Student-Initiated Projects (2017-2018)



The Student-Initiated Project (SIP) 2017-18 is now open for application. To promote campus internationalization and integration, CityU students are now cordially invited to submit proposals for the academic year 2017-18 with the aim of allowing local and non-local students to work together toward a common purpose of providing a more welcoming environment for all students. Projects can be academic or non-academic in nature. Examples in the last cycles include adventure games, competitions, drama workshops and performance, cultural nights and Apps development for social media.


Any full-time CityU student may be a proposer as part of a team of at least three students. Each proposal raised by a student team must have the endorsement of a full-time staff advisor.

Funding Support

Maximum sponsorship for each project is capped at HK$100,000.

Proposals and Deadline

Please send your proposal by email to Global Services Office (GSO) at
Proposal template

1. All projects have to be implemented within the period of 1 September 2017 to 30 June 2018.
2. The amount of subsidies shall be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Assessment Panel.
3. To support sustainability, wastage of materials and resources, e.g. printed, unrecyclable items, souvenirs, etc., should be avoided.

First Round
Deadline: Friday 25 August 2017, 2pm
Selection and announcement of results shall be made during the week of 11-15 September 2017.

Second Round
Deadline: Friday 19 January 2018, 2pm
Selection and announcement of results shall be made during the week of 5-9 February 2018.

Assessment Panel

  • Assessment Panel will review all proposals received.
  • Criteria for selection include: meeting the SIP’s objectives, level of innovation, viability of the project and expected impact of the project.


Projects successfully granted with SIP funding will be required to submit a final report with participant list (student full name and student ID are required), 10 quality photos (at least 5MB each), participant survey results and the reimbursement information (using the reimbursement form) to Global Services Office (GSO) at SIP student organizers are also required to complete an organizer survey online conducted by GSO. Reimbursement will not be processed until submission of all required documents are received within one month upon completion of the SIP.
Report Template
Reimbursement Form Template


Please send your enquiries, if any, to

Funded Projects in 2017/18

33 project proposals were received and reviewed by the Assessment Panel in the two rounds of applications. 26 projects will be supported by the funds and they are listed alphabetically as follows.

Round 1

Project TitleAmount (HK$)Project Period (Proposed)
1st International Orientation Camp 201713,0001-3 Sep 2017
Mid-Autumn Festival with in-bound exchange students6,75022 Sep 2017
Global Festival Day89,50026 Oct 2017
Diwali Night 201716,50031 Oct 2017
Happy Integration Through Tennis12,500Oct 2017-Feb 2018
Bruce Lee Nunchaku in Student Residence6,000Oct-Nov 2017
Hong Kong Sign Language Workshop opening to all student residents6,000Oct-Nov 2017
Hall Hackathon Competition5,330 27-28 Jan 2018
Indonesian Night 2018: DEVATA 31,250 7 Feb 2018

Round 2

Project TitleAmount (HK$)Project Period (Proposed)
Art Fair 2018 - The Enchanted Cottage 17,180.50 22-23 Jan 2018
Calligraphantasy 7,570 Feb-Mar 2018
Celebrate CNY with in-bound exchange students 10,878 7 Feb 2018
Chinese Culture Festival 14,912.50 26-27 Feb 2018
CityU Model United Nations Conference 16,350 3-4 Feb 2018
Drama Gathering 9,125 Feb-Apr 2018
Happy Integration Through Tennis (HIT) Sem B 8,872 Jan-Apr 2018
Japanese Day 22,700 2 Feb 2018
Korean Night 2018 19,550 26 Mar 2018
Language Salon 4800 Jan-Apr 2018
Minority Culture Festival 2018 11,701 24 Mar 2018
Project Ethnic Minority Empowerment 2018 19,450 Mar 2018
Refugee Run 3,960 17 Mar 2018
Spring Banquet 20,418 3 Feb 2018
Taiwanese Night 19,700 28 Mar 2018
The Canada Day 2018: The Vibe of Maples 10,000 19 Mar 2018
US Day 26,000 22 Nov 2017

List of Funded Projects in the Previous Years

Funded Projects in 2016/17

Funded Projects in 2016/17

33 project proposals were received and reviewed by the Assessment Panel in three rounds of applications. 23 projects will be supported by the funds and they are listed alphabetically as follows.

