Extension of Stay for Non-local Students

If your limit of stay granted by the Immigration Department is shorter than the normal duration of your study programme, you should apply for an extension of stay within four weeks before your current limit of stay expires.

A limit of stay will be extended in line with the remaining duration of the study programme, subject to:

  • a maximum period of six years upon entry as a student under the same study programme in the same institution; and
  • the validity of your travel document.

Dependents of non-local students (i.e. spouses and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18) will normally be granted an initial stay of 12 months upon entry, which is subject to annual extension upon application.

The following documents are normally required for an extension of stay application:

  • Applicant's travel documents;
  • Applicant's Hong Kong Identity Card (if applicable);
  • Completed Application for an Extension of Stay Form ID91; and
  • A letter of certification indicating the remaining duration of the study programme and the expected date of graduation.

Undergraduates should apply to the Academic Regulations and Records Office for the letter of certification, whereas postgraduate students may contact Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies for assistance.

You may apply in person or authorise in writing a representative to submit the application on your behalf. However, you (the applicant) must be physically present in Hong Kong on the date your student visa/entry permit extension is submitted, and on the date that you collect your new student visa/entry permit.

Further details on the application procedure for an extension of stay can be obtained from the Hong Kong Immigration Department.