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The Library Research Support Workshops on CityU Scholars and Author Identity Management have been successfully conducted during the summer time. These workshops supplemented the Library’s ongoing CityU Scholars Ambassador and ORCID Ambassador outreaching efforts, with an aim to provide a more holistic overview of the systems and services concerned to the participants.

CityU Scholars Training Workshops and Clinic Sessions in July 2018

CityU Scholars has been officially launched for more than a year now and it has been helping our researchers showcase their research output and achievements ever since. As at September 2018, more than 80,000 research output and activity records authored by some 3,400 faculty members and research students have been displayed in CityU Scholars, demonstrating the University’s research capacity. Records in the System are also used for RGC reporting and appraisal purposes. To make CityU Scholars an effective platform for the University, it requires not only the effort of the CityU Scholars Project Team, but also the understanding and cooperation from our researchers. The Library therefore organized some more training workshops again in July 2018.

The two training workshops held on 4 and 9 July 2018 have equipped our participants with a more thorough picture on how to better use CityU Scholars in reporting and showcasing research outputs and other achievements. Apart from learning how to claim research output records that the Library harvests and imports in CityU Scholars from different sources on a regular basis, they also learnt how to enter research outputs manually into the system, as well as the roles and responsibilities of different categories of users. There were also tips on how they can better manage researcher profiles in CityU Scholars and perform CityU Scholars-ORCID integration so as to benefit from the ORCID publication list automatic update function. The Library’s Open Access service was also mentioned. After each training workshop, there was the clinic session where colleagues from the CityU Scholars Project Team offered face-to-face consultation to the participants.

Author Identity Management Workshop
Author Identity Management Workshop
CityU Scholars Training Workshop
CityU Scholars Training Workshop

Author Identity Management Workshops in June and August 2018

Author name ambiguity has been a longstanding issue in scholarly communication. To ensure that our researchers do not lose credits for their research because of name ambiguity, the Library has been helping the University in its author identity management initiatives, namely Scopus Author Profile Refinement as well as ORCID Creation and Integration Exercise since 2015. In 2018, the University made one step forward to make the originally voluntary ORCID Creation and Integration Exercise mandatory and extended the requirement to research students as well. To help our research students understand the importance of author identity management right at the start of their research career, the Library organized three workshops in June and August 2018.

The three workshops held on 26, 28 June and 16 August 2018 aimed at introducing basic concepts of author identity management to our research students. In the workshop, students were made aware of the different issues arising from author name ambiguity, such as split Scopus author profiles and misattribution of research outputs which will adversely affect the discoverability of their publications. To resolve the problem, they learnt how to locate and manage their Scopus Author IDs and submit corrections for article misattribution. They also created their ORCID iD through CityU Scholars and integrated it with their Scopus Author ID (if any). The ORCID iD they created will accompany them throughout their research career and move with them across institutions and national boundaries to tell the publishers exactly who they are during manuscript submission, database indexing and grant application.


CityU Scholars Training Workshops and Consultation Sessions

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The Library is pleased to offer another round of CityU Scholars Training Workshops at the start of the new academic year. If you are a new faculty member, a newly enrolled research student, a newly appointed CityU Scholars departmental administrator, or even if you would simply like to refresh your knowledge on CityU Scholars, the Workshops and Consultation Sessions are for YOU.

Registration is needed for the Workshops only. We encourage you to stay behind for the Consultation Session that follows. Bring your own CV or publication list, try entering the information in your CityU Scholars account and discuss your questions face to face with our ambassadors in a more personalized way during the Consultation Session. Those who skip the Workshop are also welcome to walk in for the Consultation Session.

Date 24th September 2018 2nd October 2018
Workshops* 10:00am - 11:30am 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Clinic Sessions** 11:30am - 12:30pm 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue: Library User Education Room
Online Registration:
*  Workshops: The two sessions are identical with 30 quota each. The Library reserves the right to cancel any session with less than 5 registrants.
** Consultation Sessions: Walk-in anytime during the timeslot.

We look forward to seeing you in the Workshops and Consultation Sessions!

Any further enquiries can be directed to