The Library Logo

CityU Library Logo

Each year, a tree adds a new layer between the aged wood and bark according to the seasons and environmental conditions. To look at these concentric rings from the cross section of a tree is like looking back in time to see a record of its history, along with constant new growth. This is what inspired us to use tree rings as a symbol of the Library.

Tree rings mark the cycle of seasons in the life of a tree the same way a life-long learner accumulates wisdom of knowledge over a lifetime. The tree ring logo is also a visual depiction of the journey of each and every user of the Library, representing the full range of learning experiences and personal growth. Just as how tree rings grow with time, the Library continues its journey to support the growth of knowledge, creativity and wisdom through contributions to the University community.

Using the Library Logo

This Library logo is usually used in combination with the University logo on publications, websites and displays, and in some occasion be displayed on its own in a simplified version. The Library logo, in whatever circumstances, should not be altered, edited or distorted from its pre-set ratio. Request for an electronic logo file can be sent to