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Incubation and Accelerator Programmes

You can know more about the incubation and accelerator programmes offered by CityU or other parties here. By joining such programmes, you could get a functional workspace for your team to work in and/or a variety of resources for accelerating your business growth.

Three incubation programmes are exclusively offered to CityU entrepreneurs. Please feel free to contact us if you are in need of incubation support and functional co-working space.

CityU Incubation Progamme
To offer support to our start-ups and student entrepreneurship teams, CityU Incubation Programme provides a new functional co-working space at CityU and support for creative works and entrepreneurship development. 

Dr Sian Chan, Knowledge Transfer Office 
(Tel: 3442 6707 / Email:
CityU-HKSTP Pre-Incubation Programme
This Programme aims to accelerate the growth of CityU supported start-ups and student entrepreneurship teams by providing comprehensive 24/7 incubation support and a functional and flexible co-working space “Lion Rock 72” at InnoCentre on Tat Chee Avenue for them to collaborate, exchange ideas, and conduct business activities. 

Dr Sian Chan, Knowledge Transfer Office 
(Tel: 3442 6707 / Email:
CityU-HKSTP Incubator Scheme
This is a joint incubation programme with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP), such that teams that are incubated by CityU while passing all the requirement and admission processes of HKSTP's incubation programmes, will be treated the same as HKSTP’s incubated companies, enjoying a list of value added services including business development and fundraising, along with the HKSTP’s financial subsidies. In addition, HKSTP’s Incubation Centre at Shatin, as well as facilities at InnoCentre on Tat Chee Avenue will be made accessible by these teams, thereby enhancing our incubation capacity, where the start-up companies can grow into their maturity in a nurturing environment.

Ms Fanny Ho, Knowledge Transfer Office 
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Here is a list of incubation and accelerator programmes offered by different organisations that you may find it useful for your entrepreneurship.

Cyberport Incubation Programme
Cyberport Incubation Programme supports entrepreneurs and start-ups with resources that aim to accelerate their growth. 

  • Up to HK$500,000 in financial assistance
  • Rent-free working space (only for incubatees who chose to work on-site at Cyberport)
  • Free use of Cyberport shared meeting rooms, conference rooms, co-working spaces and other facilities
  • Meetings with entrepreneurs and investors, and networking opportunities
Tel: 3166 3900
Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme
The Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme prepares Cyberport incubatees and alumni for international markets and investors, providing up to HK$300,000 financial assistance to each successful applicant.

  • 75% subsidy on accelerator programme fees
  • 75% subsidy on office rental
  • 50% subsidy for interns
  • 75% subsidy on travel and accommodation
  • 75% subsidy on marketing and promotion (up to HK$50,000)
  • 75% on professional services
E Hub
Using a market approach for charitable purposes, E Hub is committed to providing an innovative entrepreneurial base for young people aged 18 - 45 from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and around the world. It will foster about 200 young entrepreneurs or start-up companies with high-potential focusing on modern logistics, information services, technology, cultural and creative industries and related professional services. Multi-dimensional start-up support includes: 

  • Seed money
  • Training
  • Business consultation
  • Networking
  • Quality office space at concessionary rates
  • Access to angel investors and venture capital
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups: 
Tel: 2527 2448 / 3113 7999

Secretariat, E Hub, the Qianhai Authority: 
Tel: +86 755 3666 8695 
Eureka Nova
Eureka Nova is a startup incubator founded by the New World Group to support young entrepreneurs. By leveraging our network and partners, this platform helps startups to collect innovative ideas, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and collide to co-create disruptive business ideas. Their incubatees will:

  • Gain access to a curated mentor pool, sharing from senior management of the New World Group and Tencent
  • Attend hands-on experiential workshop
  • Gain connection of the local ecosystem across Greater Bay Area
Tel: 3589 6143
Global Acceleration Academy (GAA)
Global Acceleration Academy (GAA) is an intensive business acceleration programme spearheaded by HKSTP to connect up-and-coming startups with world-class enterprises and help them localise their innovation and achieve success in the Asian market and beyond. Each programme lasts 3 months or 1 month (for overseas startups), kicked off with a gap analysis to align the requirements of each party to ensure an ideal match for the best possible business outcomes.
For the 3-month incubation programme, incubatees will receive:

