Run Run Shaw Library
Library Newsletter

It’s one of the Library's objectives to provide users with a welcoming and clean study environment.

Over the years, food and drinks, except for water have not been allowed in any areas of the Library.

The proliferation of non-spill drinking containers, on the other hand, allows us to strike a good balance between the comfort of users and the protection of the collections. Beverage consumption is now allowed in the study areas as long as the drinks are in spill-proof containers with tops, lids, or caps. However, users are required not to create disturbance, to clean up after use, and to report any beverage spills to library staff. Users are also encouraged to respect this policy and not to have drinks near our valuable collections, computers and electronic equipment.

Reminder: There is a hot water dispenser inside the pantry at 3/F of Fong Yun-wah Building of the Library.