CityU Discovery@World Programme


CityU Discovery@World Programme is a series of 1-month summer programmes designed to encourage undergraduate students from a varied academic and financial background to gain non-local learning experience before graduating from CityU.

Discover the world in a month and you will:

  • Stay with other CityU students for about a month in one or more cities along the Silk Road (e.g. Gansu, Harbin, Vladivostok, Prague, etc.)
  • Explore and enhance global perspective through theme-oriented studies, field trips, excursions and social activities;
  • Gain sights on cultural diversity; and
  • Foster personal development, e.g. problem-solving ability, multicultural communication, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Programmes in 2019

Programme Tentative Period Key Features Details
Summer Programme in Harbin, China and Vladivostok, Russia
(Harbin, China & Vladivostok, Russia)
29 June to 28 July 2019
  • Multi-location programme: 2 weeks in Harbin, China and 2 weeks in Vladivostok, Russia;
  • Acquire information about the influences of Silk Road business in contemporary history, especially at the northern branch of the Silk Road; and
  • Experience Russian culture through lectures, workshops and study visits.
Summer Programme in Gansu and Qinghai:
Ethnic Minorities along the Silk Road
(Gansu & Qinghai, China)
22 July to 18 August 2019
  • Appreciate the cultural diversities embedded in languages, religious beliefs and architectures;
  • Experience Silk Road culture through lectures, workshops and study visits;
  • Gain information about the changes of the living forms of ethnic minorities on the Silk Road; and
  • Acquire information about the evolvement of Silk Road business and culture in ancient and contemporary history.

More programmes will be announced soon.


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