CD List for
Band. Fife (Bugle) and Drum Music. Dance Orchestra and Instrumental Ensembles

Class M1200-1490 CD List
Call Number Title
M1200.S76 S75 1996 Stockholm Symphonic Wind Orchestra.
M1200.W55 B73 1997 Brass from the masters. Volume 1.
M1205.W55 M87 1999 Music for organ and brass.
M1247 .T72 Traditions-Marsche.
M1270.B44 A43 1991 Amazing grace.
M1270 .P57 1995 The pipes & drums of Scotland.
M1270.T35 K685 1998 Quotation of dream.
M1350.G66 B4 Benny Goodman, the king of swing : complete 1937-38 jazz concert.
M1350.S35 S47 1984 Serenata : I Salonisti play music of the grand salon.
M1350.S37 S35 1982 Das Salonorchester Cölln spielt Salonmusik.
M1350.S37 W54 1986 Wiener Salon.
M1356 .A48 1986 Afternoon prelude.
M1356 .B47 The Best of Paul Mauriat.
M1356 .D42 The dear old music hour for your relaxation.
M1356 .F73 1980z Ballroom dancing favorites.
M1356.G73 L47 1995 Let's dance the slow foxtrot.
M1356 .I5 1991 In the garden.
M1356.J44 W66 1990 Woman are beautiful when they are in love.
M1356.L37 C53 2000 Classic : James Last and his orchestra.
M1356.L37 H37 1999 Happy birthday.
M1356.L37 J35 2001 James Last and his orchestra plays Abba.
M1356.L37 J36 1999 James Last concerts.
M1356.L37 J37 1983 James Last my favorite world hits.
M1356.L37 O33 2001 Ocean drive : easy living.
M1356 .L67 Love sound break.
M1356 .L68 Love is music : 20 favourite instrumentals.
M1356.M36 M87 1993 Music by candlelight collection. Vol. 4.
M1356.M38 E87 1980 European hits.
M1356 .M66 Mood music collection.
M1356 .M67 1996 More than love. Volume 1.
M1356.N49 E86 1998 European light music classics.
M1356 .P43 1986 Pearly shells.
M1356 .P54 1987 The pleasant music hour for your relaxation.
M1356 .P63 Poetry of the sea.
M1356.R53 J69 1997 The joy of living ; Love is a game of poker.
M1356.R58 P64 1992 Poetry of the coral = 珊瑚の詩.
M1356 .R65 Romantic feelings 2.
M1356 .S47 1998 Seriously Latin.
M1356 .S66 Smoke gets in your eyes : Paganini ensemble.
M1356 .S73 1998 May I have this dance : ballroom dancing with the Starlite Orchestra.
M1356 .U52 Unchained melodies of all seasons.
M1356.V38 M34 1995 Magic moments.
M1366.A75 T54 1996 Tiger rag.
M1366.B373 C34 1994 Café blue.
M1366.B46 T65 1998 Tony Bennett.
M1366 .B47 1996 The best jazz--ever!.
M1366.B5 M46 1993 Memory.
M1366.B5 S73 1995 Stranger on the shore.
M1366.C36 O64 1994 One more once.
M1366.C475 G74 1995 Great ladies of song : spotlight on June Christy.
M1366.C65 C35 1988 Canta Español/26 grandes exitos.
M1366.C65 N38 1990 Nat King Cole.
M1366.D38 Q54 1995 Quiet nights.
M1366.D38 S66 1995 Someday my prince will come.
M1366.D54 O68 2002 Optometry.
M1366 .D75 1995 Drift.
M1366.E37 S73 1994 Stamping ground.
M1366.F58 E65 1996 Ella Fitzgerald.
M1366 .G65 1990z Golden clarinet greats.
M1366.G73 T96 1993 Two of a kind.
M1366 .G74 1998 Great moments in jazz.
M1366.H39 H39 1987 The Hawk flies high.
M1366.H65 B545 1984 Billie Holiday.
M1366.H65 B55 1995 Billie Holiday's greatest hits.
M1366.H65 F44 1995 Feel the blues.
M1366.J37 K45 1995 Keith Jarrett at the Blue Note : the complete recordings.
M1366 .J379 2010 Jazz 101.
M1366 .J38 1998 Jazz giants.
