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With a view to understanding as fully as possible how and why the Sports Hall incident occurred, members of the University community are invited to provide information that they have personally witnessed to the Investigation Committee (IC) on any incidents related to building maintenance in the Sports Hall, Academic Building 1 (AC1) and the Amenities Building. The latter two buildings are adjacent to the Sports Hall and have either a similar roof structure as the Sports Hall or have roof-greening.

The information provided must be in written form, accompanied with the real name and contact details of the individuals submitting the information and the details related to the incidents, such as date, time and place. Hearsay evidence will not be considered. The IC will assess the information received and may decide to interview respective information providers if and when necessary. The valid information so collected will be treated with strict confidence and be handled by the IC in summary form for consideration.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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