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Welcome to our Website! You have come to the right place. When you graduate from one of our programmes you will have a valuable City University of Hong Kong associate degree and a choice of articulation pathways to a bachelor degree. We specialize in nine areas:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Communication & Public Relations
  • Professional English
  • Digital Design

We have an excellent team of programme leaders and option leaders running our associate degrees. (Please take a look at the list) All our programme leaders and option leaders are chosen for their commitment to quality education, as are all our teachers. This way we make sure that you achieve the Intended Learning Outcomes (the ILOs) which have been set for each programme by providing the best possible conditions for your learning and the development of your potential.


We also make sure that you receive a “whole person education”. The poet Wen Yiduo [聞一多] once wrote 「知識不全在課本裏」. So “whole person education” is the knowledge you acquire, must acquire, outside of class, outside of your textbooks, to make you a better educated human being, better able to deal with people, able to appreciate other cultures, able to learn from your own experience, and able to think for yourself. My colleagues devote a lot of their time to creating opportunities for you to develop into this kind of “whole person’, often through their extensive contacts in the community.These take the form of:

  • Summer study visits to Japan, France, Spain and Korea.
  • Public talks (the ones on translation have been very popular)
  • Orientation camps to help you get to know your future classmates
  • Participation in Design competitions
  • Opportunities for you to show off your talents such as the HK Japanese Language Speech Contest, French lyric writing competition, lang song [朗誦].
  • Introductions to Spanish food, music and dance
  • Scholarships for overseas study
  • Local language immersion and cultural activities

What I like about the Division of Languages and Communication is the combination it represents: There are veteran colleagues who have created the Division’s good reputation and new and younger colleagues who are maintaining this reputation and adding more expertise and ideas to what we do. Our Division is very rich in its human resources, both intellectually and culturally – my colleagues at the moment are Chinese, Japanese, French, American, Spanish, Korean, Canadian, British, and Greek. We are truly an international Division in an international city. Come and join us! Thousands of former graduates are glad they took our programmes.

Duncan B. Hunter, Head, LAC

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