Special Booking Arrangement for CREATE! users

Please note that reservations of 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser Cutting, Project Mapping, and Physical Computer Kit services cannot be made using the Booking System at the moment. To reserve, please send email to libemt@cityu.edu.hk or call us at 3442 6963, and specify your desired date and timeslot for a particular service. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Partial Access Arrangement - External Users
- Revision and Examination Period, 2019/20

Each year when the examination period is approaching, there is often a higher demand for study space. Therefore, during the Revision and Examination period, we will impose the Partial Access Arrangement whereby access to our Library by certain categories of external users will be limited to non-busy hours of the day only. Affected users include the following:

  • Holders of Alumni Library Card - Reader (those with reading privileges only)
  • JULAC Card Holders - Reader / Borrower (students only) from other UGC institutions
  • Reader's Card for Long-serving staff members and their spouses
Partial Access Period
Semester A
(2 - 18 Dec 2019)
Semester B
(4 - 20 May 2020)
Non-accessible Time

Mon - Fri (except Public Holiday) 00:00 - 17:00 & 23:01 - 24:00
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 00:00 - 14:00 & 23:01 - 24:00
Accessible Time

Mon - Fri (except Public Holiday) 17:01 - 23:00#
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 14:01 - 23:00#
Resume Normal Access 19 Dec 2019 21 May 2020

# Only CityU staff members and students (including SCOPE smartcard holders) are permitted to stay beyond 11:00 pm on the University campus. External users will need to leave by 11:00 pm. Users staying behind may be subject to ID checks.

Notes to JULAC Card Holders - Borrower (students only) from other UGC Institutions:

If you need to borrow books, return books or collect recalled items during the affected period, please note the following:

  • Instead of borrowing books from us in person, you may consider using HKALL borrowing services or interlibrary loan services of your home library.
  • To return books, you may bring them to your home library and use the JULAC Book Return Service instead.
  • If you want to return books in person, use the bookdrops located outside our Library. For books with accompanying fragile materials such as CD-ROMs, please pass them to our security guards at the entrance who will return them for you.
  • To collect recalled items, you may come during accessible time. If your schedule only allows you to come during the non-accessible time, you have to show your book pickup notice to the security guard in order to gain access into the Library.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to users concerned. The partial access arrangement is only temporary. In fact, starting from the last three days of the Examination Period, all restrictions will be lifted and normal access will resume. For affected users who have genuine need to use our Library during the non-accessible period, they are welcome to contact us for special arrangement. Any enquiries can be directed to lbasprs@cityu.edu.hk.

Run Run Shaw Library
City University of Hong Kong
27 May 2019