Pre-enrolment is an online process through which you can register your personal contact information and activate your provided electronic ID (EID). Your EID will be used for logging onto the University’s e-Portal, a gateway that allows you to access all kinds of information relating to your studies at CityU. Please make sure you have completed the following pre-enrolment procedures online before reporting to CityU for enrolment:

  • Step 1: activate your EID
  • Step 2: update your personal data for communication

The Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO) will guide new undergraduate students through the steps of pre-enrolment by email starting from late June. For more information, please visit here. For postgraduate students, you may expect to hear from Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies (SGS) by email with information about pre-enrolment. Additional information can be found here.