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Library User Survey 2018

As a continued commitment to service improvement and for alignment with the University's Strategic Plan and the 5-year Review of Excellence (RoE5), the Library conducted the Library User Survey from 15 Jan to 15 Feb 2018 using self-administered online questionnaires through Qualtrics survey software. With permission given by the Association of Research Libraries, this Survey has adopted selected questions of LibQual+ Survey. Questions to evaluate the new Library services such as WhatsApp-a-Librarian, Library Newsletters, CityU LibraryFind and CityU Scholars were also included in this Survey.

The Survey concluded on 15 Feb 2018 with 2,703 respondents. Majority (65%) of them is undergraduate students, followed by postgraduate students (21%), Administrative Staff & Other Staff Positions (7%), Academic & Research Staff (5%), and others (2%).

When the respondents were asked to rate 15 aspects of library services, they have rated "Willingness to help users" the highest (mean at 7.64, rated on a 9-point scale) and "Space for group learning and group study" the lowest (mean at 6.46). Among the core areas, "Affect of Services" was rated with the highest score (7.29), followed by "Information Control" (7.23) and "Library as Place" (6.94). The overall quality of the Library service was rated at 7.20. Improvement has been noted when compared with 7.00 in 2015, and 6.88 in 2011.

When the respondents were asked to indicate their preferred priority of the use of library space, they have expressed the following areas as their first priority. In response to users' needs, the Library is going to relocate low-use books to Shatin Storage during the Summer Break so as to release space for individual study and collaborative learning.

Indicated as 1st Priority figure:
Individual study space - 725
24-hour access to certain library study area - 717
Computer area - 539
Group study space/rooms - 486
Collection area (books, journals & media resources) - 352
Innovation & creativity area - 252
Refreshment area - 110

At the end of the Survey, respondents were invited to provide additional comments. Among 1,820 comments so received, about 25% is commendation in general. Respondents have provided suggestions on various aspects ranging from learning environment to instruction and reference services.

Learning environment in the Library (28.8%)
Computer and IT equipment/Services provided by the Library (21.6%)
Library collection (15.6%)
Library Facilities (10.1%)
Service Support (7.0%)
Library Space (4.2%)
CityU LibraryFind (3.2%)
Borrowing Services (3.1%)
Instruction & Reference Services (1.6%)
Others (4.7%)

For details of the findings of the Survey, please visit The Library would like to express thanks to users who participated in the Survey and expressed their comments. Please be assured that the Library will continue to enhance its services, space and collections to support and augment learning, teaching and research of the University community!

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