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Enhancement of Library Access Rights / Borrowing Privileges for Non-CityU Users

The Library is pleased to announce that the access rights/borrowing privileges for the following three types of users have been enhanced with immediate effect:

1. Long-serving Retired Staff and their Spouses
Long-serving retired staff and their spouses who possess the Courtesy Identity Card issued by the University can now have the option to apply for a free Reader's Ticket without any deposit requirements or a Borrower's Ticket with a deposit of HK$500. The loan and request quotas for borrower's ticket have been increased to 40 and 6 respectively.

2. Spouses of Full-Time Staff Members
The loan and request quotas for spouses of full-time staff members have also been increased to 40 and 6 respectively.

3. Friends of the Library - Corporate Members
The two types of Corporate Membership have been combined into one. The new subscription fee is now HK$12,000 per annum with the loan and request quotas for this new type of Corporate Members aligned up to 40 and 6 respectively.

(3 Aug 2015)

Over 15,000 Wiley eBooks are Now Available

15,000+ Wiley Online Books. Now Available for You to Discover

The Library has recently subscribed to Wiley's "Usage-Based Collection Management" model to provide ebook services. With this model, over 15,000 Wiley Online Books are now available to our University community to support research, teaching, learning, and discovery. Titles range from Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, A Companion to Contemporary Documentary Film to China's economy: a collection of surveys.

To explore the full collection, please visit the library web page E-Books and select "Wiley Online Library Books". We hope this new Library ebook services will help you in your endeavors.

(15 Jul 2015)

CityU's Subscription to Research Analysis and Benchmarking Tools

Features: measure research performance, benchmark research impact, monitor collaboration and identify trends

InCites and SciVal

We are pleased to announce that CityU has subscribed to two research analysis and benchmarking tools, namely, Thomson Reuter's InCite and Elsevier's SciVal. Data sources for InCites and SciVal are Web of Science and Scopus respectively, which are also the basis for research output analysis by a number of university ranking agencies. The two tools together provide a diversity of metrics and indicators for the University to gauge our research performance from different perspectives.

With the tools, we can:

  • Measure research performance: Assess and analyze our research performance at personal, departmental and institutional levels
  • Benchmark research impact: Compare our research impact with other institutions, researchers and groups of researchers around the world and monitor progress over time
  • Monitor collaboration: Monitor and analyze the existing collaboration network of our University and other Institutions to develop new collaboration strategies
  • Identify trends: Identify current and emerging scientific trends and influential areas of studies to determine new research strategies, find new collaboration opportunities and rising stars

To access the tools, go to the Library Home Page ...

CityU staff members and research students can now access the tools via the Library's Home page upon authentication with your Library PIN. (Access Path: Library Home Page > E-Resources > Research Help > Research Analysis and Benchmarking). Both tools require the users to first register for a personal login.

To learn how to use the tools, register for a Library's training session ...

The Library has arranged a series of training sessions for each of the tools in July and September 2015. Make your registration to reserve a seat. You may also view the self-explanatory online tutorials (InCites|SciVal). For more details about the tools, view their respective description (InCites|SciVal).

To benefit from the tools, make use of them ...

Subscription to the two research analysis and benchmarking tools is for the initial first year till 30 June 2016. Further renewal will be subject to usage and further review. To benefit from the tools, make use of them to assess your research impact, analyze research trends, develop collaboration strategies and identify expertise.

(13 Jul 2015)

Library Opening and Counter Service Hours for Revision & Examination Period and Term Break (Summer 2015)

Please note the following opening and counter service hours of the Library for the Summer Term:

