Immerse Yourself in Diverse Cultures at International Events!

I am a late beginner in attending international cultural events. I know, I’ve missed lots of fun. But luckily I’ve still got two years to enjoy my multicultural campus life.

There are many interesting and “hidden” activities on campus, just waiting for us to explore them. Although I call them hidden, all of them are actually promoted through CAP, CityU emails or Facebook. These activities are mostly held by student organisers with different backgrounds, and they have diverse themes.

Local students sometimes find it hard to get close to the international students on campus. Either they are not confident enough to initiate a conversation or they have not noticed the opportunities to approach them except during lectures. As a result, some locals do find non-local students a bit distant. Well, although it sounds like a commercial, meeting international friends is never difficult when you attend cultural nights. Food and drinks are a good way to start talking to someone you don't know at all.

Singaporean Night
Although Singapore is our neighbour and has many things in common with Hong Kong, we seldom spend time trying to understand its local culture. On Singaporean Night, we enjoyed tasty food and a great movie. I was absolutely carried away by the Laksa and Mee Siam, as well as the amazing film Ah Boys to Men by talented director Jack Neo.

Feast of Sacrifice
Many non-Muslims joined Muslims for the Feast of Sacrifice. The best part of the event was being able to taste traditional foods enjoyed by Muslims from different countries. I swear, they are so delicious. Without doubt, my favourite is kebabs. They are just too good to be true.

Global Festival Night
How could it be international if there were no Global Festival Night? With great music, fancy costumes and fun games, More than 10 countries brought their cultures to the night and provided an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Who says that travelling or studying abroad is a must if someone want to learn more about a new culture? I absolutely disagree! I personally learnt a lot about Muslims and Singaporean culture at these international events, as well as experienced the food cultures of many different countries. These activities help you to gain a better picture of a culture, and raise questions or talk to the speaker when you want to know more.

As part of the CityU community, I’m really impressed by the variety of international activities being held. These events are opportunities to relax, enjoy and freely interact with the people you meet. They also allow you to stay away from those nasty assignments that can sometimes drive people crazy. Simply grabbing some food and sitting in a meadow is more than enough to make your day, or rather, your night. Now, you know what to do for the next cultural night.

Study Abroad Fair
In addition to on-campus activities, of course there are also other opportunities for us to experience foreign cultures, such as the student exchange programme. A study abroad fair is usually held in November every year, with both incoming and returning exchange students sharing stories of their life overseas and introducing their institutions at booths. The fair is very useful for students who are planning to take part in an exchange in the coming academic years. Even those who decide to stay in Hong Kong can still get some insights into the cultures and lifestyles of different countries through the sharing sessions.

As there are so many chances for us to expand our horizons, why don’t we grasp them and fill ourselves with stories and experiences? There are more activities to come in semester B. Don’t miss the CAP announcement and email. If you are interested to promote your own culture, tell us through email:!