Boosting Interdisciplinary Collaboration for 
Renewable Energy Applications

With its intellectual focus, we take advantage of initiating the monthly seminar series for young researchers and leaders to share their latest findings and cutting-edge research output in global energy development.

This event aims to promote the achievements of emerging scientists within the institute and initiate cross-disciplinary dialogue on innovative ideas and solutions for the various challenges and difficulties.

This regular event brought up tight connections among different research groups within the Institute.

2023: May Session

Young Scientist Seminar: April 2023



May 2023

Energy- and Carbon-Reduced Solutions for Urban Waste Disposal: Innovations in Concrete for Industrial Decarbonization
CHEN Huaguo, ACE [Supervisor: Denvid Lau]
Unraveling the Crystallization Process in Metal Halide Perovskites by In-situ Dynamic Optical Probing
ZENG Zixin, MSE [Supervisor: Stephen TSANG]
Preparation of Gold-Based Nanostructures with Unconventional Heterophases for Highly Efficient Electrocatalysis

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Apr 2023

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nanopore Sequencing Utilizing Two-dimensional Materials
HUANG Changxiong, MSE [Supervisor: FAN Jun]
Wideband Series Harmonic Voltage Compensator Using Look-Ahead State Trajectory Prediction for Network Stability Enhancement and Condition Monitoring
Jacky LAI, EE [Supervisor: Henry CHUNG]
Structural Regulation in P2-type Oxide Cathode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries
LIU Zhengbo, PHY [Supervisor: LIU Qi]

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Feb 2023

Optoelectronic Modeling and Design of High-performance Perovskite and Organic Solar Cells

AN Yidan, MSE [Supervisor: Angus YIP]
Bell-shaped Logistic Charging toward Long-Life Initially Lithium Metal Free Lithium Metal Batteries
LIU Yuanming, SEE [Supervisor: CHEN Guohua]
Towards an Industrial Biorefinery Process: Pre-Treatment of Food Waste to Increase Its Utility as a Feedstock for Sophorolipid Production by Starmerella Bombicola
TO Ming-Ho, SEE [Supervisor: Carol LIN]

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Dec 2022
First-Principles Technique for the Study of Electron Transfer in Energy Materials
Calvin KU, SEE [Supervisor: Patrick SIT]
Confined Growth of Silver-Copper Janus Nanostructures with {100} Facets for Highly Selective Tandem Electrocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Reduction
MA Yangbo, CHEM [Supervisor: FAN Zhanxi]
Direct Thermal Charging Cell for Waste Heat to Electricity Conversion
MU Kaiyu, ADSE [Supervisor: Tony FENG]

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Nov 2022
From Bulk to Nanostructured Perovskites
MENG You, MSE [Supervisor: Johnny HO]
RePLiCATE: A Framework for Sustainable and Resilient Planning of Advanced Clean Energy Systems
Manoj Kumar NALLAPANENI, SEE [Supervisor: Shauhrat S. CHOPRA]
Building a Stable Cationic Molecule/Electrode Interface for Highly Efficient and Durable CO2 Reduction at an Industrial Relevant Current 
SU Jianjun, CHEM [Supervisor: YE Ruquan]

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Oct 2022
Taking Advantage of Aggregation to Chaperon NPs Across Fluid Interfaces
FU Yuchen, PHY [Supervisor: CHAI Yu]
n-Type All-Acceptor Polymer Semiconductors: Design, Synthesis and Application
SHI Yongqiang, MSE [Supervisor: ZHANG Qichun]
Balancing Volmer Step by Superhydrophilic Dual-Active Domains for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution
ZHOU Jinsong , SEE [Supervisor: Michael LEUNG]

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Sep 2022
Accurate Retrieval of Three-Dimensional Atomic Structure of Bilayer Graphene
HUNG Shih-Wei, MSE [Supervisor: Furong CHEN]
Artificial Photosynthesis for Power-to-X
WU Hao, SEE [Supervisor: NG Yun-Hau]
Near-infrared Molecular Photonics for Electro-optics and Photo-Theranostics
ZHANG Di, CHEM [Supervisor: LUO Jingdong]

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Aug 2022
Flexible Biomechanical Energy Harvester toward Self-Powered Wearable Electronics
WANG Lingyun, MNE [Supervisor: Walid DAOUD]
Fabricating Efficient and Stable All-polymer Solar Cells Based on a Vinylene-linker-based Polymer Acceptor
WANG Yan, CHEM [Supervisor: ZHU Zonglong]
Zn-based Battery for Simultaneously Conversion Pollutants to Ammonia and Electricity Generation
ZHANG Rong, MSE [Supervisor: ZHI Chunyi]

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Jul 2022
Enhancement Strategies for Radiative Cooling Coatings
FU Yang, MSE [Supervisor: LEI Dangyuan]
Phase Engineering of Pd-based Nanomaterials
GE Yiyao, CHEM [Supervisor: ZHANG Hua]
A Universal Framework for Water Kinetic Energy Harvesting
XU Wanghuai, MNE [Supervisor: WANG Zuankai]

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Jun 2022
High Performance Heat Sink for Super-efficient Cooling of Power Electronics
JIANG Xingchi, MNE [Supervisor: PAN Chin]
Thermochromic Perovskite Smart Windows for Energy Conservation in Buildings
LIU Sai, SEE [Supervisor: Edwin TSO]
Synthesis and optical properties of nearly monodisperse near-infrared emitting CuInS2/CdS Nanorods
Portniagin ARSENII, MSE [Supervisor: Andrey ROGACH]

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May 2022
Self-protecting aqueous lithium-ion batteries with smart thermo-responsive separators
BAI Zhaowen, PHY [Supervisor: LIU Qi]
Investigating the Effect of Molecular Packing on Charge Transfer Characteristics of Y6 and ITIC Non-Fullerene Acceptors Using Electroabsorption Spectroscopy
Sudhi MAHADEVAN, MSE [Supervisor: Stephen TSANG]
Dynamics and Kinetics in Electrochemiluminescence
Stanley MAK, SEE [Supervisor: Sam HSU]

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April 2022
Interface Engineering for Highly Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells
LI Fengzhu, MSE [Supervisor: Alex JEN]
Passivating Oxygen Atoms in SiO through Pre-Treatment with Na2CO3 to Increase Its First Cycle Efficiency for Lithium-Ion Batteries
TAN Tian, SEE [Supervisor: Denis YU]
Lithium niobate photonics for power-efficient data links
ZHANG KE, EE [Supervisor: WANG Cheng]

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