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Spanish (español) or Castilian (castellano) is an Indo-European, Romance Language that originated in Northern Spain, and gradually spread in the Kingdom of Castile and evolved into the principal language of government and trade. It was taken to Africa, the Americas, and Asia Pacific with the expansion of the Spanish Empire between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.
It is estimated that the combined total of native and non-native Spanish speakers is approximately 500 million, likely making it the third most spoken language by total number of speakers (after English and Chinese).
Today, Spanish is an official language of Spain, most Latin American countries, and Equatorial Guinea; 21 nations speak it as their primary language. Spanish also is one of six official languages of the United Nations. Mexico has the world's largest Spanish-speaking population, and Spanish is the second most-widely spoken language in the United States and the most popular studied foreign language in U.S. schools and universities. Global internet usage statistics for 2007 show Spanish as the third most commonly used language on the Internet, after English and Chinese. [Wikipedia]

Why study Spanish: http://www.donquijote.org/english/whyspanish.asp

The Spanish Section offers its students a thorough training in Spanish language that enables them to interact and communicate effectively with native Spanish speakers globally.

Our programs offer students the opportunity to achieve high competence in written and spoken Spanish, in understanding Hispanic cultures, and in applying this linguistic, literary and cultural knowledge in the study of other disciplines.