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General Works. Philosophy. Psychology. Religion. History. Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Class A-G CD List
Call Number Title
B105.T54 L53 1999 v.1 存在與反思.
B105.T54 L53 1999 v.2 邏輯與詩之間.
B105.T54 L53 1999 v.3 從人生觀到應世哲學.
B105.T54 L53 1999 v.4 思考與人生.
B105.T54 L53 1999 v.5 紛亂中的寧定.
B171 .A489 2007 Ancient Greek philosophy : an introduction.
B798.C5 H86 2003 當代文化批判.
BD444 .W44 2003 未思死, 焉知生 : 永恆不朽之追探.
BF316 .P34 2012 The inner observer. Parts I and II.
BF441 .K2382 2011 Thinking, fast and slow.
BF441 .L5186 2006 心通識六講.
BF441 .S49 2003 思方學八講 : 人生路上的首要裝備.
BF637.C4 J642 1998 Who moved my cheese?
BF637.R45 S53 2002 身心鬆弛練習新編.
BF637.S4 T64 2008 The secret of self-realization.
BF637.S8 C37 1988 How to win friends & influence people.
BF637.S8 G53 2010 Malcolm Gladwell : the box set.
BF698.35.E54 W35 2000z Two windows on the self.
BF724.3.S86 D432 2002 Scanning relaxation.
BJ1611.2 .Z54 2001 A view from the top : moving from success to significance.
BJ2195 .H68 1998 Telephone skills : essential telephone English.
BL624 .T58 2008 Finding your life's purpose.
BL624 .T62 2004 Living a life of inner peace.
BL1900.L35 H86 2002 老子.
BQ1372.E54 M36 2004 The voice of the Buddha.
BQ1967 .G82 2000z 般若波羅密多心經.
BQ1967 .H86 2002 心經奧秘.
BQ4133 .H86 2002 學佛之門.
BQ4190 .J56 1997 The middle way : the story of Buddhism.
BQ9265.4 .L85 2003 羅時憲先生禪修講座.
BS1091 .K44 1996 The Old Testament : selections from the Bible (the Authorized version).
BS2261 .K44 1997 The New Testament : selections from the Bible (the Authorized version).
BS2823 .K44 1999 The Revelation of St. John the Divine.
BV4012.2 .L5 2006 負傷的治療者?! : 誰來關心我們負傷的牧者?
CT105 .S63 1999 Famous people in history.
CT120 .D83 2003 獨領風騷 : 八位名人的心路歷程 = Celebrities and their lives.
D805.N8 H69 2001 We die alone.
DA566.9.C5 A5 1991 His finest hour : the speeches of Winston Churchill.
DD247.H5 L84 1999 Hitler in history and memory.
DE7 .P5213 2003 Greek lives.
DF225 .H413 1996 The Persian war : from the Histories.
DG260.A1 P5313 2004 Roman lives.
DG311 .G52 1995 The decline and fall of the Roman Empire.
DG311 .G522 1997 The decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Part II.
DS706 .C511372 2002 China's century: the awakening of the next economic powerhouse.
DT1949.M35 A3 2004 Long walk to freedom : the autobiography of Nelson Mandela.
E846 .T35 1997b Taking charge : the Johnson White House tapes, 1963- 1964.
E902 .M66 2003 Dude, where's my country?
GF504.N7 O95 2009 Green metropolis : what the city can teach the country about true sustainability.
GR340 .E54 2005 英語で読む日本昔ばなし= Japanese folk tales.