  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Pitching
  • Immersion Trip
  • Opportunity to participate in Demo Day, showcasing their achievements to potential investors and business partners
Tel: 2629 7036 
Hong Kong AI & Data Laboratory Limited (HKAI Lab)
HKAI LAB is a platform for bringing together academics, scientists, and entrepreneurs in AI who are passionate about innovation and creating a better future. HKAI LAB is focused on advancing the frontiers of AI with cutting-edge technologies and expertise, and empowering startups to develop and commercialize their AI inventions and technologies. HKAI LAB offers a six-month Accelerator Program and support including:

  • Financial investment
  • Access to proprietary AI technologies
  • Strong advisory, network & opportunities
  • Dedicated support & resources
  • Free office space
Tel: 3612 9670 
HK Design Incubation Programme (DIP)
As a major incubation programme fully supported and funded by the Hong Kong SAR Government and managed by Hong Kong Design Centre, the Hong Kong Design Incubation Programme (DIP) aims to nurture design start-ups at the early stage of their business development, with hardware and software support. Under the programme, each incubatee is expected to graduate within a period of up to 2 years. Throughout the incubation period, incubatees will enjoy a variety of support services including: 

  • Free & discount office space usage (max. HK$240K)
  • Financial assistance in operation, marketing and development (max. HK$260K)
  • Business centre assistance
  • Business knowledge enrichment programmes
  • Mentorship programmes
  • Business outreaching programmes
     HKSTP Incubation Programmes
Our Incubation Programmes focus on three key areas – Incu-App, Incu-Tech, and Incu-Bio (New and Enhanced programme). They are custom-made to support technology startups in the fields of web and mobile technology, technology and biotechnology respectively.

  • Office space and facilities
  • Technical and management assistance
  • Promotion & development assistance
  • Business support
  • Financial aid package
Incu-Tech/ Incu-App
Tel: 2629 6873 

Tel: 2629 7091 (Dr. Liu) / 2629 6869 (Ms.Lee) 
Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP@HK)
Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP) is a business acceleration programme that caters to startups’ distinctive needs for growth and accelerates their innovation onto the global stage. Upon admission, LEAP acceleratees will be entitled to a full package of subsidies and services, including: 

  • Access a new powerful economic cluster
  • Accelerate with the best
  • Tap funding resources
Tel: 2629 6685
Inno Space
Inno Space is a startup platform to support local startups and inventors by translating their innovative ideas into industrial designs, prototypes and products so they can turn concepts into reality. Inno Space is comprised of three areas: Inno Network, Inno Idea and Inno Prototype. 

  • Inno Network (event space)
  • Inno Idea
    • Meeting room
    • VR room
    • Motion capture equipment
    • Garment-fitting and desktop 3D scanner
  • Inno Prototype
    • Traditional machineries
    • Desktop CNC, 3D printing machine, hand tools, laser technologies
Tel: 2788 6118
So In So Good Incubation Programme
SoInSoGood is a free 6-month incubation programme based in Hong Kong that harnesses the power of technology solutions addressing social and environmental issues. SoInSoGood enables talented entrepreneurs to grow and amplify their impact through: 

  • Classes and workshops
  • Mentorship
  • Social impact
  • Networking and events
  • Office space
Tel: 5584 6546 
STARS Programme by Hong Kong Startup Council
The STARS Programme, organised by Hong Kong Startup Council, provides assistance and support to startups on aspects of mentorship, industrial partnership (prototyping, design & production), go-to-market (marketing, sales, distribution, patent registration and pitching). Each cohort of the STARS Programme will last for six months.

  • Tailored mentorship programme guided by industry professionals
  • Demo day for startups to make their pitch to the panel or potential investors
  • Chance to gain up to HK$10 million funding opportunities
  • Access of facilities and events in HK startup Council Sharing & Co-working Space
Tel: 3974 6067