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HKICE received nine awards in the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva was successfully held from 26 to 30 April.

29 Apr 2023

Dr. Edwin Tso and his PhD graduate student Dr. Martin Zhu (Co-founders of i2Cool Limited), win $1 Million for the GOLD TERA-Award for their work on Revolutionary Electricity-Free Cooling Technology

29 Mar 2023

Prof. Yip contributes in the RTHK's interview, discussing the latest development in solar technologies


RTHK | 25 May 2023

Prof. Jen and his team develop new additives for the perovskite solar cells techonology.

CityU researchers develop an additive to efficiently improve the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells

CityU News | 04 May 2023

Prof. Chen develop a unique  and world-leading electron microscope, which is the first university in the world to achieve this

CityU: world’s first university to manufacture next-generation, self-designed compact electron microscopes

CityU News | 21 Apr 2023

Dr. Zonglong ZHU lead a study on simple perovskite solar cell fabrations

One-step solution-coating method to advance perovskite solar cell manufacturing and commercialisation

CityU News| 20 Apr 2023

Dr. Edwin Tso and his PhD student Dr. Martin Zhu (Co-founders of i2Cool Limited) win $1 Million for their GOLD TERA-Award 

初創公司研無電製冷獲獎金100萬美元 擬建廠房生產應用

香港 01 | 29 Mar 2023

Dr. Denvid LAU share his work in Green Building Development in Mingpao


Mingpao| 19 Jan 2023

Dr. Cheng WANG shares the latest development of integrated lithium niobate (LN) photonics


每日頭條| 6 Dec 2022

Integrated microwave photonics is an emerging interdisciplinary subject that takes advantage of optical devices and systems to perform microwave signal generation, manipulation and transmission tasks in a compact, integrated and scalable manner. At the heart of almost all microwave photonic systems sits the electro-optic (EO) modulators, which are responsible for faithfully encoding signals from the microwave to the optical domain. During this process, the modulation linearity and bandwidth are two key metrics that ultimately determine the signal fidelity and operation frequency range of the microwave photonic link. Recently, Dr. Wang’s team has designed and realized two new integrated lithium niobate modulators that offer two orders of magnitude improvement in modulation linearity and bandwidths covering the entire microwave and millimeter-wave bands (up to 300 GHz), respectively, opening new avenues for future integrated microwave photonics with applications in 6G networks, optical communications, as well as remote sensing and ranging systems.

Prof. Angus Hin Lap YIP contributes an article in Mingpao

Prof Angus YIP contributes an article entitled “生活與科學:環保太陽能發電”, discussing different PV applications.

Mingpao | 17 Nov 2022

Prof. Alex JEN sharing the Perovskite PV Technology

Researchers Find Innovative Method to Implement Perovskite Solar Cell Technology

AZO Materials | 17 Nov 2022

Due to their great performance and cheap production cost, perovskite solar cells have great potential as a future energy technology. However, due to the difficulties in scaling up from small-scale laboratory devices to large-scale modules or panels required for commercial usage, researchers are finding it difficult to bring this potential photovoltaic technology into commercial use.

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Prof. Alex JEN sharing the mass production of solar cells

Another Step on the road to perovskite solar mass production 
31 May 2022 | 31 May 2022

Large-areas of perovskite solar cell active layer can be stuck to glass using self-assembling organic mono-layers, according to scientists in China, who see it as a route to the commercialization of this promising photovoltaic technology.

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Dr. Edwin TSO shares his work on thermochromic smart window


Mingpao | 17 Nov 2022

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HKICE success at the Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days 

Great success again at Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days; CityU top among local universities for two years

30 Mar 2022

One Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury

Prof. Zuankai WANG: “Fog-to-electricity Generator with Ultra-high Power Density”;
Three Gold Medal
Dr. Edwin TSO: “Intelligent Thermo-responsive Window for Indoor Thermal Management and Energy Saving in Buildings”;
Prof. Zuankai WANG: “Structured Thermal Armour”;
Dr. Yu Xinge: “Touch VR e-Skin for Metaverse”;

Four Silver Medal
Prof. Michael Leung: “Nano-Photocatalytic Marine Antifouling/Anticorrosion Paint (NanoMA2P)”;
Prof. Jinlian HU: “Super-tough Artificial Spider Silk”;
Prof. Jinlian HU: “JanusLean Electrospun Nano Fibre Sheet Mask”;
Prof. Chunyi ZHI:” Safe Flexible Batteries and Their Applications”

These awards at such a high international level demonstrate the excellence of the research carried out at CityU. 

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Clarivate: Highly Cited Researchers 2022

Accelerating clean energy innovations

Nature portfolio | 24 Mar 2022

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