M1366 .J39 1997 Jazz vocalists greatest hits.
M1366.J66 C66 2003 Come away with me.
M1366.K46 B58 2006 Blue Note sessions.
M1366.K476 E44 1993 Ella Fitzgerald : the Jerome Kern songbook.
M1366.K7553 L66 2001 The look of love.
M1366.M45 E44 1999 Elegiac cycle.
M1366.M66 T44 1987 Thelonious himself.
M1366.P38 W39 2007 The way you look tonight.
M1366 .P67 1998 Portrait in Jazz.
M1366.R36 T74 2004 Tristan Isolde Jazz.
M1366 .R46 1990 Remember New Orleans.
M1366.S36 B88 2002 But beautiful.
M1366.S65 G63 1986 Go for whatcha know.
M1366 .S86 1999 Strictly acid jazz.
M1366 .T65 1990 Tribute to New Orleans.
M1366 .V56 1985 Violin summit.
M1366.W374 W43 1984 What a diff'rence a day makes.
M1366.Z37 M87 2000 Music journal.
M1366.Z67 I36 2002 IAO : music in sacred light.
M1420 .B43 1993 Beautiful dreamer : lullabies the whole world loves.
M1420.M69 M688 1998 The Mozart effect. Music for babies : from playtime to sleepytime.
M1420.M69 M689 2000 The Mozart effect. Music for babies : nighty night.
M1420.M69 M69 1997 The Mozart effect. Music for children.
M1420.M69 M693 2000 The Mozart effect. Music for newborns : a bright beginning.
M1470.W55 R43 2000 Red bird ; Anticredos.
M1470.W65 T55 1999 Tilbury (complete) ; Snowdrop.
M1473.A44 I87 1986 一水四見.
M1473 .A45 2003 AGF : language is the most : Ars Electronica 2003 (Klangpark).
M1473.A48 T47 1997 The terrain of possibilities.
M1473 .A68 2002 An anthology of noise & electronic music. Volume #1.
M1473 .A683 2004 An anthology of noise & electronic music. Volume #3.
M1473.A69 S45 1993 Selected ambient works, 85-92.
M1473.A69 S46 1994 Selected ambient works. Vol. 2.
M1473.A85 A88 1996 Automatic writing.
M1473.B2 S945 2001 Switched-on Bach : virtuoso electronic performances of J.S. Bach.
M1473.B44 O63 1996 On the other ocean ; Figure in a clearing.
M1473.B68 A47 1998 Aérosol.
M1473.B78 L36 1998 Language, message, drummage : compositions for tape and for instruments.
M1473 .C33 2003 HPSCHD.
M1473 .C36 2001 CCMIX Paris : electroacoustic & instrumental works by = œuvres électroacoustiques & instrumentales de Xenakis, Risset, Estrada, Roads , Pape, Robindoré, Cisternino, Teruggi, Shimazu.
M1473.C53 A48 1995 After some songs.
M1473.C558 T87 1988 Turenas ; Stria ; Phoné ; Sabelithe.
M1473 .C65 v.1 Computer music currents. 1.
M1473 .C65 v.10 Computer music currents. 10.
M1473 .C65 v.13 The historical CD of digital sound synthesis.
M1473.C67 R46 1998 Rendu visible.
M1473.D36 B78 2001 Bruits.
M1473.D36 M87 1998 Musiques naïves.
M1473.D45 N35 2001 Naima : Vladislav Delay live.
M1473.D46 M47 2001 Metazoon.
M1473.D54 A59 1992 Any resemblance is purely coincidental.
M1473.D56 C925 1996 Cycle de l'errance.
M1473.D56 C929 1996 Forêt profonde.
M1473.D56 C93 1996 Sous le regard d'un soleil noir.
M1473.D57 C45 2004 Celestial mechanix : the blue series mastermix.
M1473.D65 I87 1994 L'ivresse de la vitesse.
M1473.D84 C66 2000 Connexion.
M1473.E45 A44 2003 Alec Empire vs Merzbow : live CBGB's NYC 1998.
M1473.F44 T38 2002 Tautologos and other early electronic works.
M1473.F66 A87 1990 Australian sound sculptures.
M1473.G63 M43 1994 La mécanique des ruptures.
