Opening a Bank Account

If you plan to open a bank account in Hong Kong, present the bank with your CityU Student Identity Card, travel documents, student visa/entry permit) and proof of your residence in Hong Kong and your place of origin. If you live on campus, you may apply for proof of residence from the Student Residence Office (SRO).

If you are a minor student under the age of 18 (by the time when you apply for the bank account), please note that some banks may accept your application for opening a savings account while some others do not provide banking services to persons under 18 years old. For those banks which accept minor students to open a bank account normally require the presence of the minor student’s parent. Such requirements vary from one bank to another. Please check with the bank you intend to patronize for details.

Octopus Card

The Octopus card is a stored-value card accepted by almost all public transportation systems and most fast-food outlets, convenience stores, supermarkets and vending machines in Hong Kong. Full-time students aged 25 or below are eligible to apply for a personalised Octopus card with ‘student status’ that allows them to save up to 50% on every MTR ride. Obtain an application form for the 'student status' Octopus card from the Student Development Services (SDS) at the beginning of the semester and return the completed form to any one of the MTR stations.

Hong Kong Identity Card

Students who will be staying and studying in Hong Kong for more than 180 days are required by law to apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card at the Hong Kong Immigration Department within 30 days upon arrival. No fee is charged for the first application. Please book an appointment with the Immigration Department via www.gov.hk/icbooking, or call the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s 24-hour appointment booking hotline at (852) 2598 0888.

Settling Your Payment

An all-in-one payment notice will be issued to students within one month after the semester starts. The payment notice will show all fee items including tuition, student residence fees, insurance premiums and the payment due date. An account summary is also available on your AIMS account. The fees can be settled by various means. Please visit the website of the Finance Office for the details.

Do not miss the payment due date, as students who do not pay the fees in full by the deadline may have their student enrolment status suspended by the University. A late payment charge will also be imposed on top of the outstanding payment.