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Mobile, Laptop & Internet

Can I Use My Mobile Number from Home in Hong Kong?

  • Hong Kong number: Students are advised to get a Hong Kong mobile number, either through a prepaid card or a service plan, as roaming services can be very expensive.
  • Alternatives: If you want to use your mobile number from home, make sure to check with your original network provider in advance as you may need to get it unlocked before your departure.

Do I Need a Computer?

  • Bring your own device (BYOD): Many students will use their own laptop computers for jotting lecture notes, doing research and working on assignments.
  • On-campus facilities: There are also computer terminals that span across the campus, as well as computer labs inside the Computing Services Centre that provide IT facilities and support to the CityU community for general use.

How Can I Connect to Wi-Fi at CityU?

  • Students can use their LAN connection password to gain access to the wireless network. You may refer to the FAQ on CityU WiFi for more details.
  • Free & extensive coverage: CityU campus is a wireless and Wi-Fi enabled environment. Students can connect to the internet for free in all classrooms and lecture theatres, and around most of the campus.

How Can I Get Online at the Student Residence?

Mobile & Data - Prepaid Cards vs Service Plans

How to Choose?

  • Flexibility vs cost: A prepaid card will give users greater flexibility as in when to end the service as they will be bound for a shorter period of time (e.g. 180 days), whereas a service plan will come with a better deal by bounding users over a longer period (e.g. 2 years) with little flexibility on shortening the contractual period. Thus, students are advised to weigh between flexibility and cost to come up with the option that best suits their needs.

Where to Buy or Subscribe?

  • Convenience stores: Prepaid SIM cards are available at 7-11, Circle K, etc.
  • Branches of service providers: Service plans, on the other hand, have to be subscribed in person at the branches of service providers.
  • Major service providers: CSL, Smartone and THREE are some of the major service providers in Hong Kong which offer both prepaid card and service plan options. Please refer to the links below for details:

What are the Points to Note?

  • Prepaid cards: Most companies charge per minute, so if you make a call of 1 minute and 1 second, you will be charged for 2 minutes. Please also note that incoming calls are also charged. Prepaid cards are normally with a fixed amount of airtime and cost around HK$200. Be aware that cards are usually valid for 180 days after the last recharge. After this period the card expires with no refund available and you lose the number.
  • Service plans: Pay special attention to what service items are covered by the service fee, how the fee is calculated and under what special circumstances additional charges will be imposed. Here is a list of the points to note on mobile data services subscription.

Useful Apps for Living in Hong Kong

Everyday Essentials
Wi-Fi.HK (iOSAndroid):

Find and use the free public Wi-Fi services available in Hong Kong
MyObservatory (iOSAndroid):

Provide you with current weather information in Hong Kong
Water For Free (iOSAndroid):

Find the nearest water fountain, save money and go green
MTR Mobile (iOSAndroid):

Plan your ride along the MTR and stay updated of traffic news
App 1933 - KMB/LWB (iOSAndroid):

Plan your bus ride along the KMB/LWB network with estimated arrival time
CitybusNWFB (iOSAndroid):

Plan your bus ride along the NWFB network which covers Cityflyer routes that go to and from the airport
Citymapper (iOSAndroid):

Plan your ride along all kinds of public transport in Hong Kong
Eating Out
Open Rice (iOSAndroid):

Search restaurants all over Hong Kong by your dietary and location preference
CityU Mobile (iOSAndroid):

Access important information about CityU, e.g. the latest news and events, academic calendar, library resources, emergency contacts, directions to offices and facilities, etc.
Canvas by Instructure (iOSAndroid):

Navigate your course, teaching materials, assignments, etc.