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Special thanks to all the friends and partners of CityU KTO, who have supported us in the past year. We look forward to more collaboration with you in 2019!
Blockchain Technology and Its Potential


As you may notice, The Hong Kong Monetary Authority announced the official launch of “eTradeConnect”, the first blockchain-based international trade finance platform in Hong Kong, in November 2018. While more and more projects successfully bring the benefits of blockchain to the public, the technology becomes the centre of attention in the region. Not only does it offer exciting possibilities to enhance process automation, blockchain also eliminates pain points in businesses due to human error and lack of transparency.......Read More 
Cityu Technologies Display at 20th China Hi-tech Fair

The 20th China International Hi-Tech Fair was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 14th to 18th. Shenzhen Research Institute of the City University of Hong Kong displayed various projects such as environmental protection, electronics and information, and new ma......Read More 

Methods for Trustworthy and Private Search in Encrypted Decentralized Storage via Blockchain

Inventors: Dr Cong WANG, Dr Xingliang YUAN, Mr Chengjun CAI

Tech Description:
An encrypted decentralized storage architecture that can support trustworthy and private keyword search functions. We sta1t from searchable encryption to achieve search on encrypted data.Yet, only adopting this primitive is not sufficient to address particular threats in our target decentralized service model. Service peers would maliciously return incorrect results ......Read More 

Polyelectrolyte, Production and Use Thereof in Energy Storage Devices

Inventors: Dr Chunyi ZHI, Dr Yan HUANG

Tech Description:
Super-stretchability and self-healability are critical elements for the practical wide-scale adoption of portable and wearable energy storage devices, which have become a representative advance in personalized electronics. However, few polymers, if any, can both be super-stretched and heal well at damage sites, not to mention serving as an indispensable electrolyte in solid-state super ......Read More 

Knowledge Transfer Office and Innovation Commons have been providing CityU entrepreneurs a lot of opportunities to showcase their ideas and pitch their business for a share of prizes. The teams had achieved great results in the competitions as well!
Hong Kong Techathon
This is a pitching competition co-organized by CityU, PolyU, HKBU and Hong Kong Science Park. A hundred and twenty-four CityU members (including student and alumni), out of a total of 388 registrants, participated in Hong Kong Techathon on 23-25 November 2018 to pitch for seed funds and incubation support.
......Read More
Hong Kong Start-up Entrepreneurship Tour - Taipei
This year, we have extended the exposure of CityU startups beyond Hong Kong. Six startup teams were selected to join the Hong Kong Start-up Entrepreneurship Tour on 12-18 November. Other than the exhibition at “Meet Taipei 2018”, the teams had a chance to visit and exchange  ....Read More
Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP) 2018
Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP) Demo Day was successfully held on 23 October 2018, four CityU teams won the unique chance to take part in an Entrepreneurship Boot Camp in the U.S. and would .......Read More
China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition 2018
The competition was held from 31 October to 4 November 2018 in Hangzhou, organized by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre. Among 23 Hong Kong teams from 9 tertiary institutes, two out of three CityU teams won Silver Awards: .....Read More
Apart from the above, we had also partnered with Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund for “JUMSTARTER IdeaPOP!”, B4B for “B4B Challenge – Big Data for Digital Transformation” and Techstars for “Startup Weekend”. CityU students were invited to submit their innovative ideas and projects to show how innovation can help to resolve some of the most pressing problems in the region and around the world.
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