Round 1

Project TitleAmount (HK$)Project Period (Proposed)
Calligraphantasy: Connecting People, Connecting Cultures16,800 1 Nov 2016- Jun 2017
City University Diwali Night 2016 20,000 29-Oct-16
CityU Exchanges Fair 2016 39,500 6-Oct-16
Connecting Through Tennis 11,144 1 Oct 2016 - 8 April 2017
Dream of Chinese Dragon--- Enjoy Chinese Traditional Culture and Regional Cuisines 6,600 9-Nov-16
Global Festival Night <2016> 63,500 2-Nov-16
Indonesia: Unity in Diversity 25,000 Sem B
The Festival of Sacrifice- 2016 18,000 5-Oct-16

Round 2

Project TitleAmount (HK$)Project Period (Proposed)
Art Fair 2017- Voyage Around the World12,421.0023-24 Jan 2017
Chinese New Year Party11,000.0017-Jan-17
CityU Model United Nation Conference 201724,85026-27 Feb 2017
Color China14,150.00Early Mar 2017
Drama Gathering12,150.0031 Oct 2016- 25 Mar 2017
EM Cultural NightTBC10-Feb-17
Japanese Night20,000.00Late Feb 2017
Minority Culture Festival13,450.0024-Mar-17
Project EM Empowerment23,350Jan-Mar 2017
Spring Banquet21,250.0018-Feb-17
Taiwanese Night22,000.00TBC

Round 3

Project TitleAmount (HK$)Project Period (Proposed)
Building Up Friendship through Ice-skating 16,200 Feb 2017 to Jun 2017
CityU Music Contest 2017: Tuna Taka Wewe 21,200 2 Mar 2017
Cricket Fun Day 201725,268 27 Feb 2017
Tour De Hong Kong 5,490 4 Mar 2017
Funded Projects in 2015/16

Funded Projects in 2015/16

A total of 25 proposals were received and reviewed by the Assessment Panel in the two rounds of applications in the 2015/16 academic year. Finally, 11 student-initiated projects in the first round and 11 student-initiated projects in the second round were awarded University Grants Committee (UGC) and CityU funds. The 22 funded student-initiated projects, listed alphabetically, are:

Round 1

Project TitleAmount (HK$)Project Period (Proposed)
Calligraphantasy: Essence of the Past, Fantasy for the Future 7,010 Nov 2015 - May 2016
CityU Diwali 17,000 13-Nov-15
CityU International Students' Culture Hub 94,900 Nov 2015 - Jun 2016
Cooking Mama 61,000 Feb - Mar 2016
Global Festival Night 63,000 5-Nov-15
Model United Nations of CityU 16,900 19 - 26 Feb 2016
Project Globe 23,300 Nov 2015 - Feb 2016
Singapore Night 29,548 3-Nov-15
Sweeties' Workshop 24,000 Nov 2015 - Apr 2016
The Festival of Sacrifice 18,350 8-Oct-15
Wellness Plus 21,800 Nov 2015 - Jun 2016

Round 2

Project TitleAmount (HK$)Project Period (Proposed)
Colour China 12,100 18-19 Feb 2016
DanSing U 13,950 11 Mar 2016
Home Visit 1,600 Jan 2016
Indonesian Night Market 20,000 15 Apr 2016
Lantern Festival 17,300 22 Feb 2016
Malaysian Night 23,834 18 Mar 2016
New Year Party 2016 13,200 Feb 2016
Project EM Empowerment 2,000 Mar – Apr 2016
Springlicious 15,240.5 26 Feb 2016
Taiwanese Night 19,620 22 Mar 2016
Weekly Sports 1,500 Jan - May 2016