731.18.K38 C74 1999 Les creatures et L'homme a 3 mains.
M1731.18.K38 M37 1992 Les mariages chinois et la relecture.
M1731.18.K38 M47 1996 Mes mauvaises fréquentations.
M1731.18.K47 N65 2005 Nolita.
M1731.18.M33 Z39 1999 Zazie Madein live.
M1731.18.M36 P36 1998 Panique Celtique.
M1731.18.M56 B78 2001 Brûle.
M1731.18.M65 T47 1998 Terimoïse.
M1731.18.M87 D65 1996 Dolores.
M1731.18.N38 C68 1997 Couleurs de l'amour.
M1731.18.N65 D47 2001 Des visages des figures.
M1731.18.O25 L58 1998 Live 98.
M1731.18.P34 S38 1997 Savoir aimer.
M1731.18.R43 A55 2000 Alive.
M1731.18.R58 C66 2000 Cool frenesie.
M1731.18.S68 V54 2005 La vie theodore.
M1731.18.T67 V46 2000 Le vent t'invite.
M1731.18 .W67 1996 The world of music. France.
M1731.18.Z39 Z59 2001 La Zizanie.
M1734.R44 D48 1998 Deutsche Vokslieder = German folksongs.
M1735.18.S37 E53 1997 Encore une fois.
M1739.18.B69 I23 2009 I dreamed a dream.
M1740 .F68 1992 Folk heritage.
M1740 .F682 1992 Folk heritage. II.
M1741.18.B37 B57 1997 The birthday concert.
M1741.18.B43 B43 v.1 The Beatles anthology. 1.
M1741.18.B43 B43 v.2 The Beatles anthology. 2.
M1741.18.B43 B43 v.3 The Beatles anthology. 3.
M1741.18.B43 B445 1995 The Beatles through the years. Part 1.
M1741.18.C59 D68 1999 Downtown.
M1741.18.E43 G64 1996 The gold collection.
M1741.18.E56 A43 1982 Ambient 4 : on land.
M1741.18.E56 A56 1975 Another green world.
M1741.18.E56 M873 1998 Music for airports.
M1741.18.G34 S43 1982 Security.
M1741.18.G34 S63 1986 So.
M1741.18.K55 B432 2001 Beat.
M1741.18.K55 I58 1999 In the court of the Crimson King : an observation.
M1741.18.K56 C57 1996 Circle of life.
M1741.18.M69 S56 1995 Singles.
M1741.18.P48 P67 2003 PopArt : the hits.
M1741.18.P56 D37 2003 The dark side of the moon.
M1741.18.S54 N55 1994 A nightingale sang--.
M1741.18.S85 S33 2003 Sacred love.
M1741.18.S87 S87 1996 The Style Council Collection.
M1741.18.W38 V65 2000 The voice.
M1741.18.W45 F33 2005 Face to face.
M1741.18.W55 I94 1998 I've been expecting you.
M1744.B76 B47 1995 Best of Irish tunes.
M1744.C45 C455 2004 Celtic woman.
M1744.F34 T73 1994 Traditional Irish music : Midnight on the water.
M1744.M35 I74 1996 Ireland : the songs.
M1746.M35 A15 1995 20 best of Scotland.
M1748 .A453 1995 All the best from Italy. Vol. 3.
M1749.18.B38 E88 2005 La estación de los amores.
M1749.18.B63 B47 2007 The best of Andrea Bocelli : vivere.
M1749.18.B63 C54 2001 Cieli di Toscana.
M1749.18.B63 P47 2000 Per amore.
M1749.18.B63 R66 1996 Romanza.
M1749.18.B63 S64 1999 Sogno.
M1749.18.S23 I57 2001 Insieme a te.
M1750.N37 D53 1996 The best of Neapolitan songs.
M1750.N37 P475 1995 Die beliebtesten Melodien aus Italien.
M1756.W65 B47 1995 Best of Russian folk songs.
M1771.18.A68 A68 1997 Aquarium.
M1772.S67 F65 1998 Folk music from Norway.
M1773.18.S43 O63 2002 Once in a red moon.
M1773.18.S43 U47 2008 The ultimate secret garden.
M1779 .B47 1998 Best of flamenco.
