Appendix II: Number of Duplicate Copies

  1. Normally only one copy will be purchased for each title.

  2. For items in heavy demand the following number of copies of a title may be purchased:

    Availability of online version Books (Maximum: 3 copies)
    Online version not available
    • 1 - 2 copies in Circulation Collection
    • 1 in Reserve (Semi-closed)
    Online version available
    • 1 e-book
    • 1 - 2 copies in Circulation Collection / Reserve (Semi-closed)

    In general, additional copies may be acquired for large classes as below:

    No. of students Maximum no. of copies of books
    Less than 61 1 copy
    61 - 120 2 copies
    More than 120 3 copies

  3. In special cases the University Librarian may approve the purchase of more than 3 copies of a book.

  4. For reference items, media resources, series titles, or serials, only one copy will be purchased or subscribed to.  Duplicate copies of this kind of material may be purchased as exceptional cases only, and must be approved by the Head (or his/her designate) or a Chair Professor of the department concerned, and by the University Librarian.
Library Collection Development Policy