  Counter Service Hours Opening Hours*
Revision and Examination Period
26 Jul 2015Sun08:30 - 17:0008:30 - 23:00
27 Jul 2015Mon08:30 - 23:0008:30 - 24:00
28 - 31 Jul 2015Tue - Fri08:30 - 23:0000:00 - 01:00 & 08:30 - 24:00
1 Aug 2015Sat08:30 - 19:0000:00 - 01:00 & 08:30 - 24:00
2 Aug 2015Sun08:30 - 17:0000:00 - 01:00 & 08:30 - 24:00
3 - 7 Aug 2015Mon - Fri08:30 - 23:0000:00 - 01:00 & 08:30 - 24:00
8 Aug 2015Sat08:30 - 19:0000:00 - 01:00 & 08:30 - 23:00
Term Break
9 Aug 2015SunClosed08:30 - 23:00
10 Aug 2015Mon08:30 - 20:0008:30 - 23:00
11 - 13 Aug 2015Tue - Thu08:30 - 18:0008:30 - 23:00
14 Aug 2015Fri08:30 - 20:0008:30 - 23:00
15 Aug 2015Sat08:30 - 17:0008:30 - 23:00
16 Aug 2015SunClosed08:30 - 23:00
17 Aug 2015Mon08:30 - 20:0008:30 - 23:00
18 - 20 Aug 2015Tue - Thu08:30 - 18:0008:30 - 23:00
21 Aug 2015Fri08:30 - 20:0008:30 - 23:00
22 Aug 2015Sat08:30 - 17:0008:30 - 23:00
23 Aug 2015SunClosed08:30 - 23:00
24 Aug 2015Mon08:30 - 20:0008:30 - 23:00
25 - 27 Aug 2015Tue - Thu08:30 - 18:0008:30 - 23:00
28 Aug 2015Fri08:30 - 20:0008:30 - 23:00
29 Aug 2015Sat08:30 - 17:0008:30 - 23:00
30 Aug 2015Sun12:00 - 18:0008:30 - 23:00

From 31 August 2015 (Monday) onwards, the regular Library opening and counter service hours will resume.

* Only CityU staff and students (including SCOPE smartcard holders) can stay beyond 23:00 on the University campus. External users will be invited to leave by 23:00. Users left behind may be subject to ID checks.

(13 Jul 2015)

Library Expands Access to Resources on Biomedical Sciences

The Library is pleased to announce that about 1,440 e-journals on Biomedical Sciences from Elsevier are now available to the University community to facilitate research.

Subject No. of e-journals
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology 340
Health Sciences 960
Immunology and Microbiology 140

To explore this extensive e-journal collection, please visit the library web page E-Journals - Featured Collections and select "ScienceDirect".

(25 Jun 2015)

Talk @ the Library: Get an Insider's Tips on Publishing Your Work!

The Library is pleased to announce the upcoming talk — Get an Insider's Tips on Publishing Your Work – Emerald Guide to Getting Published.

Being a leading publisher of management research, Emerald Group Publishing Limited publishes nearly 300 journals and over 2,350 books and book series volumes in the fields of business, management and more. Emerald has 57 journals included in Thomson Reuters ISI.

This talk will provide you with an 'insider's' guide to academic publishing, and suggest some practical tips, share experiences and highlight best practice for submission of research papers to international, peer-reviewed journals and books.

In this talk, you will learn about:

  • Emerald – an introduction to its history
  • Publishing processes and peer review
  • Choosing a publication
  • Structuring your paper
  • Publishing ethics
  • Dissemination and promotion of your work
Speaker: Mr. Daniel Jopling, Publisher, Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Date and Time: 19 June 2015 (Friday), 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Venue: Library User Education Room

The medium of instruction is English.

For enquiries, please call 3442-6415, email or visit our Reference Desk.

We look forward to seeing you in the Library!

(10 Jun 2015)

Library Adds E-journals from Taylor & Francis

The Library is pleased to announce that about 1,740 e-journals from Taylor & Francis are now available at your fingertips, 24/7 to support research activities in different areas.

Subject No. of e-journals
Business 110
Humanities & Social Sciences 1090
Science, Technology & Engineering 540

To explore this extensive e-journal collection, please visit the library web page E-Journals - Featured Collections and select "Taylor & Francis Online".

(28 May 2015)

Temporary Suspension of Hostel Bookdrop Service (Summer Term)

In view of the low usage of bookdrop during summer term and with an aim to better utilize library resources, the hostel bookdrop service will be suspended from 8 June (Monday) to 30 August 2015 (Sunday), both dates inclusive. Library users are encouraged to come back to the campus library to return their books during this period. Our bookdrop collection service will be resumed when Semester A of 2015/16 starts on 31 August 2015 (Monday).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the users.

(11 May 2015)