M1780.18.A63 D47 2004 Desde mi barrio.
M1780.18.B57 C67 2002 Corazón latino.
M1780.18.B57 P73 2006 Premonición.
M1780.18.C66 C66 2003 Complicidad : las mejores canciones : 1988-1994.
M1780.18.E45 E37 1998 E.B.S.
M1780.18.E78 E788 2001 Estopa.
M1780.18.E78 M37 2002 Más Destrangis.
M1780.18.I45 C35 1992 Calor.
M1780.18.I45 T36 1996 Tango.
M1780.18.J37 D47 1998 Depende.
M1780.18.J37 G73 2003 Grandes exitos.
M1780.18.O74 L63 2003 Lo que te contè mientras te hacias la dormida.
M1780.18.R33 P35 2004 Paisajes elèctricos : lo mejor de Radio Futura (1982- 1992).
M1780.18.U23 A95 2006 Aviones de cristal.
M1780.18.U23 Q43 2002 Que pides tu?
M1785.18.Y44 F55 1988 Flag.
M1795.M3 S55 2001 Silk road journeys : when strangers meet.
M1804 .A46 2001 愛在學友社.
M1804 .B53 1998 表演藝術.
M1804 .C34 彩雲追月.
M1804.C44 C45 1991 Chinese folk music.
M1804 .D34 1990z 大師意境集 = Vision of the maestros.
M1804 .D53 1998 諦觀有情.
M1804 .F35 2002 非一般更生創樂 = The unparalleled music of rehabilitered persons.
M1804 .G845 2000z 貴州苗族音樂 : 人與自然的和聲 = Miao music : Miao folk music : people and nature in harmony.
M1804 .L36 1999 浪子回頭 : 一集發自服刑者內心的音樂信息.
M1804.L527 A653 1993 愛的頌歌 = Expressions of love.
M1804.L527 Q56 1996 淸歌雅韻 : 歷代詩詞新唱之二 = Sings ancient and modern Chinese poems, vol. 2.
M1804.L529 Q25 2012 清風古樂唱南音.
M1804.L529 Q26 2013 清夢紅樓說南音.
M1804 .P43 1984 Peach blossoms floating in the river.
M1804 .Q26 2013 清音重聞 = Sounding treasures.
M1804 .S56 2009 時光倒流之大上海 = Somewhere in time.
M1804 .S58 1993 壽囍 : 最新祝壽, 祝婚大鑼大鼓喜慶音樂.
M1804 .S59 1996 庶民音樂.
M1804.S595 S55 2002 双方出击 = Two Heroes.
M1804 .S63 2000 絲竹新韻.
M1804 .W35 1996 有個世界.
M1804.W45 C53 1997 Classical Chinese folksongs & opera.
M1804.W87 W8 2014 吳詠梅南音精選.
M1804 .X84 1989 血染的風采紀念歌集.
M1804 .Y84 1994 漁舟唱晚 : 中國發燒經典名曲 = Masterpieces of Chinese traditional music.
M1804 .Z434 1995 中國旅遊雜誌. 中國音樂集.
M1804 .Z46 中國不朽名曲選.
M1804 .Z53 中國優秀民歌改編管弦樂小品選輯.
M1804.Z75 Z34 2009 在水一方 = On the waterside.
M1805.18 .A15 2007 20/20+ : 周禮茂 20 年作品集.
M1805.18 .A35 2003 愛情蒲公英 = Dandeion love.
M1805.18 .A4 愛情組曲.
M1805.18 .B363 寶麗金國語金曲精選.
M1805.18 .B367 寶麗金樂韻精英第二集.
M1805.18 .B44 2008 別了家駒十五載海闊天空音樂會.
M1805.18.B48 B477 2008 Beyond 25th anniversary.
M1805.18 .C2 CBS 新力超級群星鐳射精選.
M1805.18 .C26 2010 CASH 暑期音樂集作 2010.
M1805.18.C56 Z55 2003 摯愛, 張國榮 : 1995-2003 = Leslie, endless love.
M1805.18.C56 Z84 2009 最紅.
M1805.18.C56 Z85 2009 最熱.
M1805.18 .D86 奪標金曲.
M1805.18 .E2 EMI 勁之碟.
