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About My Citizens Panel
My Citizens Panel is an online research panel of people who participate in web-based surveys and experimental studies about public policies, public affairs and public services in Hong Kong and beyond. Any citizen who has experienced public services or public policies in Hong Kong can join the panel to contribute your opinions.

Your Rights and Privacy:

My Citizens Panel enforces a strict privacy policy, and all the studies we conduct have ethical approval from the University. All data are treated under the strict academic ethical policy, and saved in a secured place. All your responses are always confidential and only used in an aggregated form for academic purposes. If you wish to learn more about our privacy policies, please contact My Citizens Panel (

Your participation is entirely voluntary. You can choose to participate only in surveys or experimental studies that interest you, and you can remove yourself from My Citizens Panel at any time you wish after joining.


My Citizen Panel is housed at the Laboratory for Public Management and Policy (LaMP) under the Department of Public Policy at City University of Hong Kong. It supports academic and applied research in public policies, public affairs and public services and related fields.

Contact Information
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Room B7302, Academic 1,
City University of Hong Kong,
Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon,
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