M1473.H37 T66 1999 Tombeau de Messiaen ; Mortuos plango, vivos voco ; 4 images after Yeats ; Ritual melodies.
M1473.H45 I47 2000 Implements of actuation.
M1473.H46 D73 2003 Dracula.
M1473.H46 M59 1999 Mix Pierre Henry. [01.0].
M1473.H46 M59 2001 Mix Pierre Henry. [03.0].
M1473.H46 M593 2001 Mix Pierre Henry. 03.0.
M1473.H83 W74 1994 Wreckin' ball.
M1473.I425 A15 1998 0°C.
M1473.I425 H43 1996 +/-.
M1473.I425 T56 1998 Time and space.
M1473.J43 S87 1999 Surf.
M1473.K57 S553 1981 Silk road. III.
M1473.K57 S554 1983 Silk road. IV.
M1473.K57 T69 1986 Towards the west.
M1473.K66 N88 2004 Nuuk.
M1473.L36 H66 1992 Homebrew.
M1473.L83 I33 1990 I am sitting in a room : for voice on tape.
M1473.M37 J68 2006 Journal for people.
M1473 .M87 2000 Music from the Center for Experiments in Art, Information, and Technology, California Institute of the Arts.
M1473 .M88 2004 Musica futurista : the art of noises.
M1473.M89 P53 1991 Pictures at an exhibition.
M1473 .N48 1987 New computer music.
M1473.N65 F33 1992 La fabbrica illuminata ; Ha venido : canciones para Silvia ; Ricorda cosa ti hanno fatto in Auschwitz.
M1473.N67 L65 1996 London ; Trilling wire.
M1473.N67 T73 2000 Transparent things.
M1473.N68 C53 2001 Claire de terre.
M1473.N68 F54 1999 Figures.
M1473.O437 F5 1997 FM o99.5.
M1473.O45 E44 1997 Electronic works [1965 + 1966].
M1473 .O46 2000 OHM : the early gurus of electronic music, 1948-1980.
M1473.P368 C74 1996 La création du monde.
M1473 .P75 2002 Prix Ars Electronica Cyberarts 2002 : digital musics.
M1473.R45 S83 1987 Sud.
M1473.R47 P67 2000 Invisible gold.
M1473.S234 O48 1998 L'oeuvre musicale.
M1473.S63 S68 2000 Sources/scènes.
M1473.S65 O37 2001 Obsolete systems.
M1473 .S73 2001 State of the union 2.001.
M1473.S86 E44 2001 Elektronische Musik 1952-1960.
M1473.S86 H92 1995 Hymnen : elektronische Musik ; Hymnen : electronische Musik mit Solisten.
M1473.S86 K66 1992 Kontakte : für elektronische Klänge, Klavier und Schlagzeug.
M1473.S86 M55 1995 Mikrophonie I ; Mikrophonie II ; Telemusik.
M1473.S87 S55 1994 Silver apples of the moon ; The wild bull.
M1473.T56 B75 2001 Bright air/Brilliant fire : electroAcoustic music.
M1473.T66 B53 2003 Black chamber.
M1473 .T73 1998 Travels of the spider : electroacoustic music from Argentina.
M1473.T83 N48 no.6-9 1995 Neural synthesis, nos. 6-9.
M1473 .V35 1997 The Vancouver soundscape 1973 ; Soundscape Vancouver 1996.
M1473.V36 I47 1998 Impalpables.
M1473 .V568 1991 The Virtuoso in the computer age-- I.
M1473 .V569 1992 The virtuoso in the computer age-- II.
M1473 .V57 1993 The virtuoso in the computer age-- III.
M1473 .V572 1993 The Virtuoso in the computer age-- IV : works by Morton Subotnick, Rodney Waschka II, Salvatore Martirano, Douglas Scott, Allan Schindler.
M1473.W46 G56 1997 The ghost in the machine.
M1473.W6 M46 1997 Menagerie, beach singularity, vocalise sound recording].
M1473.W6 V65 2000 Voiceprints.
M1473 .W664 1997 Women in electronic music, 1977 : new music for electronic and recorded media.
M1473.X46 E54 1997 Electronic music.
M1473.X46 E56 2001 Electronic Studio Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln plays Iannis Xenakis La légende d'Eer.
M1473.Y85 S55 2003 Silence resounding.