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To promote DEC 2.0 (Discovery-enriched Curriculum 2.0) as a way for our students to demonstrate their learning outcome of entrepreneurial skill set, this Award is designed to reward students for their successful patent application for their own inventions.

We believe that students have unprecedented opportunities to create new knowledge and come up with original creations, new inventions and discoveries to solve problems of today and tomorrow. Such new creations, inventions or discoveries can be protected as different types of "intellectual property" (IP). Click here to learn more about IP at CityU.

The Student Patent Award aims to:
  • stimulate students’ innovations which lead to the creation of IP;
  • encourage students to take their innovative ideas and intellectual work to the next level through patent registration and realize their dreams; and
  • protect the ownership and exploitation of IP developed by students, which has potential for commercialization.

All CityU students of UGC-funded programmes, except exchange students, who fulfill the below requirements, whether individual or teams, are eligible to apply for the Award.
  1. Successfully filed a patent application, excluding design patent, in any countries or territories during their study; and
  2. Must be the applicant AND one of the inventors of the filed patent application.

For each filed patent with more than one inventor, only one application for this Award shall be submitted to Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO). Only one award shall be given upon successful application of this Award.

The Student Patent Award offers an award of up to HK$5,000^ to reward students at CityU for each successfully filed patent application on their own inventions.

^For each filed Hong Kong short-term patent or Chinese utility model, an award of HK$3,000 shall be given.

Applicant shall read the Application Guidelines of Student Patent Award carefully before submitting his/her application.

Completed application form together with all required supporting documents must be submitted to KTO. KTO may meet with the applicant for further information if deemed necessary.

Call for application
Open throughout the year

Submission of application documents

Result announcement:
Within six weeks after the acknowledgement of receiving a complete set of application
Student Patent Award - Application Guidelines
Student Patent Award - Application Form

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