Services, Facilities and Equipment

Virtual Law & Reference Help Desk

A virtual Law and Reference Help Desk booth is located near the library entrance. Through the booth, users can talk to library staff on duty. Library staff will assist patrons in searching, using library collections for their study and research.

Visit this web page for the service hours and further details.

Library Orientation and Workshops

Orientation sessions are organized for new law students to help them make effective use of the Library. There are other specific law library workshops which show students how to use law databases, navigate a variety of resources on a specific topic, or assist with individual instruction for research on a topic. Library orientation is also arranged for new faculty members to highlight our teaching and research support services. To schedule an individual consultation or a classroom instructional session and/or library tour, please contact the Law Collection and Services Section Head.

Law library training schedules and further details are available here.

The Library also organizes Information Skills Workshops to equip students with basic library and research skills. Check it out here.

User Guides

The Law Collection and Services Section compiles different user guides to help users get better understanding of legal materials. There are guides about finding law of particular jurisdiction, Students’ Guide to Legal Materials of Hong Kong, Students’ Guide to Legal Materials of the United Kingdom and Students’ Guide to Legal Materials of the People’s Republic of China. There are also guides on locating important legal subject matters, such as Alternative Dispute Resolution, Citing Legal Information, Civil Procedure and Civil Justice Reform, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Finding Law Journal Articles, Intellectual Property Law, Labour and Employment Law, Maritime Law. Electronic version can be accessed from the Research Guides web site.

Other Library Services

In addition to those mentioned above, there is a wide range of other services from interlibrary loans (requesting materials from other libraries), JULAC Card (for visiting other UGC libraries) to services for users with disabilities. Explore those services here.

PC Workstations

The Law Collection and Services Section provides PC workstations for accessing library subscribed electronic resources and the CityU LibraryFind.

You can also find PC workstations in other parts of the Library: the Oval and Information Space. To learn about the usage policy and booking procedures, go to the Library Facilities website, and select “Computers and Equipment”.

Photocopying and Printing Facilities

Photocopiers and color printers are available in the Law Collection and Services Section. More can be found in other parts of the Library. All photocopiers are operated by Octopus Card. While the printers in the Law Collection and Services Section provide Octopus Card-operated Fast Printing Service only, the Oval and Information Space offers Quota Controlled Fast Print Queue Service as well as Octopus Card-operated Fast Printing Service. Users are reminded not to infringe copyright while printing and making photocopies.

Discussion Rooms

Located in the Law Collection and Services Section, there are two discussion rooms. Both are for law students to carry out academic group works. One is open to all law students, the other one is for students who participate in mooting competitions.

Law Discussion Room for group works
Law Discussion Room for mooting preparation