Look at the following sentences. The last word in each sentence is either an adjective or an adverb. Click the dropdown menu to see the answer.

1. The sun burnt the grass quickly.
2. It burnt the grass black.
3. He drove his employees hard.
4. He drove some of them mad.
5. I find this very unlikely.
6. We found the people friendly.
7. This made everyone late.
8. I have made his acquaintance lately.
9. The doctor soon made the patient well.
10. The thief made his escape early.
11. What made my bed so hard?
12. We shall leave the house early.
13. We shall leave the room empty.
14. I can paint your hall pink.
15. I can paint this wall fast.
16. Pull the rope hard.
17. Pull the rope tight.
18. He turned the corner well.
19. The heat turned the milk sour.
20. You must wipe the windscreen clear.