M1805.18 .E7 2007 二五精神永不完全集.
M1805.18 .G45 2012 給音樂價值 : CASH 暑期音樂集作 2012 = CASH Summer MusicProject 2012.
M1805.18 .G86 國語金曲盡精英第三集.
M1805.18 .H36 2007 好歌獻給你 : 鄭國江作品集.
M1805.18 .H82 皇牌金曲寶麗金.
M1805.18 .J56 金曲精選寶麗金.
M1805.18 .J575 2007 金曲三十紀念專輯 : 樂無限, 愛無量.
M1805.18 .J58 1998 救人要緊, 齊來捐血.
M1805.18 .K36 2005 看不見的城市漫遊 = Invisible cities journeys.
M1805.18 .L36 2000 「浪子回頭」歌曲集之曙光.
M1805.18 .L49 2006 麗的亞視半世紀的精彩 : 電視劇原聲大碟.
M1805.18 .L569 2005 林夕字傳.
M1805.18 .L57 2007 林夕字傳.
M1805.18 .L574 2013 林振強依然愛不完 101.
M1805.18.L575 L35 2010 Lamusique.
M1805.18.L58 S55 2006 世紀情牽劉家昌作品金曲.
M1805.18.L58 X56 2009 新歌 = New song album / 劉家昌 ; 創音文化工廠製作有限公司.
M1805.18.L77 C45 2008 刹那的-- : 盧冠廷 08 = Suddenly--.
M1805.18 .L78 2008 盧國沾 : 沾沾字喜作品集.
M1805.18.M36 M365 1995 毛阿敏 = Mao À Min.
M1805.18 .M56 明天會更好.
M1805.18.P36 P36 2001 潘迪華 101 至愛.
M1805.18.P36 P365 2004 潘迪華, 我的路 = Shanghai : a sentimental journay : Rebecca Pan & big band live.
M1805.18 .T5 2009 日粤精華 = Magic cover.
M1805.18.W36 A35 2005 阿菲正傳 = Faye Wong.
M1805.18.W36 D53 1995 Di-Dar.
M1805.18.W36 F45 2004 菲比尋常 Faye Wong live!.
M1805.18.W36 Q256 2005 情菲得意 = The 1st complete collection from Faye Wong.
M1805.18.W36 Z85 1997 最菲 = Faye best.
M1805.18.X83 N36 2003 難忘許冠傑 Sam Hui 30 年 : 1974-2003.
M1805.18.Y4 Y43 2002 葉德嫻演唱會, 2002.
M1805.18 .Y45 1994 夜來香 : 中國老歌發燒天碟 = Masterpieces of Chinese songs of the 30's.
M1805.18 .Y56 2006 影歌集 : 25 年香港經典電影歌曲.
M1805.18.Z335 N36 2008 男人之虎 = Man of la tiger.
M1805.18.Z34 Z43 1999 張德蘭精選 18 首.
M1805.18 .Z53 2003 至愛情歌 = Love forever.
M1805.18 .Z84 2007 最新佳視主題曲精選.
M1805.2.H83 X53 2008 弦續 : 別了家駒 15 載.
M1805.2.M4 F34 2008 Faithfully.
M1805.4.G83 D3 1988 大紅袍(十奏嚴嵩) ; 去年今夜桃花夢.
M1805.4.G83 H664 1990 四大美人.
M1805.4.G83 T358 1980z 白兔會.
M1805.4.G83 T36 1988 帝女花.
M1805.4.G83 T363 1980 牡丹亭驚夢.
M1805.4.G83 T364 1992 雙仙拜月亭.
M1805.4.G83 T365 1980 再世紅梅記.
M1805.4.G83 T367 1989 紫釵記.
M1805.4.H6 L867 2001 煙雨紅船 : 原聲大碟.
M1805.4.H6 X84 2005 雪狼湖 = Snow・wolf・lake.
M1805.4.J53 C35 2003 蔡正仁唱腔精粹.
M1805.4.J53 D36 2005 当代名家唱腔精粹.
M1805.4.J53 J53 2003 计镇华唱腔精粹.
M1805.4.J53 L53 2003 梁谷音唱腔精粹.
