Run Run Shaw Library

Quota Controlled Fast Print Queue - free service

Printing Steps for Oval & Information Space Workstation Users

Users can submit their print jobs in Information Space or Oval Area workstations and release it at any release station by using their CityU ID Card at a time of their choice within the same day. The print quota will be deducted when user release the print job. Unreleased print jobs will not be kept overnight.

Steps for printing:

  1. Click on Work Desk icon on screen.
    Fast Print Printing Step 1

  2. Connect to the central print queue of this service through Work Desk Menu.
    Fast Print Printing Step 2

  3. Print to the print queue in your application (e.g. Microsoft Word). Make sure you choose the correct print queue.
    Fast Print Printing Step 3

  4. Go to the desired Printer (Release Station), place your CityU ID Card on the smart card reader.
    (Please click here for the location of the printers/release stations)
    Fast Print Printing Step 4

  5. Click "Print" on the job you want to release, OR, if you have a list of several print jobs that you would like to print them all, click "Release All". To cancel unwanted job(s), click "Cancel" or "Cancel All".
    Fast Print Printing Step 5

  6. The printing process will take a while. Please be patient. Click "Done" to exit.
    Fast Print Printing Step 6