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Funding for Entrepreneurs

Funding for Entrepreneurs

Funding for Entrepreneurs


TSSSU (Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities) is a funding scheme to encourage commercialization of R&D results through establishing start-ups. A start-up selected under TSSSU can receive a maximum funding of $1.2m per year. A first-time TSSSU applicant start-up should be registered under the Companies Ordinance from 1 February 2016 to 31 January 2018. Each team should appoint a person-in-charge who is a CityU undergraduate/postgraduate, full-time professor or graduate within 5 years (graduated on or after 1 Jan 2013), and holding a senior position in the start-up.

SEEDS (Student Early Entrepreneurship Development Scheme) provides funding support to nurture entrepreneurial ideas. CityU student teams are eligible to apply (staff and alumni are welcome to serve as advisors). Each team should appoint a person-in-charge who is a CityU student under an academic programme funded by the University Grants Committee. Each approved project team can receive funding support up to $200,000.

Application Deadline
TSSSU: 5pm, 8 December 2017                                                                                                     
SEEDS: 28 December 2017                                                                                                                           

Face-to-Face Coaching
TSSSU or SEEDS teams who need advice can register for our face-to-face coaching sessions to be held from
21 to 23 November 2017 (up to 20 minutes, on a first-come-first-served basis).

Contact Information
Ms. Fanny Ho
Tel: 3442 6859