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CUBIC Life Science Group Happy Hour Tea Gathering (8 May 2015)

Date:8 May 2015 (Fri)
Venue:City Top, 9/F, Amenities Building, CityU
Admission:Free of charge

Biographies of Speakers

Prof. Michael H W LAM
Assistant Dean (Student Training and Placement) and Professor of Department of Biology and Chemistry

Prof. Michael Hon-Wah Lam received his Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong in 1990 and did his post-doctoral with the Nobel laureate (the late) Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson in the Johnson Matthey Laboratory of the Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, UK. Before joining the City University of Hong Kong in 1994, he has also worked as a forensic scientist in the Government Laboratory of Hong Kong and as a water scientist in the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong.

Prof. Lam's current research interest lies in two areas: (1) the development of novel molecular, nano- and micro-scale materials for in vitro and in vivo imaging, and environmental analytical and biomedical applications; (2) in vitro and in vivo metabolomic studies of various environmental contaminations. His research group has applied the molecular imprinting technique to develop numerous chemosensors for environmental/food contaminants and "smart" stimuli-responsive polymer materials for controlled release and uptake of drugs. His group has also developed various highly luminescent organometallic platinum(II) complex systems and lanthanide-based nanomaterials for bio-labeling and cell imaging purposes.

Dr. Joseph Tam
CEO/Chairman, DiagCor Bioscience Inc Ltd.

Ph.D. in chemistry, He was founder and past secretary, president of the Hong Kong Biochemistry Association. Dr. Tam had been Visiting Professor at UCSF, BMC and Augusta College of Medicine and Universities in China; Visiting Scientist of NIH and R&D Director, EY Laboratories Inc. Honorary Assoc. Professor, HKU.

Dr. Tam’s interests spread from protein to molecular biology, and has published in PNAS, Blood and other journals in areas in genetic diseases and DNA diagnosis, DNA fingerprinting and applied genomics. His laboratory in HKU was the first to embark on DNA technology in Hong Kong in 1978 and he engaged in establishing the first human thalassemia recombinant libraries and in 1981 he introduced rDNA technology to regional scientists by organizing the 1st UNESCO International rDNA Training Course in his laboratory and provided comprehensive training to the first group of regional scientists in 1983. His laboratory has since cloned many genes, uncovered mutations including 2 of the 8 known beta-thalassemia mutations among the Chinese. He is the inventor of many patents. The US patented Flow-Through DNA Hybridization Process is currently the fastest hybridization process and is being applied in DNA macro and microarray development. Dr. Tam founded 3 companies which included HybriBio (凱普), after retired from HKU.

Dr. Frank Wan
Solicitor of Messrs. Pang Wan & Choi

Dr Frank Wan has been practicing Intellectual Property Law for the last 20 years. Before launching his legal career, Dr Wan had received intensive training in cancer research in the University of Toronto under the supervision of Professor Tak Mak. Leveraging on his expertise in the biomedical and legal fields, Dr Wan has made significant contributions towards the transfer and application of medical and biotechnology research.

Dr. Wan is also an alumnus of the CityU and he received JSD under the supervision of Professor Xin He with research interests on economic functions of Intellectual Property Laws and LLM from the School of Law.

He has served as the Chairman of the Life Science Group, CityU Business and Industrial Club (CUBIC) since 2008; a Director of the Board of the Versitech Ltd of the University of Hong Kong since December 2004; a director of Hong Kong Policy Research Institute Limited since 2009 and a member of Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Panel since 2011. He served as an assessor to HK government innovative fund SERAP for 6 years.

He is a frequent speaker and commentator on issues relating to the Intellectual Property and Biotechnology industry.

Contact Information
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