Insider Tips on Making the Most of Hong Kong

Let’s hear the advice on meeting new friends, the best spots in Hong Kong, University life and life hacks from local CityU students!City Chinese Restaurant
Giselle Chan
There is no need to bring cup noodles, rice or sauce to Hong Kong. You can literally buy anything here.
Crystal Li
Hanging out with local students is the best way to discover the real Hong Kong and experience the city’s never-ending energy. Don’t be afraid to go to the breathtaking rural areas or old districts. You will have thousands of awesome stories to tell to your friends at home!
Hei Man Chan
Although Hong Kong is small and the transportation system is very efficient, traffic jams can happen, especially when you are in a hurry! So, make sure you leave early if you have an important date.
Jasmine Lam
Make local friends in Hong Kong – the more the merrier! They can help you get used to the crazy life in Hong Kong. Sheung Wan is definitely an underrated hidden gem of Hong Kong. There are galleries, antique markets, temples, and graffiti. Mind you – there are a lot of stairs!
Wayne Cheng
CityU is a food paradise where you have all the choices you need. The economical choice would be AC1 canteen. Fancy something better in quality? AC2 is a great alternative with a slightly higher price. Long for a more comfy environment? AC3 canteen and Garden Café may suit you best. Still not satisfied? Go to Festival Walk just beside the campus, and I am sure you will be pleased.
Raphaelle Chan
Non-local students are here for various reasons, but cultural exchange is certainly an important part of the overseas experience. Take part in cultural activities organised by the government, such as Cantonese operas and exhibitions that reflect on the way of life and the history of Hong Kong residents. Most importantly, you should submerge yourselves in the local student community by initiating conversations. Communicate with the local students – they will be more than happy to accompany you through your journey in Hong Kong!
Andrea Chan
Ladies’ Market is a great place to hang out. Lots of cheap things and street food are just around the corner.
Carlos Ngui
Hong Kong is a city with a high Internet penetration rate. You can get free WiFi access in MTR stations as well as most of the shopping malls and restaurants.
Winnie Lee
Everyone is eager to offer help to new students, so feel free to ask questions. Have fun and enjoy your semester to the fullest!