My Citizens Panel

My Citizens Panel is an online research panel of people who participate in web-based surveys and experiment studies about public policies, public affairs and public services. The majority of our research is directed towards Hong Kong, but some topics are international in their appeal.

Any citizen can join the panel to contribute to voice out citizen’s opinions. All studies conducted with the panel will be published on this website and will be actively used in policy decision making.

Experiment Lab

My Citizens Panel is located in LaMP’s Experimental Lab. The Experimental Lab implements experimental research studies in public policy and management. The core idea lying behind the use of experimental studies at LaMP is behavioural insights. Drawing on lessons from behavioural economics and psychology, behavioural insights seeks to improve public services by identifying the best ways messages are communicated, how incentives can be targeted, norms achieved and commitments delivered etc. Behavioural insights have been used by governments around the world to shape and influence government-citizen relationships.

Behavioural insight focuses on not just easy intervention toward output of policy process, but also inputs to the policy process which are integrated with or inform other traditional policy tools like regulations, incentives, and information requirements (Lourenço et al., 2016).

Behavioral sciences and insights in policy making

Features Behavioral insights Nudges
Defined Multidisciplinary research in fields such as economics, psychology, neuroscience to understand how humans behave and make decisions in everyday life “… any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people’s behaviour in a predictable way without forbidding any choices or significantly changing their economic incentives”
Occurrence in the policy process Input Output
Approach Broader repertoire of policy tools – adds new innovative tools to traditional tools Focus on choice architecture
Illustration today Performance Information Use study: explore Point-of-decision studies: recommendations

Exploring policy options: experimental research designs

Much policy research (especially in Hong Kong) is observational (survey, case study)

Experiments test the effectiveness of policy interventions

Random control trials (RCTs)

  • Random assignment (equal chance of selection to control or treatment group)
  • Control group (counterfactual)
  • Treatment group (policy intervention)

Results in robust and transparent evidence because subjects are randomly allocated to group thereby removing bias and the treatment and the control can be compared to see the impact of the policy intervention.

What we do with experiments in Policy Studies

LaMP develops experimental methods to build evidence bases that will

  • Make public service more efficient
  • Improve public sector performance
  • Enhance the delivery of public services


My Citizen Panel enforces a strict privacy policy, and all the studies we conduct have ethical approval from the University. All data are treated under the strict academic ethical policy, and saved in a secured place. All your responses are always confidential and only used in an aggregated form for academic purposes. If you wish to learn more about our privacy policies, please contact My Citizen Panel (