M1805.4.J53 L58 2003 刘异龙唱腔精粹.
M1805.4.J53 Y84 2003 岳美缇唱腔精粹.
M1805.4.J53 Z43 2003 张静娴唱腔精粹.
M1805.4.J53 Z44 2003 张洵澎唱腔精粹.
M1806 .N45 1999 內行與子弟 : 林阿春與賴木松的北管亂彈藝術世界.
M1807.18 .A53 1992 愛與傷害的音樂盒.
M1807.18.C35 C34 2006 蔡琴经典. = Trsai Chin classical.
M1807.18.C35 J56 2007 金聲演奏廳.
M1807.18.F36 H36 1996 好想談戀愛.
M1807.18.L44 H44 2006 黑暗之光.
M1807.18.L53 L535 1991 李宗盛 vs 潘越雲.
M1807.18 .M44 2008 美麗織歌 : 97 年臺灣原創流行音樂大奬得奬作品輯 = Weaving ballads.
M1807.18.S8 O53 2010 Once in a lifetime.
M1807.18.W36 G43 1996 割愛.
M1807.18 .Y66 2005 擁抱蒼生 : 歲末祝福 : 癸未.
M1807.18.Y8 D36 2009 到死都要 18 歲.
M1807.18.Y8 H37 2008 Harlem : lady's night.
M1808.D38 M37 1998 Master of the Indian sitar.
M1811.18.H39 D47 1989 Desert wind.
M1811.18.N56 F57 2001 First collection.
M1812.N53 J37 1998 The Japanese drums.
M1812 .N535 日本の詩情 : 音樂之旅.
M1812 .N57 1992 にっぽん.
M1813.18 .D66 2008 冬日恋人.
M1813.18 .D67 2008 東京情歌 = Tokyo love.
M1813.18 .J37 2001 Japan's love ballads = 戀日情緣.
M1813.18.O35 N98 1993 ニュー・ベストナウ 70 = New best now 70.
M1813.18 .Q266 2007 青蔥歲月 : 日本紅白紀念盤.
M1813.18 .S56 1991 昭和の歌 511 = Showa songs 511.
M1813.18.W47 H39 2008 Hayley sings Japanese songs.
M1813.2.A5 A47 安全地帶 IV.
M1813.2.M37 Y85 2007 Seasons colours. 秋冬選曲集.
M1813.2.M37 Y8525 2007 Seasons colours. 春夏選曲集.
M1813.2.N34 B4 中森明菜.
M1813.2.T36 T4 谷村新司.
M1813.2.Y2 A4 山口百恵,
M1816 .K836 2010 관현악과함께하는 : 지역향토소리 = Local folk songs of Korea with traditional music orchestra.
M1817.18 .N3686 2011 나는가수다.
M1817.18.Y66 H36 1999 한국 rock 다시부르기.
M1824.I5 G36 1986 Gamelan music in Bali.
M1824.M35 M45 1990 Melayu asli. Vol. 1.
M1824.M35 S46 1991 Senandung Terengganu : sound of Terengganu.
M1824.T53 M87 1997 Music from Thailand and Laos.
M1824.T8 C67 1991 Popular Turkish folk songs.
M1824.T8 T87 1995 Songs and dances from Turkey.
M1825.M3518 M3555 1990 Lengenda.
M1838.C66 G36 2004 剛果 : 剛果的傳統音樂 = Kongo : traditional music of the Kongo peoples.
M1838.M8 H374 1991 Songs and dances from Morocco.
M1838.M8 H375 1997 Songs and dances from Morocco.
M1841.18.D87 L48 1994 Let me find love.
M1841.18.D87 M66 1996 Mona Lisas.
M1841.18.H57 I57 2002 Inside this room.
M1852.P47 P47 2008 Perlman plays Klezmer.
M1977.C45 D87 1994 Cirque du Soleil.
M1990 .N542 2010 日本童謠 : 子供のための無数の美しい詩の後ろの葉 = Japanese nursey rhyme.
M1990 .P8 2002 普通話兒童歌曲精選系列 : 3-7 歲適用 = Putonghua songs for children CD programme : age 3-7.
M1992 .J56 1999 敬師愛生 : 原創歌集.
M1997 .T66 2000 童眞的家.