Appendix III: Checking Holdings of UGC (University Grants Committee) Funded Libraries

  1. The decisions made by JULAC (Joint Universities Librarians Advisory Committee) will be followed.

    Extract of the Minutes of the JUPLAC (Joint University and Polytechnic Libraries Advisory Committee, now JULAC) Meeting held on 14 May 1991:
    [5. Minimum Cost for Interlibrary Checking of Monographs Holdings

    It was AGREED that:

    • the new minimum cost for interlibrary checking of monographs holdings would be HK$4,000. As far as multiple volume sets were concerned, this would be left to the discretion of the individual acquisitions librarians.]

  2. Serials
    If the annual subscription of a serials title cost at or more than US$300, it will be checked against the holdings of other UGC-funded Libraries.
Library Collection Development Policy