My CityU Experience: Words from our Exchange Friends

Every semester, CityU welcomes several hundred exchange students from all over the world for a semester or a year-long programme, creating a multicultural environment that encourages intercultural exposure and communication. In this article, we talk to some of our exchange friends about their experience in Hong Kong as a perfect wrap-up of their journey.

Sarah from France

I want to discover Asia, and Hong Kong is a very international city with highly developed business and finance sectors. As a business student, that interests me. Moreover, many Hong Kongers can speak English, which helps me to communicate and to travel around. I didn’t have many expectations other than to discover new things. I have tried to remain open-minded, and at the end I am definitely not disappointed.

Favourite part of Hong Kong?
I love Central and Sai Kung – the former for its fancy restaurants and glamorous
lifestyle; the latter for its countryside and greenery.

Viola from the Netherlands

I expected a big city full of Chinese culture, with many international people and tall buildings. It is a city with an amazing atmosphere with a lot of things to do! I would definitely like to visit Hong Kong again.

Favourite part of Hong Kong?
Mong Kok is my favourite part of the city, with its busy streets, local shops and markets.

Robert from Australia

I am fascinated with China; it is a blossoming country filled with potential. Hong Kong is incredibly different from anywhere else in the world. I took Mandarin here; it is very hard but interesting, as it is a language based upon symbols.

Favourite part of Hong Kong?
Taking the Star Ferry, as you can see all dimensions of life in Hong Kong.

Nancy from Mainland China

Hong Kong has a unique language environment that can help to enrich one’s experience. Moreover, its lifestyle is also very different from that in the rest of Asia.

Favourite part of Hong Kong?                   
Tai O, as I think it is very different from places in mainland China because it preserves many traditional cultures and customs.

Juraj from Denmark

I study in Denmark, and I wanted to experience something different from European culture and explore Asia. I didn’t get to take formal Cantonese classes, but I learnt some phrases from my roommate.

Favourite part of Hong Kong?
I love every place in Hong Kong. It has a diverse lifestyle, and you can buy commodities conveniently at a desirable price.

Woochul from Korea

I study finance, so I was expecting a highly financial city that has a similar Asian culture to Korea. I took Cantonese, and it is the hardest language I have ever learnt with its unique system of intonation and characters.

Favourite part of Hong Kong?
Definitely Discovery Bay; it is very beautiful with extremely peaceful scenery and a tranquil atmosphere.

Kieran from the Netherlands

This is my third time in Hong Kong; it is such a city of opportunities! I study International Studies with a focus on East Asia, and I would like to get a “touch of Asia”. I took “Public Policy and Government in Hong Kong”, although sometimes it was tough as I’m a foreigner. I got to participate in interesting sightseeing trips such as to the Transport and Housing Bureau.

Amanda from theUS

I imagined a metropolitan city of noise and busy lifestyles, and it also has a very diverse culture. I took two courses called “Religion and Society in Asia” and “Women’s Lives in Chinese History”, which I would be able to find only at universities in Asia.

As one of the world’s leading metropolises, Hong Kong attracts numerous elite international students every year who are looking for cultural exploration and a well-rounded education. In today’s rapidly changing society, increasing global awareness is of critical importance, and it can be achieved by joining an exchange programmes. We welcome any students who are interested in our programmes to visit our website for more information: