Global Exposure

Vilnius: The Pearl of the Baltic

“Where is it?”
“Why do you choose this country as your exchange destination?”

CityU Omnibus on the Silk Road: Serving Ethnic Minorities

As we immerse ourselves into our modern-day lives, filled with technology, services at the press of a button and towering skyscrapers in every direction, we often lose touch with the simpler things...

CityU Omnibus on the Silk Road: A Summer in Prague

To feel in one’s presence, and see with one’s eyes is the key to personal enrichment. This holds particularly true when travelling to a completely new part of the world...

Malaysia: Where people speak multiple languages

Hello! 你好!汝好無?(Lı́ hó bô?) Apa khabar? Kopivosian!

“Under the water”

WHAT? The Extreme Environments Programme was created to take students to remote and endangered ecosystems in order for the students to make site-specific art that couldn’t have been created without nature...

Hungary: “Where the Fence is Made out of Sausages”

“So, where are you from?” is a question that I dread very much. Why would I dislike this question, you ask? Well, because of the sole reason that my response prompts long and awkward silent moments...

Diary of My MUN Conference

Today, I attended what is widely considered to be the World Cup of “MUNning” with the other fellow CityU students...

Indonesia: More than just Bali and Domestic Helpers

As an Indonesian student residing in Hong Kong, one of the most frustrating yet amusing experiences I encountered is trying to explain to people that Indonesia is not India...

Happy Valentine’s Day – the “Unique” Romance Chemistry in the World
情人節快樂 ─ 世上“獨特”的浪漫化學

February – the love-hate month. For those who love it, congratulations!

Voyage along the Silk Road

Come along on a trip with me, will you?

“Pie” Is No Longer “In The Sky”

I have always dreamed of studying abroad, and it really happened in Semester A 2015/16. Thanks to a partial grant offered by my home university, I had a taste of a different experience at...

New York Diaries

One of the best things about CityU is that it aims to provide 65% of undergraduate students with an international experience by 2019 through, for instance, student exchange programme or internship...

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