Laboratory Animal Research Unit
LARU rat holding room LARU mice holding room

Laboratory Animal Research Unit

Laboratory Animal Research Unit (LARU) is a centralised animal facility under City University of Hong Kong established in 2015. It has two holding rooms for rat (B1704) and mice (B1706) and a surgical area for dissection or other related experiments (B1702). Users can apply to house their research animals in LARU and it is charged on a daily basis.  Currently, LARU can accomodate about 1,525 mice and 380 rats.

News & Announcements

21.07.2017 Update of LARU 2017-2018 cage charge. The new cage charge has been emailed to all Principal Investigators and will be effective from 01 Aug 2017.

20.01.2017 Release of LARU web page. User can obtain the updated news and information of LARU from