As a global communications hub and one of the highest per capita users of mobile phones, Hong Kong thrives on efficient telecommunications. Local calls are free from private landlines and cost only HK$1 per five minutes from public telephones. Hotels usually charge for local calls. If you are living in the Student Residence, you can make local calls for free using the telephone provided in your room.


Postage is inexpensive and the service is reliable. The nearest post office to CityU is located at 11A, Fa Po Street, which is approximately 15 minutes' walk from the campus. The main post offices are next to the Star Ferry in Central on Hong Kong Island, and at 10 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. Enquiries: (852) 2921 2222. Detailed postage information can be found on the Hongkong Post website at

Mobile Services

Mobile operators in Hong Kong have roaming agreements with most overseas operators enabling visitors to use their mobile phone when they come to Hong Kong. As roaming service can be expensive, you should check pricing with your network provider before using your phone in Hong Kong.

If your phone works in Hong Kong, you can buy a SIM card, which will give you a local number, and stored-value vouchers that will enable you to make cheap local and IDD calls.

If you do not bring a mobile phone with you, you can always purchase a mobile phone here in Hong Kong at a reasonable price.

For international calls, it is possible to purchase a credited sim card from stores such as 7-Eleven. This sim card can then be used for international calls at a cheaper rate than a monthly plan.